That DAMNed Dam…electricity vs. LIFE… and YA, I’m on a soapbox.

Tonight’s movie is about a guy who feels the call. Of course his call and mine are different, cuz he’s with a church, and it‘s probably a life long call, whereas mine was in the minute. When I was called to South Dakota to pray, it was just me and my companions. But this guy…he’s still on a boat when he says it’s day 83. 83 days and he hasn’t even arrived! That’s dedication of monumental proportions.  It’s a true movie, so he really means 83 days. He was sent to the island of Tonga.

It reminds me of what’s going on in the Amazon. It’s families. Families, histories, memories, way of life. BURIAL PLACES< AND LVIN ROOMS> It’s the cowboys and Indians all over again. Today I saw a photo of a little warrior child, leaving the summit, and heading home…home to what or how long? How long before he is forced into a conventional school when all he needs to learn is in the forest? How long, before what he remembers, is erased with time. His home, gone…Hotels probably, in it’s place… How many of you want to stay in those hotels? As he says in the movie…these people possess nothing…yet, they possess everything!

Little Chief……these are the ones who will lose their heritage

And it’s not just about the people….it’s about the water, and the land. America has built many dams, causing all kinds of problems. The water flows naturally where it is for a reason people. Now, in the movie, there is a question of him blessing the food…him, having a different God. I was just thinking of this earlier. How….why doesn’t everybody get it? If there is a God, and I believe there is….it’s all One God. They are all the same God that everyone is praying to. Even if you call him or her by a different name.

Unless….there are many many Gods …Which is it? If you think about it…since nobody knows for sure…it could be either. Either one or many many. And like I was saying last night…if the unicorn is real, and the dragon is real, and the giant is real…who’s to say the myths of the Gods aren’t real? Ulysses…Titan…Poseidon, etc. Ah come on Sheri, think of a female one….ummm, dang…gonna have to look it up if I don’t think of it first. Athena? Lets see…..yay, I got it. Athena. Oh, a Goddess, ….. And among other things…she was the Goddess of Arts and Crafts! Wow, what a turn this conversation took!

I’ve always had difficulty with the female aspect. When people suggest that God is a female….I steer the conversation away. I am definitely not comfortable with that idea. I wonder why? I’ve asked myself why, many many times. The answer has eluded me. I was ok with Mother Earth, but not Mother God. Interesting because Angels are dual gender. Speaking of that…what if all the transvestites in the world…and transgenders…are really Angels in human form…would that change your opinion of them then?

Back to the movie…he just baptized a girl. Normally, I would say that was wrong, but it seemed as if they had a choice in the matter. The Indians didn’t have a choice. Their kids were taken and put in schools and homes and their hair cut and taught the religion de jour. What will happen to these tribes, still living the native way, the earthly way, when they have no land? When they have no trees? No animals. What is it they say? 50 million species live in the Amazon, compared to the rest of the world? No, my number is not accurate…I just made it up, but you get my drift.

So if 50 million species live there and it is the largest rainforest in the world, and people keep logging it, stripiiiiing it of trees, which is shelter to so many, and now they want to divert the water. Divert and flood. Just like in the US. Divert and flood. Flood the peoples homes….flood the animals, not only that, but it will forever change the flow of energy there. Remember that there is a hierarchy in the woods. Certain trees are the leaders, and they distribute, and form the community. When you cut them down, planting new trees is like trying to clone your dead child.

Ahhh…maybe that’s why they want to do it. They say that the Amazon is the Lungs of the planet. If you cut the air off…what are you left with? You are left with all the richity rich who had money to get into shelter of all sorts….and that’s who will be running the planet. Rich ass spoiled muckety mucks who want to control everything because mommy cut them from the tit too early. Grow up. Wow, that was fun….whatever I just said!

Just so you’ll know…right after I wrote…“whatever I just said“…I looked up, read a line and saw a mistake, 2 lines up…one that ABC correct will not catch.. It was the word THE, when it needed to be the word THEM……just as I am typing the word them, the TV says….them. And, …just so you’ll know, the only words I capitalized in the previous sentence….were tv, and abc. I am just looking at the keys typing and sometimes I look up and see the Capital letters, and its funny but they always seem to fit and are just exactly so long.

I ponder things a lot. If I had been outside listening and dancing in the rain, this would have been an entirely different blog. Choices. Choices turn the corners on the road of life. How I do mine, is by what I feel like doing. Because if I feel like doing it, then it is aligned with my highest being. If I am not supposed to do it and I just think I am, because I just want this so bad, then I will get messages…whispers, warnings. This sounds familiar, I’ve written almost these same words here before. 🙂

I woke up with the feeling that I was talking too much about this and you would get bored. I was going to tell you that it means so much to me. That I feel about this so strongly that I have rock gut. My stomach hurts. I was going to tell you that I wouldn’t write about it anymore. Then I went onto face book and saw this:
UPDATE FROM AMAZON WATCH>> “After 21 days, Indigenous Occupation of Belo Monte Dam ends in Discord. (That was their capital letters)

There was more, but the point was that they had walked away. I just sat here and cried. I don’t know if they have truly given up, I doubt it. I won’t. I will do all I can, to affect things.

Ok….rain the first half of the day…sunshine the second half. Got to see my babies without the feed and run technique. I had fun visiting with them. The pretties were posing up on the fence. Started with one, and ended with all 4 girls. I touched them and they didn’t mind as much…Yazhi, of course, not minding at all now. These new girls are the cutest things. I haven’t talked much about them. They are still so timid, but slowly, their personalities come out.

Yoki…this girl has the prettiest eyes, can’t see em good here but ain’t she cute?

Funny girls

So cute

Monkey see….monkey do

Baby Girl came out from under the RV, finally, and watched me do rounds…from a distance. Wonder what’s up with her. Maybe she’s afraid I’ll shear her like I’m doing to poor Bubba!

Blue gets VERY upset if he doesn’t get to ride with me in the Zenbuggy

My Lovey Dove

Finished up the shawl last night, but I have no photo to show you. Tried some using the mirror reflection, but was horrible. Maybe hubby can take one.

Exactly enough……….what are the odds? Good if you’re in my world.

This is how I braid my ties….I hook em to the big drum handle

I asked Cathy to find the bible references to the unicorn. She gave me 4 verses. Numbers 23:22, Job 39:9 & 10, Psalms 29:6 and 92:10. So I look them up. Nope, nothing about unicorns…just about an OX. So I called her and had her read hers to me. It was about the strength of the unicorn…being very strong!!! God was talking to Job, in the one, and telling him that he, God, had the strength of the unicorn. Wow. On that note….Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.


4 thoughts on “That DAMNed Dam…electricity vs. LIFE… and YA, I’m on a soapbox.

    • Aaahhhh, why thank you Tracee!! I call it Curly Locks..cuz it’s whispy with lots of bobbles, but it’s not tail spinning. It’s pretty much the only kind of yarn I make. 🙂

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