A Mimzy…light beings?….and a friend

Ye know, I’ve seen the movie, The Last Mimzy, many many times. It’s in my collection. Tonight, I finally got the message they were sending. Isn’t it funny how it works like that? We always get just what we’re supposed to get, each time. When my son was here for those 9 months recently, he would invite me to watch a movie with him, but he got very upset if my eyes strayed or if I spoke or did anything but watch with all of my being. I explained many times that I catch what I need later, but Oh, no. 🙂  That just wouldn’t do. There are many cool things in this movie, but it was in the very end moment, that they said humanity. The whole movie had made it seem as if another planet had sent the Mimzy. When the Mimzy returned to that planet and they shed their suits…like the zipper in my head I told you I thought I had as a child…..humanity was restored to it’s former glory, all thanks to a single Tear from a little girl. Key word here being….humanity.

I was just pondering. About the dance Spirit asked me to do, and the other times special like that, that involved the night sky and faith. I remember thinking that next winter Solstice, that I might be asked to dance again. It seems it doesn’t work like that. Lately there have been 3 occurrences, remember? The Super moon, the summer solstice and the???? Only once, did anything happen at the time expected. What I’m getting at is, that if I expect it on a certain night for whatever reason…it will happen the night before or the night after or the week before. Always off guard. What my pondering concluded was that even if we think we know…or maybe even if we Do know, it still is on God’s time. He gets to decide when and where he wants to bless us. And how.

Have you ever noticed how many movies there are with Light beings? Not just movies either, TV shows as well. And the books? Jeesh…..I’m starting to think someone’s trying to tell me something. Are we Light Beings, as they say we are? What if we are? What doRight now, I’m watching…Knowing. And the Whisper guys have just shed their human skins and revealed their light selves. I wonder why so many. I once saw a book filled with photos or drawings, they looked real…of the human body…transparent…with lights and circuits…(veins). I didn’t buy it, but went back soon and it wasn’t there. Haven’t found it since. One of those things that got away, that still remind me to this day that I didn’t get them. I guess there were meant to be with me, family. Another is a doll. A bear, with a porcelain face crying tears. It was a beautiful face. I’ve since seen some replicas….Not. See, the place went out of business before I could buy it. It was $75 or so, in the early 80’s. I didn’t have it. Ironically, my mom has since made friends with the owners, and they say the doll is probably in their huge warehouse. I haven’t given up on it yet. And there’s the Tree of Life, at the end of the movie. A new internet friend is sending me one for my pouch. I love timing.

I keep forgetting to tell you about what that damn group did. You know, the one that starts with an a and ends with an a. Anyway, there was a report that they vandalized a place that wasn’t supposed to be opened until the end of the world. Apparently there were artifacts and documents inside. It was in Timbuktu, a 15th century mosque, that according to legend, had to remain shut until the end of the world. I don’t think there are or were interested in the contents… they just wanted to destroy the mystery. Thing is. What else, besides Mystery, did they destroy. Information maybe, that could have been useful. Destroyed.

I stopped writing this last night when a friend messaged me. We had a really wonderful talk about all sorts of things. When I woke, she was messaging me again. Her son and his girlfriend and friends were traveling in Switzerland. An adventure of such beauty….ended in tragedy. The girlfriend was killed by a train. I am at a loss for words today. If it was my own loss, I would write and write and write. I feel kind of hollow today. I wish there was something I could do for my friend to ease her pain, but I know there isn’t anything. Everything I know, all the things I’ve learned….. And there’s nothing I can do or say. Oops, sorry Father…..aside from Prayer, that is. And on that note…I’d like to ask all who read this…to please say a prayer for a young man named Christian. Help him in right timing, to find the light from within the dark. I say right timing, because there are times when we need the dark, so we can sleep off our woes. Like when the body is ill, sleep gives it the rest it needs. Thank you in advance.

Finicky little Lovey. Today he once again followed me everywhere. I brought him inside for a bit and he loved being with us like he used to. My husband loves Lovey and is a bit more interested in the goats since we had Lovey in the house. One more week and he will be 4 months old, and I will alternate his bottles to every other day. He will cry. In that same time frame, I will be moving the only other boy baby born this year, his brother Optimus, into Lovey’s pen. It’s called…..Weaning. I don’t usually wean the girls. If you’re wondering why….it’s because at 4 months, the boys are capable of breeding.

Well, I have tried to upload photos for the past hour an a half with no success. Finally I thought maybe I should only post the deer. It uploaded immediately. Just to check, I tried one more photo…nope. It seems that this is a one photo day and it is all for you my friend.  You will have to decide it’s meaning.

For you…….MY FRIEND

Well, the weather here is light rain. Not sure what it is about a rain so light you almost can’t hear it, that could cause my legs to feel as if an elephant is sitting on them, but that’s what we got. Light light rain, and heavy heavy pain. Lol, poet and don’t know it. Bout ready to get sick now….  I’m sure y’all will understand about the deer, right? It’s in her honor, that it is the only photo. Thank you for understanding. Love you my friend. Signing off, at Curly Locks Ranch.

6 thoughts on “A Mimzy…light beings?….and a friend

  1. The deer brought tears to my eyes, alone between two strong wooden (trees) fence rails. Thank you for being there, it means more then you know. I keep looking at your deer and it keeps making me tear up. Talk again soon, Hugs Thanks to your friends for keeping my boy and his friends in their thoughts.

    • At first I was upset that the deer made you cry. But as time has gone on, I see that the Deer needs to do for you whatever it needs to do for you. If that is cry, then you must need to cry. She showed up for you. Here’s the whole story. It was very dark skies in the distance, 20 miles…I decided it was going to rain at the ranch. As I was coming down our lane, I decided to ask for a rainbow for you.A rainbow is always a sign of hope. Then I thought, well, it doesn’t have to be here. It can appear at her house..or even in Switzerland. That is when the doe stepped out. It was a very casual effortless slow leap, into the road. She stood for a moment and then did the exact same slow leap, so slow and tiny that it almost didn’t even look like she jumped. She took a few steps, stopped, turned to look at me, then started eating. She was safe and she knew she was safe. There must be a message in there for you.So, that is the full story of the rainbow that became a deer.Love you Mea. It’s all going to be ok.

    • Aweeee…well dear, its a possibility Come to terms with it, but also, know that each day changes. Each day…each now…changes the outcome of what we think and even the messages. You need to watch for more messages. Be selective. It’s repetition that signals it. Love you. Hugs

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