A double dog dare…Santa…. and ice cream

That’s what I get for multitasking. I was telling you about the water, then went into the 100th monkey thing where no water was involved. Now I know why. I was having internet problems due to the overcast skies and was juggling 2 videos. When one would freeze up, I just jumped to the other. So, it was this other video that mentioned the 100th monkey. It has occurred to me, that maybe not everybody knows about the 100th monkey. Research was done over a period of time with a breed of monkeys that were given sweet potatoes, dropped in the sand. The young monkeys eventually figured out that if they washed the potato, it was better, so they taught their parents and when critical mass was reached…all the monkeys knew to rinse the potato.

In my 13 year spiritual journey, I have studied a very wide wideness. A wideness of topics, from Pythagorean to herbs. Sacred geometry is vast and numerology is odd. Thoth, Egyptians, scrolls, Council of Nicea. Atlantis, Lemuria, Emerald Tablets, Library of Alexandria, Bilderburgs pyramid cap, Sphinx, Hermes, Dogon, The El’s, Annunaki, merkaba, Mayan, Native American, Tibet, Mesopotamia, Oracles, and many more. Many many many more. This video, called Hidden Human History, well, it’s an hour long and I’m still watching it. Been watching all day, but finally have my Iphone going and am watching it easily on that. Anyways, this little video has hit on pert near every one of the things I’ve just mentioned. Not to mention my solstice experience…ya. With the exception, I’ve just noticed, of the Oracles. Let’s see, it’s far from over.


I want to dare you. No, double dog dare you to watch this video. My stats suggest that nobody is clicking on any of the links I place here, but this one time….? But I have to warn ya…it could shake your tree, depending on where you are in the scheme of things. Ok, back to it…looking for the oracles…lol. Nope, no oracles. But it did, man, how to say this. If I were me? With what I know? I’d say it put the puzzle pieces in their rightful place. I’ve been trying to find my puzzle story, with no success. Maybe I don’t need to find it now. Or maybe I do. I’m living now. I might find it in the next now. I heard or read an Indigenous Leader today say that living in the now was selfish. Sweetheart, you can live in the now and still have a compassion for the past nows and reverence for the nows to come. And yes, I just said sweetheart to a tribal Leader, but that’s just who I am now. I wonder if I’d be as brave in person.?

The pyramid. During meditation, with the hands placed so…it forms a pyramid. I just saw a gal in that position, and made the connection. Special. I might have to try again, to meditate. The lady at Crystalinks.com, Ellie, has made herself a pyramid to meditate inside, but if you just realize…you are the pyramid…then no external things needed. I just love new realizations.
911 hit me hard. I was on my journey then, but it was early on and I was not prepared for such violence. I was overwhelmed with the ferocity of the people towards America. I wrote a poem about it. I was devastated, shaken to my core. I am so glad I was on my journey when that happened or I’d probably would have tried to kill myself, and maybe I would have succeeded that time. Oh ya, the whole point of me bringing this up is to tell you how obsessed I got when the war was being thought of and then when it actually happened. I taped so much on video, you know, the old kind, vcr. Maybe a hundred tapes. I’ve already thrown one box away but I think I still have one. I didn’t know why I was doing it, I just did it. I also recorded things I liked, tv special moments…in my view at that time. I thought I was leaving a record. Maybe it was Spirits way of occupying my emotional brain, during such a scary time. Now, that…. Makes sense. (New realization)

Just so you’ll know. I just write. I have no idea what has transpired on the page ahead of these words. I am nearly 51 and can’t remember much. I just go. I want you to know my process. I’ve already told you, I drink 5-6 beers, an hour apart until bedtime, that comes out to 7 hours, so a beer an hour, or close, so that I can sleep, and sleep I do. Normally 10 hours, but it seems that normal isn’t normal anymore, as far as that goes, and I’m gong to bed at 3-4 am, and waking by 11 am, my normal wake time. I guess normal has changed. Again. I cannot get over how much I love Life and how much I hated it before. It is staggering and exponential. Infinity. Hahahaha Which means that it’s time for a Christmas movie!!!!

When I was a child, my sisters were looking out the upstairs window, down on my parents carrying packages into the house. That’s how I found out there was no Santa. I think, that when we are babies, we know things, then life deadens what we know. I think that when you find out there is no Santa, no Easter Bunny, no Barney?????, it affects you and shapes your ability to believe. Believing isn’t so easy. Some things Spirit helps me believe, but others I struggle with. Fairies. I want to believe in fairies. I once went through a period where I saw faces everywhere. Drove me nuts. Faces in the trees, the floor, the walls, the dirt, the rocks. That’s when I did the paintings. There’s more than the Many Faces. I guess I’ll show ya. If I remember…good Lord, never been so busy in my life. Gosh, remind me tomorrow to tell you about the ice cream.

Many Faces

No title

no title

None of these have titles….This one is more like…hidden faces

no title

Ok, the ice cream. I don’t eat it. But lately, I’m craving it. When I crave a food, I obey. I’ve been eating it for the past week, causing my body to go into violent cold shakes, and wondering…why am I eating this?…..as I shovel more in my mouth. A few days ago I asked my daughter what to do for foot cramps because I was waking up with them every morning for weeks. She put a friend on the phone who suggested I try calcium, coral calcium to be specific. Two days ago, I woke up with no cramps, and realized why I was eating the ice cream. My body knew what it needed and found a way to get it. Certainly not the first time this has happened…but the first time since I’ve been talking to you. Still no cramps. Yay!

This topic of death and they died too soon, came up today. This is something I feel very strongly about. I don’t think anyone dies too soon, and I had to say my piece. I said:  “It is my belief that we come to earth to connect with others. To inspire and touch those who we inspire and touch, and when we have done what we set out to do…we are done. We can travel on to the next place, the next adventure. Those who never got to be born…who never breathed…they too, connect, inspire and touch. then they go. When your job is over at the end of the day…. do you stay at work? Or do you go home.?”

Wow, another rainy day here. Lots of thunder for the past few days and the gentlest rain you’ve ever seen. Because of the internet problems I’ve been having, I can now show you a few of the photos that had been intended.

This is Little Boy in the hole I told you about yesterday. There must be 30 or more such holes all over my yard.

My hubby loves Lovey

Ahhh, Blue loves him too

Maya, growing in her masterpiece fleece.

I finally heard from my son. He’s ok, just kinda waiting still. He”s in limbo. I’m getting further along with the shawl, but I’ll wait till it’s done to show you. The thunder has been booming for days, but with the gentlest of rain. Poor Bubba, is terrified of storms, so he stays at the front door. I thought there might be a rainbow today, but I realized that maybe the reason I haven’t seen any this year is because I don’t need Hope. Maybe they are going where they are needed. I Hope they are. Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch. P.S. I finally located the poem, but it needs typed up, so I’ll post it tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “A double dog dare…Santa…. and ice cream

  1. I learned “sweetheart” from my dad. I call everybody that now at one time or other. I always wanted to have the bearing to handle calling people that. I think I thought at the time that it was a Grand and Good thing.

    Regardless, I see we have studied the same things. No wonder we are so connected!

    And I have TOO clicked on links! But Ima go watch that vid as soon as I finish here.

    I believe your friend, The Native Leader, has confused living IN the moment with living FOR the moment. They are very, very, very different things as you know.

    If you continue drinking like that with the thought that it “helps you sleep” or “it makes me relax” then you will never sleep without it. Unfortunately, what will happen is that eventually, it will kill you. No, your obit won’t say, “She died from too much alcohol.” It will say something more like, “Cause of Death: Diabetes (or alcohol poisoning or cirrhosis or Hep-C or wet-brain or neurological cessation or any of a score or more of alcohol-related afflictions).

    I was 10 in 1966. Every evening in our home we watched the local News and then the World News. I had no frame of reference for what I had to witness second hand every night during that period of my life. “The Vietnam Conflict” was the first war that had ever been exposed through such extensive television coverage. There was no such thing in those days as “Graphic Content” warnings or “put the kiddies to bed or in the other room”. I believe that it had a larger impact on me than heretofore imagined. All the recording was done in my brain. It was the period in my life when I learned to stuff my feelings. Now, I am constantly trying to live IN THE MOMENT and Feel the Feelings.

    I, too, remember The Time of The Faces 🙂

    I agree exactly with your assessment regarding Our Work Here. I think that, although it saddens me terribly, I can not judge what another’s Journey consists of whether they are 3 seconds-old or 156 years-old.

    Little Boy is digging for coolness. Bless his heart.

    Maya! What GORGEOUS fleece! Lovey is so tiny. Awww. I wanna hug eem ❤

    Going to watch video via link above 😀 Love you! ❤

    Signing off from The Cobble 🙂

    • The sweetheart, sweetie, hon, dear…all these things have come recently, with age. LOL Yes, connected..it is funny. Lol, I figured some had…but my stats must be wrong. And as for the drinking. Yes maam, I know. I’ve had this habit since 97. I’ve been dying from liver failure for around 11 years now, according to my doctor. God won’t let me die ill I’m done, remember? Believe me, I tried. Love you Sis.

  2. I started the u tube but it is too late to watch it. Glad your cramps are gone and you heard from your boy. It has been a long day, I must sleep, no birds hardly, no deer, very odd day, but we did close on our house 🙂 Huge hugs, sleep

    • Ya,don’t worry about the video, like I said..it’s an hour.

      It is a time of silence for you, it seems.Sometimes, we all gotta just be still.

      Odd days are still days! Very glad you have the house out from underneath you, no more stresses there. Yes, Huge Hugs Mea. Lovin you!!! Sleep.

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