Goat show….goat show…..and, Goat show!

Well, it’s 8pm and I just got to the hotel. The phone has died several times due to the high volume of photo taking. Awesome is the only word to describe my day. Just plain awesome. These white angoras are out of this world. Some are so large that pictures do Not do justice. I knew that as I snapped the pictures, that it wouldn’t truly show you their mammoth size. But I tried.

I learned so much about judging, showing, inspecting and whites in general. Of the goats currently at the ranch, my 2 best are Gandhi and Maya, both whites. I helped Scarlet show some goats which meant pulling them quite a ways then standing in a line, getting the goat in the right position and keeping it there. I didn’t embarrass anyone!!! I did ok, not great but ok.

I ended up buying a goat. I know I know, I certainly didn’t expect to! It’s a Blue. Quite rare. And an excellent price. Will fit right in with my new path of pintos, which are also rare. So, the quirky girl now has quirky goats. Am exhausted so am signing off at Curly Locks Ranch, via the Motel 6 in Junction Texas. I will leave you with some photos from my day. Understand that I’m doing this from my IPhone so I can’t caption and I can’t place photos where I want. Will post more photos from home. Because of this…… The very last photo will be my BlueMoon, aka, Moonie








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