Dreams….faith….and the mysteries of Water

The earth is in the same, same as it was before, never knowing, never seeing what is coming…what is going. What is. What is. 2:39am (Message from Spirit) Ok, wasn’t gonna, but here is how those words got on the page. It was 2:30am and I hadn’t written, so I was getting ready for bed, when Spirit made me write. I was obeying but grudgingly, and just stuck my fingers on the keyboard to allow whatever words needed said. Those words came out and then I guess it as me saying and this message is brought to you by, … nada…nothing. So, that was all that was allowed to come thru me, cuz I got a little ticked off.

Tonight I watched Astronaut Farmer. A man who has a dream that everyone wants to take away. Dream anyways. Dream even if you die in the doing. In the seeing, the experiencing. I have no idea when I will die, but I know this. I love every single second of my life…even the hard seconds. The hard seconds teach me. They shape and form me. They sculpt me like the work of art that I am.

Not only is this a story about a dream, but it’s also a story of faith. This mans family has faith in him. they believe in him, even when others don’t. In the movie Phenomenon, they call it….buying her chairs. Buying the thing that she makes…ie…supporting her in her endeavors…giving encouragement. So awesome to do that for people. Buy their chairs. That’s what this butterfly on my wrist is all about. I am buying Mayerli’s chairs. I am. Are you? …Buying any chairs? If you still don’t understand…watch the movie…Phenomenon. 2:58am

Today I watched an interesting video about water. Same theory as before where words are written on water then frozen and the crystals of the good words are pretty, while the crystals from negative words make ugly crystals. This was taking it a step further. They said that water not only has a memory, but that it is affected by what is around it. The water from a nasty river was an ugly crystal, and the water from a clean river was beautiful. Same for water that has been played classical music, vs. water from new rock. Russia seems to be leading this study and have been playing with it for some time. Another thing they did…they took a picture that had hidden faces in it…rather like my painting…Many Faces, and they showed it to people. They only found 6-7 faces. They then sent the location of the faces to some people in England. When they tried again, where they were, those people were now able to find all the faces. I know, has nothing to do with water, but in this particular thing, they were discussing the 100th monkey.

Ok, back to the farm. So, I had this fat yarn I just spun and I tried everything. Bracelets, scarf, purse…nothing worked right, till I, lol, decided to do what I had planned as I spun it. Ha, funny how that works, eh? I had planned a shawl. So, I’m doing the shawl. Who’da thunk. Multi color yarn, into a shawl. Well, it’s looking really pretty. I ran out, so had to spin some more fat yarn to be plied with the remaining thin yarn. See, that’s how I do things. I literally spin it as I need it. I have to wonder though if I’m the only one who likes it.

Here’s the shawl so far…not much to look at really, but the color is interesting

Fed everyone then went out with the camera. First I came across Little Boy in one of the multitude of holes they have dug all over the yard. Then I came across a mystery berry. Then as I approached the few girls still at the house eating…the others thought they might be missing out so they came running. Always in a line. So funny. A few posed for me, but most jjust wanted to see if I had more food. They were all quite wet. Why don’t they stay in the shelter, I wonder? Yes, we got some rain. Don’t think it made a dent in the pond thought, which is very low.


mystery berry…. anyone know what this is and if it’s edible?

Sweetpea was posing, and I just missed the cock of her head.

My daughter sent this to me last night. It is grass, magnified. LOL….smiley faces!!!

Lovey survived me skipping his bottle last night, since I was in a ton of pain and it was raining. He’s only got a week left before I start skipping a day anyway. Found out the new goats do need a health certificate, after all, to enter into Texas. It’s just been a loose end kinda day. Well, the roast is cooked and I’m fixin to eat. Soooo, signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.

9 thoughts on “Dreams….faith….and the mysteries of Water

    • Truly my pleasure Jason. It’s not everyday a girl gets to help inspire a blood relative, at least not THIS girl. I am the Black sheep of the family…haha, Or maybe I’m the Black Goat of the family. :-)Blessings on your creations!

  1. It has been a long long day and I am off to bed in a minute. We closed on our home down there. I spoke to my boy, and I love your shawl!!! No don’t eat that “berry”. I sent my son the grass picture, do you think it is real? or someone messed with it? Oh and of course the goats need a health certificate, anytime they cross state lines they need one. But no strange tests like they did to come to Iowa :0 Big hugs. I have been thinking of you. May be coming back to North Texas this weekend. No deer today, no wildlife, a few birds, very strange

    • Very full day for you I know, and with little or no sleep last night. Happy that you closed on you home but at the same time, I know even that is hard. I’m so grateful that you finally spoke to Christian. I know that is worrisome. I didn’t say anything cuz I didn’t want to harp on you at this time. I saw you use the word worry and thought..no…picture the good things that could be the cause of why he hasnt called!!!! Yes, I called, health certificate with proof of Scrapie Id. I messaged her. wierd day internet wise. My iphone lost its charge and my puter couldnt go anywhere. Not even sure she got it.I’ve been thinking of you too…alot! Texas? Why? So soon…and now? BIG HUGS…aaaaaahhhhhhggghhhaa

  2. I have an affinity with Water. The Shawl is GORGEOUS!

    I have come to realize that you have goats and I have avocado seedlings. I’ll post a pic tomorrow. All lined up on the kitchen window sill.

    To tired and punchy to write more. Blessings, Love and Hugs All ❤

    • Well, I love water…just don’t like to drink it!!! Haha, seedlings…well, I’m just realizing that it is a life too! Hope you got some sleep. Hugs

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