Donate goats to a Reservation?…Fur coats…and a Crystal pyramid

Had an interesting experience tonight. I’ve been wanting to donate some goats to the Hopi village or another tribe if they didn’t want them. I’ve tried a few sources, and tonight I discovered one of my new friends was of the Hopi tribe. We had a nice discussion and I told her about my visit to the village. She asked which one, I said, maybe 2nd mesa? That popped into my head, so I said it. And I told her about going into the home of the Medicine Man and his wife the Medicine Woman. She said it was very unusual for visitors to be allowed. She said that, well, shoot, I don’t want to betray what she said. Hmmm, ok. She said basically that I’d made it into a place hard to get to and that I’d been with the Spirit Elders and they would be with me always. Let’s put it this way… I was even more honored by the memory of my time there.

But it looks like I’ll have to try and find another tribe to take the goats. I don’t know if I’m allowed to share the reason why so I won’t. I‘m thinking South Dakota is really cold. I wonder how many angora goats they have at the reservations there, to make themselves warm clothing? Maybe the Rosebud reservation? I have at least 12 that I’m wanting to donate. Not for food….let’s be clear, these are animals that wear fur coats who don’t need to die, in order to use the fur. So use the fur.

This fur can be felted into coverings for a structure to keep the cold out, they can also be knitted, crocheted or poked with a needle into becoming whatever you need. You can even use it as helmet insides, to protect the head, as has been done in the recent war. There’s my cricket!!! Haven’t seen him in quite awhile. He ran across the room and under the spinning wheel, which by the way, is called a Lady Bug. Remember, he materialized from behind the spinning wheel when I kept thinking I was seeing the dead one, in front of the wheel, move, and asked ….are you coming back to life? I love my life. Ha, and I’m watching Godzilla vs. Megaguirus. Oooh, they just showed a drawing of it….it’s a dragonfly!!!! I love dragonflies! CreeBear where you be? Dragonfly made me think of YOU.

Dragonfly…for you CreeBear!!! And so you’ll know, they are not easy to photograph!

When I was a child, I had a little ball of mud. A round ball that I perfected and perfected. I was between 4 and 6. I made the perfect ball. It was the World. I dropped it and it rolled behind the refrigerator. My mom wouldn’t get it for me. We lived in the projects, and I guess it’s still there. What are the odds they would clean behind the fridge in the projects? I mean, it’s only been 45 or so years. SO, the World…as I saw it…is sitting in the projects, behind a fridge. LOL. BTW, my mom gets mad when I call it the projects, but that’s the word that I learned then, so that’s the word I use now. Uh oh, there goes the Monster dragonfly. He’s putting off some awful frequency that is destroying everything. Goodness. Ye know….I read somewhere a little while ago about bugs, flying military mechanical bugs. Hopefully those are really dragonflies flying in masses lately!!! 🙂 Wait, that ain’t no dragonfly! It’s only got one set of wings. The drawing had two. That means its just a bad ole bug. Seriously, you’ve got a reptile against a bug? Who always wins those….no brainer. 2:32am

Ahhh, what a grand life it is on the farm. No, I’m not kidding, not fixing to work up to some horrible yukky stuff. Nope, I love this. I went into the girls house and told them I just wanted to take photos. I swear they know what I’m doing. My son was texting me at the time so I said, who do you wanna see. He said Oprah! So he got Oprah. I checked on Opti, and made him stand up, to make sure he was ok, his belly was huge! And the green evidence had stained his lips.

The photo of Oprah I sent to Jesse’s phone

Donna still hasn’t cut Valey off

A rare photo. Hopi……..not running from me. I offered my hand, she clenched, I retreated. I’d have to say this is one gal who didn’t appreciate being moved from farm to farm.

Mimi…..looking good this year. Sh’s got a fuzzy kind of coat.

Choxie…a good mom.

Always Hannah…nibbling my Ear!!!!!

Opti ate so much greenies, his mouth was green and his belly was bloated. Scared me for a second, till I asked him to stand, and he did…he could.

While I was still down with the girls, Yoki started her repeated cry. I said…you ok? If you’re just hungry, you gotta wait a minute. Then I did the goat sound to her and got lots of call backs!!!!! Thank you Mea!!!! AND, she quit crying. Then off to feed the Pretties and Beautifuls. Jesse texted back and he wanted to see Angel. Jesse and Angel are buds. I said, he’s right here, hold on. So I took one, from far away, then decided to call him forward. He came, even though there were a slew of cows in the way. Brave Angel boy. That was fun, connecting with the kid, once again, because of the goats. Love my goats. I must say, now that some of the beautifuls are out with the big boys and the munchkins are out with the big boys….well, it’s a huge pile of boys!!!! It’s a real herd! I like it.

And…..Angel….handsome boy

The President has come to town today…it’s all over the news. Other, important stuff is not. How much news is there about Japan starting it’s reactor again? Yup, up again, even though not ready. Have you seen the protests over that? How bout the protests I told you about, in Mexico and Spain? I haven’t. Have you heard on the news about the Natives defying the bulldozers in Belo Monte Brazil? Today I heard about the ex Russian naval officers talking about Ufo’s over the Bermuda Triangle. Once again…the crystal pyramid has come up. To me…..that is so key. A crystal pyramid would, give proof to Atlantis, maybe even Lemuria. Not that I need any, but you guys are probably doubting Thomas’s. These Russian officers, even Admirals, told quite a few stories and even told of losing 4 men to a chase. They told of very tiny human looking beings wearing nothing but a sphere on their heads…deep in the ocean. Also of ships traveling through the water at 500 mph, which is not possible here and now. I’ve always been wishy washy about aliens, even though it isn’t logical that we are the only intelligent species. Well shoot, we have other intelligent species here with us, and we call them animals and birds, and we cage them and put ropes around their necks and lead them around. The whales and dolphins too, and what do we do to them? Sonar.

Ok, so off planet. Seriously, it’s a really big amount of stars out there. I saw a video talking about earth being just a speck of blue dust, when viewed from faraway perspectives. If there are humans on this speck of dust, there are probably humans on another speck of dust. And there are probably all manner of beings, just like in the tv shows. Just makes sense…..each animal is different…each human looks different…. A worm doesn’t look like a bird! So, what do we do? We lump. All aliens are either good or bad. What if there’s both? And what if there’s none. We shall see.

Well, it’s about that time. Lovey gets a bottle tonight. That boy needs a bath. They say not to, but I did it when he was little and it didn’t hurt him at all. When he is officially weaned…he gets one. Funny, for a bottle baby, he sure hates to have anything picked out of his fleece. Well, better get to it. Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch. P.S. For those who want to read my latest poem, written last night…it is down below.

Waters of Need
As the waters pour forth, the river widens, flowing ever toward creations anew.
The banks feed the metropolis of family of fur, and wing and crittery feet.
With wings we see above, the ever expanding
With fur, we cloak and warm, the feet eat the things we despise, we are beholden.
We are ready to flow, to move swiftly as sound, as silence,
To the place we seek under the stars of home, remembering, remembering.
The forgiven the forgave still the same, still one.
The seeker and the sage, wise each to unknowns.
The children, the young, of animals and human form, share one more thing. They share me, the river, the waters, the sun.
The moon sleeps, the sun keeps, the river flows unheeded.
Blockades are pebbles of dust, waiting to be blown away, warriors of color The warriors of many, warriors of knowing, of earth now unknowing.
Coming these warriors are we, to the fields of dozers and sin.
We wreak our smiles of insectry and animal wiles.
The winged ones listen, the spirited ones message, the flow of flows is strong.
The current of which, where the center sits, is the likeliest place to go.
The heads of rule, simple a fool, none with which to choose.
Warriors of the jungle, of the rainbow color of man
Of the plateaus and mounds, the stairs and the blue, coming to help adieu.
Adieu to walls, to secrets still. To sides for money and mercy nill.
To come be forth with wish aside, with wish inside
Is totem to the circle above.
The rotating wheel that spins with love and shows the blessings of.
Never nearing, never fearing alone, the circle nills.
The circle wills. Onward down the stream, ever flowing water of need
Comes forth…now.

Sheri Lee 7/16/12


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