Feeling in my gut…bad name, bad memories…and a @%*# new Tv

The new TV is awful awful awful. Ya ever watch something and it has this Off quality to it, as if it’s been filmed Live? My husband calls it crisp…I call it gaudy and cheap and painful to my senses. It just makes me want to cry. I tried the Waltons.. YUK, then I tried The Legend of the Guardians movie, YUK. It doesn’t matter what I watch, this LED screen is for the birds, shoot, wait. Sorry birds….make that fleas. So, I’m back to the Guardian movie and it’s as if it’s even more animated than usual. The characters are so brought into focus, that the background practically melts away. I’m pretty good at making due with what I’ve got, but this sucker has to go. Ok, got that off my chest. 🙂 Ok, I’m not done. It’s as close to 3D as you can get, and I Hate 3D. It’s gotta go back in exchange for a plasma. But what is inside the plasma screen? Isn’t plasma blood? Whose blood? Why are they trying to give us a theater experience at home anywaybad? That’s what theaters are for!!!

I wrote about this last week and then deleted it. I’m feeling a sense of anticipation. I used the words anticipation and surprise last week. A day or so after I deleted that, the movie theater was attacked. This doesn’t mean there will be another attack, it just means that something is about to occur. I never know if the feeling is for me personally, or the world in general. I won’t complain though, cuz it sorta gives me a heads up. When I was telling Cathy about the wolf messages, she said…Jeesh, you don’t need to read horoscopes or astrology, you get insider information, haha, or something like that.

Ok, this has to be said. All of the blogs that I think are just ordinary blogs, just stuff I think about, not even sure they’re lessons, just my mind. Anyway, the ironic part is that on those days, I get more traffic. How, and why could that be? Why would anyone want to know that wolf is calling to me? Without me even seeing one in person? I don’t understand. I mean, I almost didn’t put the blog out cuz I thought it wasn’t anything anyone would be interested in, yet, more people have read tonight than in awhile. Maybe I should quit deleting things I think you won’t be interested in, eh?

I wrote last night about putting my arms out and flying. Tonight I saw a commercial where a little girl with a computer makes it look as if she’s lifting her arms and flying, to the astonishment of the crowd down below. See, thoughts are catching. Synchronicity…. Strange. And the deer jumping in front of the car, then jumping away then jumping back, then jumping away, then posing for me, looking at me. Strange again. And look, in the movie, the snake is getting to fly!!! (I love how they get the kids to sleep by singing…fall asleep, fall asleep, continue to fall asleep, we are now asleep.)

Sugarbee, being sleepyBee

I don’t like to hate anything, but I hate this TV. I also hate that my son is now living with the family of doom. Damn, I shouldn’t say that. I should say, the family that has potential. I so struggle with this. I remember hoping and praying that Bobby’s family wouldn’t want to contact Jesse. I remember years later when his brother Robert, did indeed contact him, on the phone, saying…Hi, you don’t know me, but I’m your brother. Jesse was just a kid. Anyway, The last name of these people is so well known in the area that I once confronted a cop who had followed me for miles, late at night, till I crossed the county line and he pulled me over. I blew up on him and said. Dude…do you know who the Whittenxxxx’s are? He said yes ma’am. I said then you understand that you just scared the tar outta me. He laughed and let me go. What does that tell you?

This name gives me shivers. Granted, the Grandma is old now, and most of the other scary people have died, but the memories are still vivid. Bottom line is, Jesse is now living with his brother, and posting on FB and tagging, “with” Robert Whittenxxxx. Thanks for the memories kid. I’m supposed to be happy about it because he can get him a job. Breathe. I’ve told you a million times, not to go into the past, yet, here I am, wanting, feeling caused, to go there. Bobby’s sister tried to kill me with a flashlight, his mom withheld car keys when she knew Bobby was drunk and on the way and angry… there are so many things, I just can’t and won’t go there. I just needed to give you a taste. Just a tiny taste, when it was Oh soooooooo much worse. Anyway, that’s where my kid is. Yay?!

And about that baby cell thing yesterday. I was rushed, sorry. So, this lady gets a liver problem, very serious, and she decides not to take the meds. Her body starts healing itself. They check into it and discover male cells converged in her liver area, healing her. This lady had had an abortion 20 years earlier and that baby, was now saving her life. Irony, eh? To me personally, it seems less like evolution and more like a higher power. I wonder if this happens in the animal world? Fascinating, don’tcha think?

Cathy said we need to work on our manifesting skills, since calling on the insects of the Amazon, to fight for their home. Haha, I really thought I was clear about this!!! 🙂 She did the visualizations too and now her house is having insect problems as well. Well!!!!! It was worth a try!!!

Clay red fleece anyone???

My Love

Ok, my friend Scarlet has a request. Her husband is about to celebrate his 50th birthday and she’s chosen a unique way to shower him with Love. She wants him to receive a card from each of the U.S.’s 50 states and now has expanded it to countries as well. So, if you feel the urge, grab a card and say Happy 50th to Courtland. Make sure you put your state or country on the inside of the card. Can you imagine? Oh to be a fly on the wall when she dumps that mail bag in his lap!!! Scarlet has a flair for fun, and she outdid herself this time. Deadline: end of October. And if you want them to know how you heard about it…just say…MamaSheri did it…it’s all her fault! 🙂 Here’s the address.
Cards for Courtland
P.O. Box1409
Boyd, TX 76023

Ahhh, the car that’s always covered and never driven. Stella Stang…paperwork caught in death/will limbo. (Cover blew off, so I snapped a photo)

Oh…yesterday I was…..yay, the USDA papers have arrived at Tracee’s house, yay….over and over. Then, I got a text from Tracee……….the USDA papers have arrived!!!! Yay! As she put it…one more duck lined in the row. Come on Ducks!!! My babies will be here soon!

Didn’t want you to forget what they look like!!!!! Here’s all 6 together, and no, I have no idea why it cut Belle’s face off. THE LITTLES

Yay! Lovey has weaned himself, it only took a week and he no longer cries early evening, therefore, he no longer gets a bottle. It’s been 4 days without one and he’s doing great. I let all the pups in the girls pen today and instead of marking the corners…they came and hung out with me and the girls. No head bashing of the pups, was a great visit!!!

Opti, finally learning to share and not run when a bigger goat comes near him.

Joy’s Topknot

Milky’s topknot…..haha, what happened here?

Lordie, still dealing with the yukky TV. I turn my head in disgust more times than I do to watch the darn thing. Oooh, I hear the telltale sound of diesel…hubby is Home!!! Ham and au gratin potatoes, yummmm. Hello Nigeria!!!!!! Welcome to my wacky blog. Some days it is wackier than others. Alrighty then. Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.


8 thoughts on “Feeling in my gut…bad name, bad memories…and a @%*# new Tv

  1. Yay Lovey! And we have all the airline crates. It is now time to seriously coordinate the plane tickets and the vet 🙂
    Oh, and I looked at TV’s today, too. It made my head hurt.

  2. Jumping back and forth, again and again. I understand, think, back and forth again and again, one way or another, not sure of what to do, on the fence?

    • But the only thing I’m on the fence about is a simple thing….the rearranging of the goats for the new ones. Doesn’t seem serious enough to warrant a sign of message. Hmmm, dunno. Thanks, you could be right…I’ll think on it some more and see if theres anything else I’m on the fence about. HUGS!!!

  3. New TVs. Yuck. They completely destroy the look and feel and art of anything made more than few years ago. The nineties and back, forget it. If they are so advanced, why isn’t there a button to push that reverts back to appropriate screen technology for older movies? Classics weren’t meant to have that ultra-high-def soap-opera crispness of picture quality.
    It’s like turning an impressionist painting by Monet into photograph quality. That’s just not how it’s supposed to be!
    I don’t know, some people like it. I think they’re crazy.
    I feel for you there.

    • Ahh, I see I hit a nerve!! Ya, I screwed up though, it’s an LED, but you described it exactly!!! I agree, totally. Monet, yup, thats how it is, and the Waltons…forget it. But shoot, Legend of the Guardians isnt that old and I hated it last night. And, ya…where’s the button? 🙂

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