A Melancholy Day….gift from a Friend…and a Blue Heron

Every time I would give my dogs their treats, which I called, cookies….my brain would say…here, have a bite of cancer. All the treats have those dang letters in the ingredients, so I just kept buying the ones they liked, which happened to be not very expensive. Finally one day, I had enough. As I approached the pet aisle, I revolted. Had my own tiny revolution there in the store, as I walked back to the other end of the store….to the Cookie aisle. I bought 3 huge bags of animal crackers for the price of one treat bag…3 bucks and left that store knowing I would never have to hear myself think those words again….here, have a bite of cancer. Now I say, here’s your cookie…and it’s really a cookie.

Ye know, I think there’s something about me that may be unique…haha, I was just pondering tonight’s movie….Midnight in Paris, yes, again…and was thinking what it would be like to meet someone from the renaissance like he did, but I couldn’t decide who I would want to meet. Then I thought to nowadays, and still….same thing. No, it’s not that none are worthy, it’s just that I don’t have a thing for celebrities. I figure they are just US, but with all the world watching their every move. What an awful life. I once saw a celebrity, nope, can’t remember who…and I turned away, so he wouldn’t see ME!!! That time though, I believe it was due to low self esteem, not equality with a distaste for their circumstances.

Gosh, I am really wracking my brain here. I guess I would have to say…Monet. I guess for me, the real treat would not be to meet a person, but to go to a place in time. Woodstock comes to mind, or early 1700’s plains, I’m having to wrack my brain again. Oh…the day the original cap was put on the Pyramid….the largest one. Oooh…..at Thoth’s side when he wrote the Emerald Tablets. And if I were to go to a future time, the day the Belo Monte Dam is silenced forever, and any other like it, in the rainforest.

What a progression…from Midnight in Paris, to the BOY IN THE STRIPED Pajamas. It’s a holocaust movie, where the guy running the concentration camp, lives next door with his family. His child meets a boy in the camp, and thinks of it as play. He ends up dressing as one of them and digging his way in, to help his friend find his father. They inadvertently get caught in the melee of going to be gassed, and while in the gas chamber…the prisoners are made to remove the striped pajamas, so they don’t have to do the hard work of taking the clothes off the dead bodies, to use for the next set of prisoners. That, is the indecency of man. I don’t think it’s a true story, per se, but I’ll bet that’s what they did. 3am

My disappointment for the day was taking fiber into the yarn store. She had asked me to sell some in the shop, so I took 6 or 7 fleeces. She wanted kid fleeces. I only had one of those, and she didn’t even take that. See, it goes like this. Baby goat is born and in 6 months, he is sheared. 1st clip. Then 6 months later, shorn again, 2nd clip. 6 months later, 3rd clip and that is it for KID clip. After their 3rd clip, they are no longer considered kid. This baby’s fleece, Popeye, was 2nd clip. We are talking nice, tight curl, and it wasn’t good enough. So, if the only fiber worth selling is 1st clip…then what am I doing in this business? Apparently, she says, hand spinners only want baby curls. Well, I’m a hand spinner and I spin with all ages of mohair. Firefly and Levi are 3 yrs old, I believe, and their fiber is soft as a baby’s belly. Very very disappointing. I do happen to have a dumpster here at the moment. Rugs. She said rugs. That’s all it was good for. Anyone wanna make a rug? Don’t worry Popeye, I will spin you up just beautifully.

One of the Angora bunnies at the yarn store….prettier than my yard bunny, but I am allergic, so distance bunnies for me.

I had to run to the post office today and that’s when I did my special prayer for the Amazon. As I was driving down my lane, the squirrels were acting odd and I wondered what they were trying to tell me. About half way there, I was thinking Nuts, squirrels message is to gather your nuts. Oh man…..forgot the tiny purse, which was why I was headed to the post office. Yup, turned around and started all over again. One of those days. It is Friday the 13th, but I no longer pay any attention to that. I once found out that we were moving to Texas…and that my dad lost his job, on the same day…Friday 13th. In the old world, I hated that date. Now I pay it no mind.

No, it’s just an aggravating day. Sometimes it happens like that. Top it off with a kitchen load of flies. Yesterday there were none. Today there are 30-50. Craziness! There are 2 cardinals playing outside my window. Yesterday, there were 2 bunnies outside my window, letting me see them. It’s been an animal day. Ye know how a bird uses it’s wings to bank and turn in the wind? Well, I just saw a roadrunner use his wings like that, to make a turn on the ground. Roadrunners don’t really fly, they just run very fast. I didn’t realize that the same techniques applied to on the ground. Interesting. Saw a lizard run across the road and had to share the road with neighbor Cathy’s horse, Gabriel., who gets to free range on the roadsides. Everyone knows him and if he goes too far, they call Mike, her husband.

Gabriel, the roadside wanderer……(Cathy’s husbands horse)

One of the bunnies. The photo with both was too blurry.

Down the road a bit is the prettiest hay field I’ve ever seen…not so great due to last years drought, but it’s still beautiful.

See that rain? It waited long enough for me to go the mile to the house, put the pups up, drive thru the gate, release the pups and get inside…before it visited me.

I went ahead and moved the Munchkins back out into the big acres again. Making room for my new babies. I’ll be more comfortable when they start to hang with the big Boys, instead of going off on their own. Lots of woods back there to get lost in.

Look what I received in the mail!!! It’s a Tree of Life charm for my pouch! I love it. This sweetie even sent me 2 friendship bracelets! Thank you Blanche! And it turns out…she buys these bracelets from the impoverished areas of the Phillipines, to support them and to keep them from dangerous jobs. Go Blanche!!! Well, time for the rubber boots….oh ya, that reminds me….would you believe that my blog has been found by someone typing…..women wearing rubber boots….into the search engine!!! 🙂 No photos of the boots today boys. Anyway, headed out to the big wet yonder to feed the masses.

The Tree of Life and the Phillipine bracelets…from Blanche. 🙂

Well, the Munchkins were ok, and were hanging with the herd. Yay. Then I visited with the girls. Opti and Milky came to visit me. Milky is more comfortable with me now. She used to love me…but I’m thinking it was moving day, when we carried the babies, in order to get the mommies to follow, that she discovered fear. She must associate me with fear now. Sugarbee let me talk to her from 2 ft away, but didn’t want touched. I’ll take it.

Yay, all hanging together

Sugarbee, much improving. getting some thin legs, where buildup used to be. Still no curl though.

Did somebody get stuck in a pasture? Do ya think they want back in the yard?

Just to let ya know, this blog was censored today, by me. I was frustrated about the dam and the lack of interest. So, I deleted my rant. Yay for delete keys. Boo for the damn dam. Well, it’s bottle time. 5 more days and he will be 4 months and the weaning begins. Fixing to light a leaf of dried sage and see if i can persuade my melancholy to mosey on away. Much better. When I went to give the bottle, I startled a Blue Heron drinking from the yard pond. What beautiful creatures they are, and their meaning includes….diversity, self reliance, exploration, boundaries, self esteem, multitasking, and dignity. Yay, thank you Heron. AND, I saw a couple Rain Flowers, which I so rarely see. What a treat! Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch. Oh ya….I found this today, didn’t realize I had a photo of it…my daughter has most of my paintings because I once said…get them out of here or I will throw them away. LOL, artists.

Community Meeting….. Acrylic Sheri Lee


4 thoughts on “A Melancholy Day….gift from a Friend…and a Blue Heron

    • Ahhh, thank you!!! I was happy with all but the buffalo.It’s the ideas that I wanted to get across though that matters to me. And bless you for saying what you said. It warms my heart and gives me umf. Thankyou!!!! ❤ 🙂

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