Aging without presents…How’s it gonna end?…and moving the Pretties

It’s my sisters birthday today. Our birthdays are only like 10 days apart, so we used to have to share birthday parties when we were little. I was just thinking, that at least we had parties then. As we age, they just kinda slack off and if we’re lucky someone makes a big deal of our landmark ones. To be honest, I don’t even remember what happened on my birthday last year, even though it was my 50th. Let me look it up and see if I wrote about it. Nope, that date is empty of my written words so I would have to ask my husband and I guarantee you….HE remembers my birthday last year.

Which brings me to my children. One child is with the family I never wanted him to be with and the other is feeling neglected. Ah shucks, I don’t feel free to say what I wanna say cuz I know my baby reads this, so let’s just say…. I’m still payin old debts. Maybe someday she will know how much I love her and how much I LOVED her…to give her to him. I’ve explained it a million times…she knows the facts, it’s just that facts don’t really portray emotions of the time in question. Just like I was sayin about where my son is. How can I tell you the horror I lived through…in a few sentences? How do I explain a different mentality? A mentality of violence and Taking and excessive drunkenness and brutality with fists and words, like…..Go on, do the world a favor and kill yourself. That’s the world my son is in. I pray.

Good Lord, it’s almost August of 2012. What can I say people, I’m a 2012er. I remember my daughter and I reading that in January of 2011, a year would go by in a day. We laughed. Well, it isn’t a year in a day, but it is lightning speed!. I’m watching Avatar. I’m at the part where Grace is dying, has crossed over and come back for a second…long enough to say…She’s Real! Don’tcha know that just like in the Truman show…there are probably souls who have wanted to pop in and scream out the truth……the truth of what happens at death. Isn’t that really the only question left…for mankind??? What happens when we die? All I know is, my father in law said…..Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

That’s all I have to go by at this point, and even that was accomplished via my spirit to his….of which there is no proof, if anyone needed any. But really…wouldn’t you wanna put the people out of their misery? Wouldn’t ya wanna tell them what’s really going on, and ease their pain? The Angels….The Deceased……The GOD?????!!!! Someone….anyone? See, to me that’s just not right. But hey, I’m just a player…a puppet in the big puppet show which is about to have a grand finale. How’s it gonna end? Hmmm, didn’t they say that in The Truman Show? How’s it gonna end? YeeHaw! No, still watching Avatar…..on a mentally impaired TV!!!

Gosh…the excitement is building and building about the goats. I am going round and round as to where they will go. I think of too many things, therefore choices are hard for me. Plus it’s friggin HOT. One possibility, the old lambie pen would require labor in the heat. Me…and Cathy kind of labor. Or, I could put them in the old pens and leave the gates open so they can free range. Or, I can put them all with the Pretties for a day or so until I decide. But that’s not quarantine, so arrgh! Anyway….the USDA papers are here, the crates are bought, that leaves buying a plane ticket and the vet visit. Ticket, visit….they would rhyme in a poem.

So, my friend Mea, helped me find the right flight to put them on…not my forte. I’m very grateful to her for that, Yay Mea! So it’s just a matter of buying the ticket now. Then…. Picking them up!!!!! 🙂 I cannot believe how blessed I am to get these,……these particular goats…of all the goats in the world…I AM getting Belle, Doc, Etta, Wyatt, Georgia and Pearl. Thank you thank you. And in case I haven’t said it…Belle. Ok, so a baby was born dead. I tried to bring her back to life with no success, so in deciding her name, I came across Bella. I have an Ella, so it wasn’t logical that I would ever name one Bella, but since she was dead, it would work just fine. And now….I have…Belle. Not just Belle though…the daughter of the prettiest colored goat doe I ever saw. That Belle. Ahhh over…2:34…lol…234. Nightie Night people of the world.

Oh wow. For a Day out of Time, it went very timely. I mad at least one decision. I decided to move the new Pretties…Yazhi, Happy, Tika and Yoki….into the big Girls pen. So I let the pretties out at 1pm. At 2pm I went to close the girls house door so I could let the Pretties in there wit Hough hassle. As I went to close the door…the Pretties had found the Garden!!! NO no! So, I ran to the Girls gate, and they all followed me, with the exception of Yoki who hadn’t found the garden. Had to go call her and she came! Ran right with me in through the gate. Then I threw some feed. Poor girls are looking at me now, like I’, their savior, whereas yesterday, they looked at me as their jailor. Now they’re like….hey, you, wait, come back!!!!

Mama…….save us!!!!

Carried water to them

Ella wants some too…and for that moment she was nice..later she wasn’t

Yoki found a bit of shade, while I tried to get them into the shady house

That leaves just Lovey and Gandhi in the pen so I will put Wyatt and Doc in there. Then there are 4 girls, 2 of which are more human oriented since they are bottle babies. Hmmm, another option. There is a shady space right outside my window, where the fountain is. If I closed that in, then no one could drink from the fountain. I suppose I could let them be…not fienced in babies. Dunno. Wow, that went smoother than silk!!! Guess my mind rehearsals on how I would do it…worked!!! Oh yay oh yay.

Look at al this grass!!!

Yazhi is hot

AND………They drink!!!!

Spoke too soon. Every time I get them to gather the courage to walk into the goat house, someone confronts them and they run out. I keep filling a food dish with water for them, but Yoki let me touch her anywhere….that cant be good, so Cathy is coming over to help me run them all out of the house, then maybe when I let them in, they’ll let the others in, they’ll be too hot to fight. I dunno what else to do. Ok, so we chased all out but 3, got the pretties in and sat with them for awhile. They all drank water from the trough. I feel like a yoyo, going back and forth. Finally opened it up, and all the Girls are over in the shady greenie spot, and the Pretties are eating food crumbs. I will keep going out. It’s getting better, but jeesh, it’s hard. Alright, I’m signing off at Curly Locks Ranch cuz its after 7 and cuz I’m plum exhausted.


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