We Dream, Life Steers…I’m celibate…and my MAIN Belief

I’ve been pondering again. If the Natives all had prophecies and all the prophecies said that all colors would need to work together to show respect for the large being we are living on…then why did they wait till the last HOUR to share? They say they are supposed to share their wisdom with us, but they wait until the bitter end before doing so? I get it, I mean, must be the ego part of them…even they are not immune to ego. Their anger, their sense of injustice has probably prevented them before now. It is only with the urgency….the feeling of running out of time, that all are being called to share what they know.

Not just the natives. I have been called to share what I know, and how many others like me? There are blogs galore that are teaching people how to be. How to raise their consciousness, their energy. We are all feeling this pull. As the natives are now saying…..we ARE in the new world now. Ha, just heard it said yesterday or the day before…that since we are in the new world…thoughts and words would be manifesting instantaneously, so watch what you think and say. I just said that, like 2 weeks ago, and hahaha, a few other times before that. But the one where I said what if? What if your every thought came true? That is what they are saying is now happening. Don’t worry people, I’m not experiencing that yet though, so calm down. 🙂

Doesn’t feel to me like we’re there yet. Moving toward? Most definitely. But there, I think not. There’s this movie…Hashanah, ya, I’m watching it now…The Sorcerers Apprentice. The part that fascinates me is the Tesla coil, and what it does when it hears music. It makes the electricity dance. Surely by now everyone knows the Tesla coil was, is real, right? So anyway, the electricity danced to the music. Of course it did! And my muscle mixed with electricity brought out the song line…gold records on the wall. I think I’m analyzing as I write. I never realized that aspect of blogging. Gaining insight while you are attempting to impart insight. So what could it mean that an electricity generator wants to dance? Let’s break this down. Electricity is energy. Energy is life, energy is everything….Everything wants to dance? Alrighty then……let’s Dance.

I don’t really have a bucket list, at least not as most of you would do. I shall become the recipient of a crystal skull. The large size. I have Mini Max, as I named him, quartz with a bit of black tourmaline in his brow. But no, I want the human size one, like from Atlantis. In truth, I believe that’s the only thing I have yet to receive. Oh ya…the FeltLOOM. Yes, I just bought goats, when I could have put that money toward it…but when I started, I was just gonna get one, then Belle needed a friend, cuz you never buy a lone goat, so Etta. While looking for Etta, I saw Doc, knew Andy would like that, so then needed a friend for Doc, thus Wyatt Earp, then Tracee offered the bottle baby and hubby wanted someone to go places with Lovey, then Tracee wanted us to take bottle baby’s friend, Pearl…and wala…this is where we are. Life happens when you are dreaming. You dream…..life steers. Pretty simple if you think about it.
Have I mentioned that I’m celibate? Have been, officially, since October 2001. Before that I had been for 3 years, but with 2 exceptions. I won’t go into those. This is a choice I made because I was sick of it. Sick of feeling obliged. Sick of the faking, pretending and lack of passion that sex entails. It’s one of the best choices I’ve ever made, cuz it takes an ugly heavy weight off of me. Point is…I haven’t had sex with a man for 11 years. WoW. WoW. WoW. Ya, that deserved 3.

Speaking of 3, Cathy, you know, she’s the teenie tiny church preachers wife, anyway, Cathy, has started talking about 3. She says she’s been pondering and that maybe instead of it takes 2 to have a baby, maybe it takes 3. Boy, girl and Spirit. Makes sense to me…that covers people trying so hard, and even covers children or those who should not be having babies….a purpose, there is a purpose. I dunno, what do you think? Basically, to me, it’s the same as ………If it happened it was meant to be….If it didn’t happen, it was not meant to be. That right there people, is how I live my life. It’s how I deal with disappointments and trials. How I keep my sanity, if you will. This philosophy eliminates the need for the question of…Why. In my old world, all I did, was ask why. What a waste of time and life.

Disrupt the signal. Hmmm, seems to go with tonight’s topic. Disrupt the signal. Like I told my son maybe? When you catch yourself thinking about what was done to you and how bad it is…stop yourself and switch to something else, no matter how hard it is. Disrupt the signal. Hmmmm, Maybe it means more than that. It could also mean to get out of an icky situation. Do something so completely unexpected that it shifts the situation on it’s heels. Ooh, maybe it could also mean to disrupt the signal of dis-ease. By choosing to decide you no longer have it. Simple. Most answers in life are truly simple. If it sounds too simplistic, tell that to the arthritis that used to live with me….or the liver disease that Doc said I was dying from around ten years ago. I dunno, it’s a message I’m supposed to ponder, so I do.

I’m watching a comedy now. The kind I don’t usually watch, but it’s time for bed and I need to watch something before I go, and the thing is….I’m laughing. I’m not a comedy kind of gal. It’s Almost Heroes, 1998, Chris Farley. Haha. And the fact that it’s making me laugh is either a sign that it’s really time to go to bed, or, it’s because I’m relating. Yup, thinking relating. I mean, its not even 2 yet. I haven’t gone to bed before 3 in at least a month and a half. Well anyway, I guess it’s both, time for bed and a laugh. Goodnight planet people. And thank you for reading my words. 1:56am.

Took some more dready clumps off of Bubba this morning. He hates it so!!! Bubba doesn’t like to be messed with, he just wants to be loved. And it is SO easy to do. He is afraid of buzzing sounds, like clipper shears, and terrified of storms. He is the kind of dog that lights up when he sees me. Sure, the other pups are happy when I’m outside, but Bubba is like…. Love me, love me!!! Eventually I will get all the junk off of him. Ooowie, not looking forward to the tail.

the 1st squirrel ever captured on camera here. They’re fast!!! And my pups would get em and they know it. Ain’t he cute?

At feeding time, I saw a squirrel. Been trying to capture them in a photo, but today he just hugged the tree and let me talk to him. His playmate ran off, and the pretties were all upset cuz I was talking to the squirrel and not giving them their feed. Silliness. Down at the girls house, I had two vying for pettins. Shortcake and Lily. It’s so funny how some of them just love me and some of them could care less. Spent some time with Opti, although I had to walk around to get to him. He’s just so laid back and chill. In fact, he’s so laid back and chill that I’m considering letting him stay with his mom a bit longer. He bothers no one, such a sweetie. He literally hangs out all day with his mom.

Just a bunch of shade chillers

Love Milky’s speckled ears

Told ya about Opti’s green stained mouth….here it is!!!

Choxie and her yearlings…..happy family

She’s so pretty…my Milky

Just a pile of girls

hehehe…again, Opti…fresh photo, just here he is again!!!

The new kids are still coming, it just takes time to complete the necessaries. Payment has been made, and it should speed up soon. Just waiting on paperwork at the moment, then will make the flight arrangements. So excited, but reigning it in or I will go nuts. And here’s the shawl, no way to display it so…this is it.

Well, guess this is how I have to show it. There are 2 ties for closing it. Where you tie it, determines how it lays on the body.

Well, I don’t quite know what to say about the Colorado shooting. The fear that some will now have when they go to the movies or similar places, is awful. Don’t let that crazy man take your freedom from you. Keep living. Keep working on or towards your dream. God bless the families involved and give them peace to combat the fear. I would reiterate my main belief here, but things are too raw for that. Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.

6 thoughts on “We Dream, Life Steers…I’m celibate…and my MAIN Belief

  1. Beautiful Sheri! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and Love with us. You have such a beautiful spirit :).

  2. yes… changing the station, the vibration, shapeshifting, waking up from the dream… all can happen in any moment, when we recognize we are thining thoughts that make us not feel good…. (at the same time, acknoledging the shadow, meaning, allowing the so called ‘negativity’ to be recognized, heard, and allowed, then, you could say, embraced and shifted (transformed) into somthing that feels good! yes and yes….

  3. Remember the first Thanksgiving? Native Americans and Indigenous peoples around the planet have been telling the invaders and missionaries we all need to get along – just like all true spiritual traditions and teachers. Just every now and then we have a resurgence to remind people, as is happening now.

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