A stunning photo….pretty inside….and a 6th goat?????

God told me to save a photo tonight and now I know why. It’s gone from the news feed. If I hadn’t saved it when suggested, I don’t know if I would have been able to find it again. This is no everyday average photo. I was on the phone with a friend who was stressing, and this photo came up, and I just stared, dumbfounded. It doesn’t look photoshopped. So sad that we trust nothing these days. But holy canoles people….look at this baby!!!! Its alive!!! Look at those fingers, curling just as fingers do. Look at that mouth, what is it saying? It’s saying…I’m alive!!!! And those tiny little feet with those tiny little toes. For any who,…….forgive me, I mean no harm…..I simply love this baby.

Be still my heart

And we go from baby to stripping? Lol. Someone posted Guns and Roses, which took me to Bed of Roses, by BonJovi, and I went to find it to show her. Ended up listening to it. Many many songs remind me of my stripping days. You’re probably thinking what a horrible life, but you’d be wrong. I actually gained self confidence and self esteem there. My husband didn’t like my body. These men did. I felt pretty for the first time in my life. I was and still am, no dancer. No rhythm whatsoever. No ability to memorize steps. Not in my gift basket. I had to work double shifts, to make less than most girls made in 1 shift.

I had to drink to dance, and I had to take advils in order to drink. So I tore up my stomach in the end. I was very dedicated…always am. I broke my ankle before I ever got to start the job, and I danced anyway, for three weeks. I had a baby to support, so I danced. I had one guy who would ask me my bills, what was needed most, how much? I would tell him, and before he left, I’d have that much. God/Spirit was with me even then, in my dark and ugly days. To my eyes, they were enlightening days. I didn’t even know the word enlighten then, but I see it’s place now. Ye know, I have no idea why it was necessary to say all that…but it was necessary, I will leave it at that. Someone needed something in those words, cuz believe me, it’s not something I talk about much. You’re welcome, whoever you are!!!!!

Just so you’ll know….I no longer care about my outer appearance. It matters not. Love me…see me….. However I am, whatever I look like. It’s interesting that my whole life, I thought I was ugly. In my 30’s I discovered I wasn’t. And in my forties, it no longer mattered. Gosh I love that. I love that it truly doesn’t matter. I am. It’s that simple. I am a brain, a heart, a vessel, whose contents are priceless. As are you my dear, as are you.

Pearl, you’ll understand when you read further.

Georgia and Pearl…as babies

Georgia…..as a baby

Little Etta was a pretty baby, eh?

Busy day here. Woke up to a request for me to buy one more baby goat…Georgia’s bottle buddy. Which, set off the telephone frenzy. So, she weighed the babies and they are over 20 lbs, so have to go alone in a cage. Then we had to determine how tall they were, to determine which size cage. Hoping the Medium works. They are taller than the cage with their head up, so she’s gonna buy one and see. It’s too bad they don’t listen when I tell them they would be less scared if together in pairs. Oh well, do what gets it done safely. This has been going on all day. Then my son called to say he was at the courthouse getting the payment plan reinstated, which got knocked off when he was arrested. They wanted 50 more dollars a month, and I kept saying I cant do that…I can send 100 a month. Finally they agreed, which supposedly is unusual. While I was doing that, I forgot the food was on the stove. Burnt the noodles, and had to redo that.

Not quite a baby pic, but this is another photo of Belle, she’s the one on the right.

Someones been diggin!

Shortcake came to see me

ahhh, still growin beautiful…..ValeyGirl

Damn,… thunder….and I haven’t fed yet. Gotta run.. BRB. Just sprinkles. Loud thunder and sprinkles. Oh ya, yesterday hubby got a kick out of going to read the rain gauge after I told him that I told you guys my guess as a few inches. He came in grinning that I was wrong, only 1/34 inches. Well…….a few minutes after that, it came a gusher!!!! Guarantee we had at least 2, maybe 3 or more. 🙂 All this rain seems to be making the goats needy. Wanting to be by me, more crying than usual too. Poor babies. Wish I had a barn. Oh wait…… I do. It just never got sides added and it stores all the friggin fence poles. Fence poles we no longer use, sine we have the heavy fencing that requires metal posts. Some day I will have it the way I want it.

Who could it be???? Of course it’s Opti…but Pearl looks ALOT like him…yay

So, the number of babies has just risen to 6. Wow!!! I’m so thrilled beyond words. I’m gonna be praying a lot so they arrive safely without any problems. Last night I officially started to wean Lovey. I know, 3 days early, but he’s fine. So tonight he gets a bottle. He will be sooo happy. Okie dokie then, signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.

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