Yay for HOME…overheating…He’s how old?…and Deer, again.

Hey, I’m back home, but still haven’t rested yet. Just now got overheated running some goats, saving some goats and pulling a goat. I had to move the Pretties back out of the Girls pen. Apparently the girls were just too mean and rough, and the Pretties chose to lay in the weeds for shade, ha, no shade, rather than go in the house. They still are not fully moved yet, due to the overheating. They’re in the yard. I’ll have to put them in the Ladies pen in the L. This changes things up for breeding, but then again…everything has changed, so it makes sense. This show and sale was an eye opener and many changes will be made here, based on this new knowledge.

An aged doe from the show

A show boy

Curls dripping off this baby


My good camera ate the first days photos, boy what a bummer. I’m still reeling with the sights, sounds, smells, people, excitement and burning passion. Lisa taught me so many tips, tricks, tiny things, and big things. She said what is your goal? Nobody ever asked me that before. I got into this four years ago with just the desire to make my own yarn to create my own pretty things. Things have changed. Obviously, considering the sheer number of goats I have. The thing is, there are so many that do NOT fit into my goal….oh ya, my goal. A niche market, or as close to one as I can think to get. Pinto, blues, with the goal of getting them as fine as the whites. That could take a decade or two! God, can you see me wrangling goats when I’m 70?………… I can see it!!!

Ha, just discovered Moonee is not 18 months old as I’d thought, but is in fact, 6 months!!!! Wowza, he’s a big boy. But oh so gentle. He loves his peanuts. His previous owner used peanuts to train him to lead. I just gave him some. He is very hot. Considering he is in full fleece and needs sheared, literally, tomorrow, ya, he’s hot. When it was time to put Lovey and Gandhi back in the pen, Gandhi didn’t wanna go, and I had to pull him. But all was good, Moonee is very laid back, and Gandhi did a little butt sniffing and that was it. Six months old. Wow, still absorbing that info. No wonder Lisa didn’t think I should breed him yet. LOL, but as she was moving him today she said…he’s ready, go ahead with him. 🙂 People, Lovey, Milky, Valey and Opti are 4 months. Ha, I know….I’ll try to get a photo of Lovey and Moonee in the same shot. Lisa said the owner fed the babies a handful of mesquite seeds each day, which I REFUSE to do, as we have NO mesquite trees here, nor do we want any. So, I’m gonna find hemp seed, it’s comparative, protein wise…around 33%. Hmmm, crazy that it’s illegal in this country. That will make it very expensive.

in the backseat

3 sizes. left to right……6months, 4 months, 4 years

checking the baby out…the BIG baby

This is what I look like OVERHEATED

Yay, no running…they are following

Greenies….in no time this will be dry lot….Ladies Pen, in the L

Look who we saw when we went to get Moonee


I didn’t do my nightly blog writing last night because I really couldn’t see straight cuz I was so tired. Just not enough sleep, or food, and constant moving and walking and the HEAT. Ye know, I think it’s gonna take me awhile to catch up to myself and to calm my brain down a tad. I guess what I’m getting at is this will be a bit shorter than usual, but not as short as the past 2 days, goodness, it’s deceptive on the iphone. It looks like a full paragraph, lol, but it’s tee tiny. Well, it’s nearly 7, got the Pretties to their new home without any running or overheating and they are very happy there. Gotta start dinner, so……Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.


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