People can be Cruel…Bolivia rocks!!!… and IAM what IAM

So, It’s been a busy mind day for me. I was accused of killing the baby Cherub. It’s simple. I only had 5 likes on my FB ranch page, so I decided to add some photos, which I did. I then made a collage of baby cherub from birth to death. Tonight a comment suggested that if I had tubed her she would still be alive. Why? Why? Why would anybody want to say such a thing? Why would you insinuate such a thing when you don’t know all the details and you weren’t there? Have you had no deaths on your farm? Considering farms, I would say, I doubt it. Life happens, death happens, and to insinuate that I didn’t do everything you would have done is just plain insulting. I am not you, nor will I be bullied into tubing a goat when I know for a fact that if I do it wrong, I could kill it. And why would I tube it when it is willingly taking a bottle? AND willingly taking from it’s mom the next day and days thereafter.

The offending PHOTO

I could explain again what the exact things were that happened, and in fact I just did, but I deleted it. A whole bunch, deleted. I’m done. Done explaining it. As she said, I’m the only one who knows……….yes ma’am. I Am, and I did everything I knew to do. When we know better, we do Oprah would say, and as yet, I still do not “know better” about tubing. And IF I did know how to tube safely, I would STILL use my own judgment about what course of action to take. The end.

Did you hear about Bolivia? On winter solstice, Mayan end date, (12/21/2012)they are going to have a huge ceremony and celebration with 50,000 indigenous from around the world. Then they will switch from capitalism to community and from coca cola to the local beverages. If that isn’t a start to a new world, I don’t know what is. Also, while we’re at it, not to say I told ya so, but it turns out people and animals are dying from that anti bacterial hand soap. They say not only that but its going into the water sources and the dust particles. Remember, some bacteria, are good bacteria. Just sayin.

Maybe I’m a monk and don’t know it. :-). Here’s a quote I just came across.:

“When I see the misery of those in this world their sadness becomes mine. Oh that my monks robes were wider enough to gather up all the suffering people in this floating world! Nothing makes me happier than the vow to save everyone. — Ryokan.”

I guess that quote would make sense if you had read yesterdays blog, but you didn’t. Of course not, it was the blog I didn’t write. Funny funny. I don’t know who this Ryokan is,(turns out he was a Zen monk who was a poet and a hermit…hmmm, lots in common) but I know that he said what I said. Yeehaw, I’m a monk…lol, nah, I’m a monkette without the temple. Got my own temple. Lately I’ve even had the occasion to say..Yay, I’m a whale, and then reminisce about my solstice experience when I shouted I’m a whale and a whale is me!!! Oh wow….no…it’s I am a dolphin and a dolphin is me….interesting. Very very interesting. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish, the movie just right on. I guess I’m a whale now. YeeHaw!!!!! 🙂 And now, so you will understand… is the blog you didn’t get to see yesterday..haha, the one I didn’t write:

Tonight I didn’t write. I decided not to , so I said nothing about the Amazon River, for sure. I didn’t say anything about energy or thoughts and how they can doom you to hell. Nope. I kept my mouth shut. I didn’t talk about what is happening across the globe and I certainly didn’t talk about what’s really goin on in any country right now. I mean How could I even if I wanted to? Select crap is being aired on all the news stations,, but this is nothing new.

I didn’t say anything about the water or the indigenous who rightfully are the ones who should live on the land. They’re right. With our roads and cars and whiskey and banks and fences and zoos and wires everywhere and people everywhere and concrete everywhere. With the killing of so many masses of animals to feed the many many masses of people, the surplus, the waste, the spoilage, turned to sickness. Why would I talk about that or the fact that we are running out of food supply, well…some. The fish mostly. They are being over fished to the point of near extinction.

I didn’t talk about the way I used to be, or the way I am. I said nothing of the fact that I am what most would call a miracle, but I just call…Called. Remade to truly Be. To exist in a way most unnatural…full of joy and creation….that few understand and even fewer still even try to understand. The way I think, has been a process. Each bit of learning has eventually fallen into place. Well, not all, but many many. When the moment is right, I remember what I had learned and I apply it. I grow and grow to the point of wonderment. Who am I to deserve this? Who indeed…..AM I, I AM.

And since I didn’t write tonight, I didn’t tell you who I AM. I am a sensitive, loud laughing, bright color tee-shirt wearer, 4 dread hair wearer, talks to the stars, talks to angels, talks to God all day kinda gal. I AM 50 years old going on 20, friends with spiders, a watcher of movies, a believer in the impossible(I‘m Possible), a taker of pictures of my dead animals for posterity sake,(have since my first hamster, Sam and then Peanut), a gal with no religion and no political party, A listener, teacher, student, mother, sister, new sister, friend, a child, A WOMAN, writer extraordinaire, poet, painter, sculpter, curl player wither, a reborn Human, a wisdom seeker, wisdom keeper, new friend of snake, momentary doubter, sometimes whole doubter, a Crone, a Healer of some, helper of some.

What else am I? I Am honorable and trustworthy, one who has found the ONE ThinG that makes the heart stir, I also FEEL that I am a Mother to the world. I hurt when they hurt. I ache when their worlds are torn up, I fret when they are lost, I rejoice when they are found. I tear myself open to help to heal, I pray and I ponder much. I love animals, I even love myself. I never thought that would be possible. I Am, Mama Willow, Mama Sheri, Miss Sheri, Sheri Lee, Sheri. I am Sheri. I am Sheri I am Sheri. Wow.

I wasn’t going to write tonight. So I didn’t. It just dripped on the pages alone.

My 3 lookalikes Yearlings

One of the pretties munchin

What’s a MamaSheri blog without a photo of Optimus???

Not too many Lovey milkfaces left!!!


DaVinci….cutie pie

A pile of boys

My handsome Marshall

If you are really poor…grab the nearest thing that is readily available and create something with it. Worth a try folks. The next wealthy person is just around the corner. I just read tonight that if we name a disease when we pray or when we think of someone, we are giving it strength, I know this, but I guess I needed a reminder. So, the best way to pray for someone would be to picture them happy and healthy and walking around or whatever the non-problem is….get it? Exciting…I just forgot. Just a couple of ditties I wanted to pass on to you.

Haha, 2 blogs in one. That’s what happens when the power cord goes wonky. Meanwhile, back on the farm,…Ear chewing seems to be going around in the goat world. One lady watched a horse eat her goats ears off, thinking the horse was licking it. Not sure who is doing the chewing here yet, but Miyagi has an owie. The rain has stopped, even though we have rain flowers out at the moment…so it’s not done. In the meantime…. The heat is back. Hot hot hot. Lovey was sooo happy to get his bottle tonight. Well, this discombobulated blog has got to end somewhere…why not here? Hello Israel, the Phillipines, and Germany! No, not new, but don’t come all that often. Thanks for checkin back. Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.

6 thoughts on “People can be Cruel…Bolivia rocks!!!… and IAM what IAM

    • Thanks Tracee!!! Yes, and she was more than weak…she was premature. 3 lbs. The mom was only around 10 months old at the time. I appreciate the support Tracee. 🙂

  1. I would not tube one that could suck,I would not have risked drowning her either. We lost two this year. Very sad when it happens, but it will happen.

    • Thank you for the confirmation. I just didn’t understand that. I asked Mea last night….why is putting it down the throat better than putting it in the mouth…I mean, Just couldnt get it…

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