Goat Sale, a trade or 2… And a tow truck

Well folks, this will be another short blog. The transmission stopped shifting on the truck. We are 3 hours from home. Been here at gas station for an hour making arrangements for the tow truck. They won’t be here for another hour. Woohoo, a 3 hr ride home in a tow truck!!! Damn good thing Lisa took Moonie home for me. It’s very hot.

Speaking of Moonie, what a grand surprise I got today. Lisa got to talking to the Seller and………. The one thing we didn’t like about him was he didn’t have full coverage of his legs, with curls to the feet, otherwise known as feathering. WELL, it turns out, he had sticker burrs so she cut the leg hair!!!

Took a ton of pictures with the good camera today, they gotta wait. My husband is playing pool on his IPhone while I blog. Oh my, it’s gonna be a long night. That’s on top of a long hot day.

The sale was cool. I had been told the prices would be even higher than the recent goat sale but Not. Highest paid was $1050 for a buck and $1025 for a doe. A few $500’s, a $700 or 2, but most were $300 or $350 with nearly half the bucks being a NoSale, cuz nobody bid $300. A person could get an exquisite herd by buying a buck and a couple does from there.

I have 2 trades in the works. Mimi, the Herd Queen will most likely be traded for a baby from a $4,000 plus Daddy! Mimi is 9 years old!!! It’s her original owner who wants her back. The other trade is still in negotiation. Yay, I’m a real rancher now!!! 🙂 Met some great people, made a few connections and got out in the public eye. Even gave out 2 business cards! Whee!!!

Well tow should be here in twenty minutes. Talked hubby into turning truck key so I can drain the battery to write to my blog people!!! So, gotta stop so I can post a few photos before I lose battery access. Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.









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