Everything speaks, if you listen…Connections…and a goat on my Drum.

I love how when I give my dog Blue some attention, his breathing speeds up into a heavy pant,, and when I walk away, it returns to normal. These animals truly do love us. I told you I think, how Bubba comes running a smiling, with his tail wagging when he hears the door. It’s not just that. It’s Little Boy, licking my tears away at all 4 burials this spring. It is the pups practicing being ferocious, whenever anything new comes toward the place. It is the calming of Geiser….the pure, one on one attention with Geiser has calmed him down immensely. Each goat, when given special attention, responds with love. My older pups, Bubba and Baby Girl once ran off. Gone for 2 solid months, they come trotting home, all disheveled. They love us. 2 months. I wonder if the fawn found it’s momma.

I’m watching Avatar, for the 44th time, nah, just kidding…but it’s way up there, I don’t know the number. The Natives of Brazil have stated that this is the real life Avatar…I love this movie. The beliefs of the natives on the movie are those of I, and my counterparts. The God, is Awa, a tree that is alive and contains all of their ancestors, that has a connection. A network, as they put it, a global network. Well, if you read or see videos, lately the science shows that trees, certain ones, are like leaders of the community. They provide the shelter and nourishment for those closest to it, and it networks out from there. Each plant, giving exactly what the plant next to it needs. I believe this. If a tree can call to me and ask me to lean on it…then heal my pain….then People,… I believe.

This is how the natives on Avatar…pray. Now, that’s a network…a grid. 🙂

And this is how they connect to All that Is. We humans, connect with our mind and heart. (This is their sacred God tree)

Ok, that’s the plants and animals. I once found a rock. When we were searching for this land, we went land to land. As I stepped out of the truck, I see a rock staring at me. A man, in the rock, staring at me. I pick it up and he has rams ears, or horns, as I just now understand. …..oh wow, just now got it. Anyway, I immediately asked him his name and he said…. Melchezidek. I thought that sounded familiar, so I googled it that night. One of the references…had him as one of Christ’s incarnations, before Christ. Another time, my crystal hand, citrine, with the sphere? I saw two egg sacks with babies in them and told my friend Veronica that I saw it, and she said, yes, they’d just received word that her daughter was having twin girls. I don’t remember if I’ve told you this or not, but then there’s the diamond. A diamond marquis cut, that I stared into one day because I felt compelled, and saw myself staring at myself staring into a diamond, and then saw that self staring at a diamond. Something like that. So, we have just gone from random country rock….to cut and polished citrine….to diamond. Don’t forget the pulse in the hand when I hold certain stones.

So, that’s animals, trees and plants, stones….wind. Wind got me to go to South Dakota. Darn near against my will, and a nearly retched trip, but several mighty blessings to make up for it. Wind feeds my soul at times, and I’ve noticed comes to cool me when I have to shear in the heat.

Fire. First thought is…fire lights my cigarettes. Next thought is…those damn cigarettes. Fire keeps me warm, and lights my way. When the girls were here, back aways, we would have fires in the pit. We sang rainbow songs and talked of important conscious things. We had some incidents. Once we felt the wind and heard the flapping above our heads as if it were a dragon, beating his wings. Most magical. I chalk that one up to wind.

The earth is next. Earth mixed with water becomes mud to heal a bee sting. Perhaps to save a life. The earth…the dirt….grows our food, as tiny seeds, that we plant inside of her body, impregnate her, and then we harvest from her. The earth is what I anchor myself to when I’m doing reiki. (and no, I haven’t forgotten, P.O. Box coming soon) The earth is where the worms live, and the roots live. The roots. Our roots. Earth also gives us water., not requiring of rain. Perhaps if we quit diverting it, and let it run as it was designed, but the real designer, things would go smoother? Anyway, that’s earth.

All she requires is water and light. The water, I have called….with prayer and intention. It knows me. It sends a frog to my porch when there is a hurricane coming. The water showed me a special surprise, and answered my request for…..a green flash, to see seahorses, and to swim with dolphins. All three of these items I requested of the island of Bonaire, were required to happen in water. I not only was gifted with all three of my requests(sorta, my 1st husband is the one who was deemed fast enough, so he swam with the dolphins)….but I was also gifted with many things extra. While looking for sharks, we floated over fire coral until we reached a magic circle. It was so beautiful. The water helped me get over my fear when a school of barracudas were coming toward us. I was able to gain the courage to walk back into the water and swim alongside of them. Then there’s the night snorkle trip. Wow. Anyway, water.

That brings us to the light. The light of the angels, of the heart, of understanding, of reckoning, of healing, of being. When I heal someone, I picture a light. Almost always. When the baby is in the birth canal, it has been safe in the dark, then it is whooshed out….into the light, and then it starts to wear sunglasses. The light of God is said to be so brilliant it cannot be looked upon. People in the metaphysical world send light through their chakras, the bodeis energy centers. The light feeds the crops, lights our way, shows us dark….shows us light. ThEY SAY WE ARE LIGHT BODIES< LIVING IN A SHELL< THE HUMAN SHELL> I RECKON THEY ARE RIGHT> THEY SAY WE SHOULD LIVE AS IF THERE IS NO TOMORROW> LIVE TODAY> FEEL< AND JUST PLAIN LIVE>

I dunno folks.. This capital letter thing, I used to think was a problem. I would have to hit the shift button really hard, many many times repeatedly to get it to go back to normal, but it seems if I just let it go, and say what is coming thru my mind.. At the perfect moment, it turns back to normal. What is NORMAL? (that was me) lol Just so you’ll know, I was typing away and had all of this written and it disappeared. I had to start over at Earth. Guess it wasn’t just right? 🙂

Mimi telling baby Valey to get off the tub! haha, intimidation!

Gosh, she’s just adorable. Love you Happy!!!

Went to reach for the TP and someone was living there. Thinkin that’s a bug or something it’s munchin on. Still there too! 🙂

Had a scare last night. Gandhi had too much of some hay that was a teeny tad wet, and he got bloat. Googled it and fiasco farms, the go to for info, said to pour 1/3 cup of vegetable oil down his throat. So we did. He’s fine now. Rubbed his bulging sides after the oil and got a big ole burp. Unloaded feed, dished a little out and back in the house cuz there’s a storm brewing.

This morning, Lovey was out with the Pretties and he didn’t run to me. He slowly meandered. Then when it was time to be put up, he said no. He was eating a vine, I said come on and he kneeled down as if he was nursing, and continued to munch. Guess he truly is a goat now.

Lovey, slowly walking to greet me.

His moment of stubbornness. He said…No, Mama.

Haha, forgot, I woke up to find him in the living room. I couldn’t understand why he was so chill, thought maybe he was sick…till he jumped on my DRUM! That’s a big No No!!! Well, this thing is really long, so I’ll cut it short now. Down below you will find two more photos, my Special Drum and…a 4some of my new babies that are coming soon. Hello and a big welcome to Denmark! Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.

Tree trunk Native American made Drum. Has the most awesome deep sound…that is, when it’s not an alter of some special things, lol.

Wyatt and Etta on top. Doc then Belle on bottom.


9 thoughts on “Everything speaks, if you listen…Connections…and a goat on my Drum.

  1. Avatar was on the TV at the dealership yesterday…….

    I loved how you wrote about The Elements!

    I’ve been practicing my Reiki a lot again. That, along with the meetings, has put me to rights again!

    Love you woman! ❤

    • Thank you Emily. I looked it up. I knew I’d heard of it before, but wow, yes, I see why you said something. It contributes to the growth of the plants around it, just as I was saying. I am not near learned enough about such things. I once was deeply into herbs and even wrote a book sort of, more of a collection of what I knew….then threw it away in one of my depressions, saying to myself….it’s worthless. Boy howdy do I wish I had it now. Thank you Emily.

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