Habits of man…eating meat?…. and a 5th baby goat?!!!

Open it up and notice that the heart is still beating. Those are the words of the teacher to the class on the scene in the movie ET, where the Elliot lets the frogs go. But seriously folks, what is the fascination with that? What is the need for so many animals to die, so kids can see veins and guts and other stuff on something they will never need to know? If a kid shows an interest in such things, there should be a class for that.

The school system as it is, is all screwed up. Most of what we learn in the schools has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with need in real life. My husband tells me I should have paid attention in Geography. Really? I’m nearly 51 yrs old…and I just now wonder where countries are…hehe, cuz of you guys, but I never needed that info before! Never! Why aren’t schools….a place to learn what you crave to learn?.

It’s not just schools either. It’s the food industry. Apparently it’s perfectly ok to drop a live animal into boiling water. I mean, whatever happened to decency? Maybe there can be none when we eat each other. And no, I’m not talking about the crazy face eating going on…apparently that’s a new designer drug. Told you I’d dig into it.

No, I’m talking about the family of earth. The animals, the humans, the plants, the earth, the rocks. I ask Cathy this question repeatedly. Why is it ok for me to eat meat? And she tells me. From the bible. And I say, oh yaaa. It’s like we close our eyes to this topic because we are hungry and we like our food. Our different food. We crave a variety of such extremes that it is wiping out the supply before it can be born and grown. Because of that, they use drugs, chemicals, to alter them, they also breed for speed of growth to the point that factory chickens can’t even walk. They are top heavy….Breast heavy. Chicks. 🙂

I love the movie Contact, and the part where they say…if we’re the only ones out there, then it’s an awful big waste of space. I would have to agree. With the known universe being as big and vast as it is….and the unknown universe being, well, you know, ….unknown….well, that leaves all sorts of possibilities, doesn’t it? In fact, I’ll go out there and say, I really don’t think we are the only intelligent species. And here playing, is a commercial for ALF. 🙂   So, if Alf came here, they would hunt him down and dissect him, cuz that’s what we are now trained as a species to do. If we don’t understand it, we got to cut it up and look at it in the microscope. Like that’s gonna help. In the movie phenomenon…they ask him to give up his last 2 weeks and go into a death surgery, just so they could see his unique brain up close and personal…never realizing that it was what the brain thought up, that was important. Not the lump of flesh.

It’s getting more difficult for me to even kill flies. I asked the insects of the Amazon forest to unite, among other things, and next thing I know there’s a whole crapload of flies on my window. I’m like….guys…you’re supposed to be in the Amazon. There are so many that I had to get a fly strip and swing it like a pendulum to kill them. Ironic, I had to swing the baby goat like a pendulum to try to make it live. Hmmm, yin yang. Anyway, I still haven’t got em all. I feel bad. It’s even getting to the point that I’m about to realize that plants are alive. Seriously, alive. I mean if a tree can call to me, why not a plant? Why would a flower be any different, except in the way that it is different, than a tree? I’m learning.

We don’t react that way when we find a new species in the forest!! Why is that? Or maybe we do and I don’t know. Come to think of it, of course….that’s what they’d do…they’d take samples, and dissect some and observe others and inject still others, with nasty chemicals. Lordie, what have we allowed ourselves to become?

You don’t want me to tell you what I’ve learned from videos on how they treat animals for food processing. And, I just read that a certain bad feed was outlawed so they have now progressed to feeding cows…chicken shit. Yum. Can we say diseases? Yum, let’s have some for breakfast. Don’t get me wrong…I’m hooked too. I eat meat. I eat eggs. Nobody thought to inform me, when I was a kid, that the stuff I was eating was animals. It was probably in my 20’s before it really sunk in. Then another 10 years before it mattered enough for me to try vegetarian living, that lasted a horrible month and that was that. It made me feel ill. I know…didn’t give it long enough,… forget about it. I too, am addicted to the variety. The round steak with mushroom soup, meatloaf, steak, sausage, fried chicken, fish. The problem now comes in thinking of the plants as alive. It’s like we gotta rethink everything! 2:58am

My Love

Lovey LOve LOve

just hangin out

Well, no experimenting on animals here, unless it’s an emergency, like with Sugarbee, and that one seems to have been successful. Wow oh wow, did we get rain here today! Oh it was just awesome, filling the ponds and making puddles for all the critters to drink from. I’ll bet we got several inches. Close, hubby just looked…. 1 ¾. The pretties were out when I woke up so I went to visit. Lovey saw me and came running. After petting on him for a minute, I sat down, he gave me a kiss then laid down behind me. So sweet. We got to hang out like in the old days. Then the thunderboomers started. I left em out a little while longer then when it got louder, I put them up…haha, and just in time. Liquified their food right quick!

The only critters walking in the rain

Since it’s storming, guinea is sleeping on the porch

Yes!!! Pond fillin rain!!!

I kept asking my husband about the money for the new goats, if he had enough. He said, you didn’t tell me the total. So I told him the total. Today, I said, I answered you but you didn’t answer me. He smiled and says….ya! Four or so hours later, he says……..so what about the bottle baby? I freaked…and said…you serious? I get to get Georgia too?!!!! He smiled again. My husband is rather childlike in his ways, J))) and he loves to make me wait and wonder. So, I have left a message asking if Georgia is available and if she is….yay, she ‘s comin too. Sometimes my husband really rocks!!! Right before that, the sun came out and I went looking for a rainbow… no rainbow…..but a Georgia!!!

Georgia, a bottle baby, hopefully comin here!!!

Lookie what I found…a baby pic of Wyatt!!!


I needed a fix today, so was looking at their photos, can’t tell ya how excited I am that I might get Georgia too! My husband let me stare at their photos all day, and talk about them all day…he waited til 5:30 before he gave me the good news. How exactly did he do it? Well, he said….did you talk to Lovey? I said, you weren’t listening because I told you we chilled together and he laid down by me. That’s when he said….what about the bottle baby…did you ask Lovey? I told him and he was supposed to tell you. Dude cracks me up. He says we need another bottle baby to take with us when we take Lovey. Lol, wonder what he has in mind? Guess that means we better get Lovey fixed soon, boy bottle babies do not make for desirable breeders. But a girl bottle baby…jeesh, been wanting one forever! This waiting is driving me nuts. A big ole welcome goes out to Ireland!!! Ok….. signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.

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