Butterfly People….Goat show???….and a Catch 22

How can a person let so much information flow through their being, without exploding? that’s how my day feels today. How can 24 four hours be so full? So energetic, so whelming. Not over whelming, but whelming. So much. The conversation with my daughter last night, the moving of the Pretties which took all day and hopefully ended wisely. The last time I checked, just before dark, the Pretties were grazing with the Girls. Oh boy big Yahoo and Yeehaw. THEN Jesse called me, and said that he was not happy where he was. That’s what he said in a nutshell, even if he doesn’t know it. I love you Jesse. Wishes and dreams are EVERYTHING. Create your dream, create your reality, create your now. Oh, and then I was shown a video of a boy who Cuts and wanted suicide. It floored me. I…I….

I’ve changed the name of a group I didn’t start…lol, how bold that is….instead of The Butterfly Project, it’s now….The Butterfly People. So, anyone wanting to commit suicide…or harm themselves…are now….the butterfly people….and can be remembered as such with butterflies in any form…to say….stay, you will be ok.

Then I looked further….and discovered the boy was ok…well….sorta. Watch and you decide. He says he’s ok. Good Lord, I had no idea so many people were still suffering. Oh people….it’s ok!!!!!!!!!!!!1 It will be ok!!!!! Just wait a few days or minutes or seconds. Your life will be fantastic if you can just wait it out…please, I love you…wait it out.

Then there’s this damn goat disease thing going around Again. Driving everyone to their boiling points, and leaving everyone confused. I don’t have any goats with lumps, thank you Father. It’s a question of kill or not, any who test positive. Sounds like Aids to me.

Life is very strange people, it gets very weird at times and very serene at others, the trick is to flow in the middle, as in the HOPI recommendation of going in the center of the river of life. Not hanging on to the sides and not swimming strong…..just floating along, listening to signs, following whispers and living your life. That’s the way to go. So go.

I almost feel like a utensil. A Thing that is used, to complete a job. Like right now, it is really late, and I have finished the last beer that I’m willing to drink, and here I am, still typing. Still exuding truths and suggestions. The words pour out like rain on a meadow. I just let my fingers do the walking…and the talking…hey, remember the yellow pages ads? I
I’m tired. Going to bed now lovely people. Night!!!! 2:35am

Ok, so I woke up to an old familiar brain that was negative and not being kind. I had to realize that maybe just maybe I can’t be a spokesperson to the suicidal. The hopelessness of these people is so familiar, so devastating, that it is sucking me in. I cannot allow that. I AM strong, confident, talented, and kind. I may not be a savior like I wanted to be. It’s like the oxygen masks on the airplane. They say for the adult to put on their mask before they put masks on the children. In other words, if I continue down this path of speaking out about these people, I may go down myself. Then I help no one. Gosh, it’s a catch 22. But not really. All I have to do to make my decision is to remember my brain this morning upon waking. That would render me useless and I’d rather not be useless. I am, useful. I am a light in the dark, but not a fire extinguisher. Call now and I’ll double my offer. You’ll get 2 sets of Sheri insta bulbs, to light your way on the sometimes dark and scary road of life.

Yesterday afternoon, as I walked away…the Pretties followed me along the fenceline, then converged to say…..where you goin Mama???

This is what I found this morning….the Pretties, laying down in the Girl House!!! Yay

Well, woke up early due to concern for the Pretties, but all was well. They were all laying down together, a nice little pile, in the goat house. Course, as soon as I showed up, everybody got up, then they started to bash them, so I left. Am giving them space cuz my presence seems to aggravate them. So, I decided to let the Beautifuls out along with Gandhi and Lovey. Round and round the house they went, as always. They are so used to their habit of going round and round that they don’t know that they could easily get into the garden cuz one of the gates has been removed….haha, hubby said…it was mine, so I took it. On a farm? Personal panels? Go figure. And he has stuff planted in the garden too! 🙂 Anyway, everybody went to their respective pens when the call was made! I love my goats. Never made many friends of the human persuasion, but me and the goats…is tight!!!

Is it hot enough???

My shaggy boy….now that the bottle is gone, his coat should improve

Ahhhh, fresh water

Well, after all the hype and excitement, when hubby found out the goat sale was 4 hours away, he doesn’t want to go. He said, that’s 8 hours just driving time. Oh well. Next year I guess I’ll just go to the closer sale, the Speck sale, but a $3000 goat is not something I want to buy. In case you’re wondering…I’ll break it down a bit for you. Now, not everyone prices like this…but this is the average. A wether(fixed), $50. A doe, $300-400. A buck, $200-800. So, you can see why I was so stunned at the price at the Speck sale. And here’s the reason. The Angora whites, have been bred forever. To the point of complete coverage from tip to tip, of curls, and the conformation… everything to the point of perfection. Whereas the colored angoras are only in their infancy as a breed. They are being created now. I am creating them now. These pinto boys I’m getting, I will put with any girl that will bring out the pinto. Aside from these new babies….who aren’t old enough to breed, I have Milky, who has a few black spots, but she too is too young. Tika has some pinto in her background, so I can breed her with either of the new bucks, Wyatt or Doc, even though they are young. I also have Ella, who I’ll breed if I have to….then there’s Maya, who has the same mom and dad as Milky so she might pull some color or pinto out. So that’s 2, 3 if I push it and use Ella. The next year though, I’ll have Etta, and Georgia as well. All this happens in October at my house. October is when I put the groups together that I want to breed. May have to get creative this year, available penwise. I usually only have one buck…this year, I have so many good ones to choose from…all the babies born here out of Marshall, my buck of bucks.

Mama’s Shadow

Gandhi, released from the pen, as usual, he takes a bite or two of grass then RUNS when he remembers the bird corn!!! Every Time!!!

Aye yae yae. Feeding time brought out the absolute worst in my girls. They slammed those poor Pretties and wouldn’t let em eat. Of course, soon as they all walk away, the girls will come and eat whats left. And in the end, they are in 6 acres of really high green grass, so it’s not like they will starve. Shoot, I only feed em every few days as it is, I was just trying to help them to integrate….Not. I wonder how long it takes before they will be accepted as part of the herd. Haha, went out to feed the girls and I see goats walking around the yard. Huh? I forgot to close the door behind them! Jeesh. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before. No biggie…I just said…come on, in the house, and in they went. If you’re wondering…..it took a lot of my time to train them. And it took me a lot of time to know what I know from trial and error. I only discovered the running thing somewhere in the past 6 months. If I’m near them and I run, they will run. What an awesome thing to know!!! You have no idea how many times I’ve had to drag a goat, or pull a goat, or carry a goat, or throw them in my backseat and drive them. I did learn that if a goat wants to be dragged, if you have another person, you can hold a stick between their back legs, in the ball region, and that makes em walk. 🙂

Oh, that was cool. I’m making macaroni salad and I love it with onions in it. I was out of onions, but I remembered hubby saying there were some in the garden.Yup, onions in the garden! Pulled up 4 of em, and left some for next time. See, my husband plants the garden and usually with things I don’t use or eat. Onions, now that, I can use. But of course, they’re red. A bit strong for my taste, but when ya need an onion, ya need an onion. Well, the girls have gone out for their evening walk….over to the right, where the neighbors trees provide shade, then as the sun does down, they go to the left, along the fenceline, and all around the edge till they arrive back at the house. The Pretties, however, are going along the fence on the left…in the sun. I’m gonna go ahead and assume that’s what they did last night and just met up in the middle. Gosh, I need them to herd up already….I can’t stand to see them knocked down.

Okie dokie. Time for bbq ribs. Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch. Hello Germany!!! Have I said that before? Either way…welcome. UPDATE: I’m going!!!!! I’m going to the goat show and sale!!!!! Oh how exciting!!! Will blog from there tomorrow!!!


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