Wolf…deer…. and a TV

I’m just beginning to read about Wolf, from the book my hands selected, and first thing I see is it says Loyal. The other night, when I was explaining again who I AM, I said a word that I can’t remember at the moment, but I remember thinking I should’ve used the word loyal. Anyway, back to reading. I have seen wolf 3 times tonight, in different ways, no, none of them in person, actually 4, but who’s counting?. And there it is…in the very last line…..”Wolf would not come to you unless you requested the appearance of the tribes greatest teacher.” yeeHaw and hand grenades, that’s it in a nutshell!!! What animal are you? Are any animals showing up repeatedly lately? Observe. Pay attention. Open, open, open your eyes.

Oh ya, the general meaning of wolf, is to teach. To teach what ye know, which is exactly what I’m doing. So I guess I’m off to a good start, eh? I’ve always felt connected to wolf, but I don’t see any, so I don’t attach. Tonight the first wolf I saw was a white wolf. A gorgeous, furry white thing that I could imagine going up to and hugging, as I do BabyGirl. BabyGirl looks rather wolfish. The white animals are the rare ones called for at this time. Aye aye aye, now I’m being requested to read another books version of wolf. A wild spirit, to know who you are so you don’t have to prove it again and again, Wolves are flexible. Ya, that would be me, on a farm, you gotta be. It also says don’t waste. Hmmm, confirming my question the other night about rainy day items. Haha, Raven should also be studied for those with wolf totem! Hmm, 🙂 it’s because they play, they do a dance that benefits them both). …Sense of smell greater than most…hmmm, I am now sensitive to most smells, …thought that just came with age. Lol haha, listen to your own thoughts and words, intuition, YA THINK? and that fur and hair have long been connected to psychic abilities…yeehaw, I got lots of fur here! Or hair, hasn’t been determined for me.

Find a new path, take a new journey, take control. Create and direct your life. I just love synchronicity. Do you notice it around you? My husband puts on superman 2 tonight, next, I’m watching a movie called Underdog,, and he too takes his girl on a flying spree. Wouldn’t it be awesome to just put out your arms and up you go!!? To wherever you want to go. Oh, I’m practically salivating at the thought. Oi ve, guess we’d need to figure out a way to avoid collisions, just like the air traffic control people. Lol.

I just read the most word stealing from my mind thing I’ve seen in awhile. It said that when the mother carries the child, some of the child’s cells escape into the mothers body, there to remain to heal her ills as life carries on. Did you hear that? The baby cures the mom. Even babies who didn’t live….still pass these cure the mommy cells. If that isn’t poetry in motion, I don’t know what is. Oh my, even those who were terminated. Oh wow, that means I have lots of baby cells rollin round this old body of mine. Not just my two awesome children, but the 10 brothers and sisters they never met. Thank you so much, my wee ones. Maybe that’s why the liver disease never really mattered, or why the arthritis is gone. It’s certainly not as if I set out to heal them.





55 inches…is too big!!!



My daughter and I talk often about how we feel connected. When one learns something, the other soon follows that path. Haven’t noticed anything with my son yet though, but there’s still time. Speaking of my son, he seems to be growing up.. He finally, yes, finally, made it out of the town he was in and we’ve had several good conversations. Yay!!! Ok, well, my TV bit the dust today and this blog is late because my dear husband knows his life would change, so….we went to town and got a new one. Smart man. Saw deer. Jumped he fence to get away from me, then jumped right back in the road, then back over the fence, stopped, turned and stared. Seems like the same doe. Wolves and deer. Hmmm, usually enemies. Lol, Gotta eat now, so Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch! Oh, P.S., I’m on a topknot kick now. 🙂


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