Destroy the Pyramids???…Avatar prayer…..and a man with a gun

People, the world has already changed and you don’t even know it. They are planning to destroy the Great Pyramids. And the Sphinx. These are the last remnants of the 7 ancient wonders. They’ve already broken into the End of the World cave in Timbuktu. Ye know, when I was a kid…Timbuktu meant…the middle of nowhere. It was a comic reference. Nothing funny here. I’ve seen nothing on the news, but on FB, I’ve seen 2 different revolutions I hadn’t heard of. Mexico and Spain….seen that in the news? I don’t know what you know about the pyramids, but what I know is they are damned mysterious.

I never bought into the slave theory. I figger some kind of levitation, but even then, how do you get it so perfect, and what are the mysteries of the rooms and the symbols. You knock that down and you just may be bringing more upon yourself than you realize. And on the other hand….it may not be knock downable. I once went into the sphinx on a shamanic journey. What is a shamanic journey? Pretending. Hahahahahaha! That simple. You just go into your mind…and you go somewhere, for a reason. That’s it. Nothing more. Ahh, wait….before I do such things, I like to anchor myself to the earth, like I do in reiki…which is to imagine a root growing from the root chakra down and into the earth and then it becomes a big tree upside down in the earth. I don’t know if it’s necessary for shamanic journeying, but why not, just in case.

Anyway, I was being directed in a video at, and we walked up to the pyramids, a purple mist came and then……,,,,,, ha, and then…… it drops off….lol, so you go on your own journey.  I went inside the sphinx, and met with Thoth, at a merkaba. He wanted me to open it…but I walked past the obvious door and opened it another way. Thoth smiled. I got in, the layers above us disappeared and up up and away I went. I traveled the stars awhile then came back, got out, and gave the big guy a hug. He grunted. I walked back up the way I’d come and that was that. 🙂

LOOK!!!! They are doing the AVATAR prayer!!!!!

See, in my world, we get to be as a child again, and use the imagination. It’s the most important thing we’ve got, well, besides the heart. The imagination, is what visualizes your future, or, your future nows. Future nows, would be dreaming, Dream big. Dream very very big. Now,…. when thoughts are creating so rapidly….dream very big. And dream for me too…I’m usually so busy thinking and analyzing this stuff, that I forget to take time to dream for myself. You’ve gotten to know me by now…dream for me. 🙂

This is my…..Don’t you Dare look. Taken on our crystal digging trip

Me, at the crystal mine…wearing an overall skirt designed by me, but made by Cathy. Not exactly what I designed…ha! A bit too patchworky for what I wanted, but hey, it’s different! I also wore this to the Arkansas National rainbow gathering

So, let’s see if I have this right. They are taking the water…everywhere, AND, there are droughts everywhere. Where there aren’t droughts…there is too much rain. We have a nuclear disaster that nobody is talking about, a conglomeration who is poisoning our food and creating seeds that kill off antique seeds and they can make you pay for the crop if they find that their seed has blown into your field. They are trying to outlaw roadside markets and veggie stands, like they outlawed marijuana to make the darn Nylon. It’s always money….but money isn’t the only thing at play here. I don’t think. Sure, the conspiracists could be right and the $$$ highups could be manipulating the weather…but there things that are happening aside from all that.

The changes in the people. Are you feeling any changes? Noticing anything different? Thinking kinder thoughts? Seeing more synchronicities? Feeling more connections to odd things? Having unreasonable illness? Or emotions? Time speeding by too fast? Spirit communicating with you in odd ways? Anyway, heat, out the wazoo and revolutions happening across the planet. I once saw a photo on FB that had a collage of protests, in different countries, all night scenes, and I’m thinking there were anywhere from 8-12 photos on that collage. The peoples minds are changing. The people, we… are a changing.

So, bad weather, disasters, revolts, water control, pyramid destruction? Hmmm, I’ll bet there’s more. Anyways, I’m just thinkin that somethins up. I personally, can’t believe that anyone would even conjure up such an idea, as destroying such ancient monolithic structures. How rude and selfish. How childish to boot. Little boys beating on their chests like monkeys, saying I’m all big and bad. Grow some balls boy and get a life. And while you’re at it, grow some compassion. You too, damn builders! 2:28am

My first gathering, in Florida, when I told you the guy went looking for the eyes that looked like mine, out of 5,000 people and found the eyes and brought them to main circle where the eyes say my eyes….her hermit mama.

When the shock wore off….it turned to JOY

Just a felt I once did, thought you’d enjoy seeing one in process. Looks like it’s all layered on and ready to be rolled and manipulated

Look, a shelter for some weary faeries!!! 🙂

This is my beautiful White Feather. She passed on, but her beauty remains.

Einstein…, a ways back…cutie pie.

Here is a rainflower. I told you i saw one yesterday, this is not it. Yesterdays was not fully open and I came across this one while cruising for photos to share. They only come out before a rain.

I do crack myself up sometimes when I read these back during the day. They still hold true though, so I go ahead with them. Well, it’s Saturday, again!!! Normal stuff, eat, feed, groceries, smoothie, then home. Then unload and feed. And it is unbreathably hot, so I decided to pull some photos from the archives. I found some goodies. There, hope you enjoy the old photos. I almost passed out earlier in the heat.

Oh……..we got a situation. There’s a man who as decided that some land is his and his survey beats the other survey. They are in court and its getting really nasty. The bad guy, lets call him the bad guy….well, the bad guy was out at our gate the other night when my husband came home. I remember seeing them all out there and had a rock gut, so I went out to show the bad guy that I saw him. At the time, I didn’t know he was a bad guy. It’s just a feeling I had. So, when hubby comes in, he says they guy was talking about the problem, and that he even rightfully owned part of our land…then he’s talking about coming and going to check this stuff and hubby says but you have no right…this is an easement. My pups know something is up, so Little Boy squeezes out the gate and the guy pulls a GUN! Hubby didn’t tell me, till today. So, THAT’S why my place looks like fort knox now with 3 chains on our front gate. I’m seething, but calm. lol. The guy says he will take his land by gun, no matter what the courts say…and the whole town says he’s crazy. So, I got a crazy man with a gun coming round. Bought a no tresspass sign today…just for him.

Oh ya, also, I figured out why the yarn store lady didn’t want my fleeces. HAHAHA…. I have never sold any or tried. I shear for me. I put anything ‘questionable’, in the bag. All obvious yuk gets thrown out, but I have been known to get some good stuff out of a matt, so if there’s a slight possibility of it being useable…I keep it. Lordie Lordie, lol, she grabbed a felt matt and decided she didn’t trust any bag. lol. lol. lol. Ok, signing off laughing….at Curly Locks Ranch.


5 thoughts on “Destroy the Pyramids???…Avatar prayer…..and a man with a gun

    • Honestly Mea, I just can’t get inside their head. They say it’s an Idol and they are doing gods work… If they convince the new guy in charge….that’s it.

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