Where’s my Green Thumb?…silent flowers…and Come on flying goat babies!!!

Flowers. I have stepped away from flowers. Strange really. As a child, I roamed the woods alone and as I came upon flowers, I would talk to them and then pick them for my mom. My favorite was the moss, with the  little British soldiers, and no, I didn’t pick that. But it was my favorite. Next was the wild violet. I picked those and loved the leaves. They are in the shape of a heart. What could be more perfect than that? Flowers are in my blood, as my mom is in, or was, in, the garden business for many years. Before that, she used to enter her African violets at the fair. I get it now. Wisdom in the making here people. My mom didn’t remember me picking the wild violets,…. yet, she showed her Violets for show. For her. I get it now. Interesting. We are each in our own movie. This is fun people!!! Truly! I have a grin from ear to ear. I love making realizations…I love growing.

Back to the flower lack. When I grew herbs, in my first marriage, I saw such potential in them that I didn’t ever want to grow another useless flower. Because of that…I grow no flowers. Ya, they’re not all useless, I just lost my zeal. I need to get it back. I even collected information from all the books I read, which were many, and then I later threw it away as useless, like I did to many things I created during my depression days….daze.

I can’t tell you how many rose bushes…Mr. Lincoln, that hubby bought for me, that have died, to lack of care. Like I said, I lost my oomph. So, somehow, I need to decide that faeries are real,(only because I choose to), and that plants are as real as trees, and to remember the realness of trees. If I can do that, then I should be able to care enough to see that it lives. I just need to animate it somehow. Find a way to love it. Hmmm, exactly, why not have a bed that only contains flowers I love? I think I’ll be paving a path. Lol, I just gotta find time to do it. Craziness. To believe something so fiercely, yet not take the time to implement it? That is craziness at its height! Jeesh! I need to get off my butt and take time, I’ve said that before here. Hmmm, repeating pattern. Need to pray, time to visualize, create, make, build….pray, speak, write, say a prayer….pray. That’s all it is. Just a thought, just a word, just a prayer. Night night sweet people!!!! 1:34am

So, how do I do this? Hmm, I hereby give myself permission to think of plants and flowers as living beings. Like my goats. Speaking of goats, I have no jealousy over the 3 thousand dollar goat. Yay! I looked again at the photos of my new babies, and all I can say is….come on babies!!!! So excited and proud of my choices and so thrilled to have the goats that I oohed and ahhhed over when they were born. It never occurred to me that those beautiful splotchy colored babies would one day be part of my family. Why? Because I never thought she would sell them! These littles are so special. Ooh, there’s their group name. The Littles. Oh, what a fun name. Can you imagine calling out that word…loud and strong? Littttlllllles!!! I am so blessed. Now, to love my tomato plant as much as I love the goats. 🙂 Ok, I will choose the one that speaks to me somehow. Lol, this should be interesting.

Nah, turns out nobody talked to me. I chose one cherry tomato and one regular tomato and the green pepper only came in a 6 pack. Nothing screamed take me, take me, so I’ll just make friends with these 3. On the way home, we saw a family of whistler ducks on the side of the road. I tried really hard to get a photo for you but it just plain didn’t work. Here’s the amazing part. It was a Family!!! The whistlers are a migrating duck, and when we first moved here, in other words, before the pups, they would circle overhead then come in for a landing while I stood there watching…by the hundreds. What I’m getting at is…they must’ve liked the neighborhood because they chose to stay and have a family. And where there’s one whistler duck family, I’d venture to guess, that there are more. So cool. And of course I know some of you are wondering….why are they called whistler ducks? Well my friends, that’s because they whistle!!! Imagine the sound of a hundred or more, whistling overhead, then standing in a huge pile and whistling. 🙂

My new babies…Mader, Mada, Pep, Purr and Zzz

Look who posed for me!!!


Interesting weed….apparently it wants to touch everything around it, weaving in and through all surrounding plants.

Well, I got Mader and Mada planted, as well as Pep, Purr, and Zzz. The last three peppers, I placed in a different spot, where I will NOT talk to them, and not name them. Had to wrangle and tangle with some grass shoots that had taken up residence in the bed, and now I’m all itchy. I left some shoots, so they could get to know the neighbors and I gave em each a dose of Miracle Grow dirt. Miracle being the operative word in this case, since I seem to have misplaced my emerald thumb. Well, technically, it’s only been an herbal emerald thumb. Vegetables are a challenge for me, but I love sage, basil, lemon verbena, pineapple sage(not really a sage at all), gosh, so many I used to grow. Shoot, what’s that blue one that you can throw into a fire and it pops like a firecracker? Starts with a B, yup, borage. Herbs are fun. I’ve forgotten. Once upon a time, I dried them, I made bread with them, potpourri, and the cutest bears, rolled in dried peppermint leaves with clove eyes and mouth. Hmmm, maybe twice upon a time.

In hubby’s lap again……jeesh!

The goat’s in the house…AGAIN????



Haha, another Pretty..looking down…maybe Happy

a Pretty

Such a big boy!!!

Ok, the goats are having a break today from the heat…it’s overcast but no rain. Breathable. Still wondering why Lovey only crawls in hubbys lap when he’s inside. He came walking in this morning, and didn’t see me. I said….ennnnn, ennnn, and his head came flying up, recognition was in his eyes and he ran over to my chair. I so love interacting with the critters. The BabyPups wouldn’t come out of the Pretty pen when I put them up, so they had to stay there while we went to the nursery, And, while I planted my new babies. Maybe they will leave them alone, to grow. So anxious to get my new goat babies before they grow up!!! Well, steak and eggs comin up, so Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.


4 thoughts on “Where’s my Green Thumb?…silent flowers…and Come on flying goat babies!!!

    • AM I EXCITED YET????? lol. Do you realize my husband gave me a 55 chevy truck for our anniversary last October and I STILL don’t have it!!??? My patience level is being strained. :-))))

  1. new beleif systems… love it… they are constantly shifting for me too, i find myself noticing i belieive one thing, that may have been ‘true’ for me last week, and now, i have to keep it in check becuase, it may not be true anymore… like, i love that you are reawakeneing your love for flowers and plants…. i used to never want to plant an annual flower that wouldnt come back on its own, and didnt provide some medicinal use….(wonder where i got that from haha) and now im totally all about integrating them in with my herbs because they ahve lovely colors, different kind of energy and last a while… its totally amazing, those annual flowers….. and btw, i put my energy into herbs, flowers trees, and maybea few veggies, because i choose to follow my joy…. and that being said…. that sjust a beleif, and i will keep checkinj on that one, because i want to love growing veggies, and because its a good step to work towards.. good thing i live in community, and we each have somewhat of a role based on where our joy is……………

    • exactly, Summer, changing that fast…I hear ya. Ya, the flowers, it’s summer, so there weren’t many, but I made the connection, the realization that pretty has a purpose too!!! Or fragrant smells! Well, maybe we will both develop emerald veggie thumbs!!!!! Love you sweet one

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