Smurfs…Dalai Lama…and a buddy for Doc

If you’re an author and you sell your stuff in a bookstore, then you know how many copies have been sold, and therefore you at least have a clue how many are enjoying it. Tonight there was a momentary thing on WordPress stats, where it was a different page, with many more options. I was able to click on my book, The Wiggles of Crystal Cave, and see how many people had viewed it. Or at least some of it. I don’t guess anyone really knows how many actually finish the book. So…. 69. 69 times, my book has been accessed. Not too bad. Not too great, but not too bad. I’ll take it. J))))) Ye know, that 69 usually stands for sex, but look at it, it looks like an important number to me. I mean, they basically fit together, duh, the sex references. I’m silly.

Have you seen the Smurf movie? Pretty darn cute! Did ya know that the surfs represent a mushroom? A psychadellic mushroom. The Hindu blue Gods? Also, the red mushroom with the white spots all over the childrens things? Haha, amanita muscariat, the Jesus mushroom. Did you know there are people that believe Jesus was a mushroom? I shit you not. Did you know there are those who believe that Christmas arose because of mushrooms? That it was the mushrooms laid to dry on the tree, that became our Xmas tree or that the people crawling up the ladder then down into the huts where the shrooms were stored to gather the now dried harvest? Which they then brought back out of the hut, down the ladder, carrying a sack of goodies!!? Ya, I know, I know some strange things. I devour information in my quickening phases.

Today is the Dalai Lama’s birthday. He is 77. Auspicious number for an auspicious man. I am unable so far, to follow the ways of the Dalai Lama. They don’t kill any creatures. I am guilty of killing flies, fruit flies, some caterpillars (the kind that ate my garden) fleas, scorpions, and my husband kills any snake he sees. We, or should I say, I, don’t allow any spiders to be killed. I allow them full reign of the upper parts of my house. When their webs encroach, I remind them of our deal, as I take the offending web threads down. My mom raised my son. She brought him for a brief visit once. He was around 6. While he was there, a bee or wasp got in the apartment in Austin, and I’m allergic to bees, so I told Jesse, close your eyes and help me. Pretend that you see the bee going out the door. We both pretended together. Then I walked over, opened the door, and out flew the interloper. That was my one and only attempt to let him know how I think. I was forbidden. But get it in there, I did.

These hotflashes are horrible. I was all done with them, for around 2 years, and now they are back. They say it’s the body changing frequency. They say a lot, actually. They say our DNA is changing, they say we are going from 2 strand to…well, I’ve heard lots of numbers. All I know is, awhile back, I very intently visualized my DNA at 12 strands. Not 2. If you think I’m an odd duck, there’s more people like me than you realize. Yay! I also, periodically, in my mind, go into my mind, and tickle the cells, and say…wake up, wake up! Haven’t done that in awhile, hmmm.

Don’t forget to watch for synchronicities. When accumulated, they are trying to get your attention. In other words, the Tiny Whisper’s tool. Or, one of them, at least. It’s a most brilliant life. It’s a most brilliant world. I think about how it is all created, how all the things weave together, all around the world. And I wonder. How? I am in such awe. How? Why? What? Like the twin towers for example. Shouldn’t they have been filled with people at that hour? I mean, way, way more than were there? Or…have you seen the series, Touch? It’s a great example of what I’m trying to say. The connectedness of it all. Of us all. The little spiders on the web of life. Weaving, spinning, creating……. Even though we are CLUELESS!!!

How many people know why we are here…for sure, for 100% sure? How many know what’s going to happen when they die….. For sure, 100% sure? I just find it amazing that so many things happen, when nobody knows the why of it. Wars, religion, hate, harm on purpose…. We don’t even know what it’s all about, and we just go. But that’s all they’ve left us, isn’t it. I used to feel abandoned. Abandoned by God or whoever put me here. I can tell you now, unequivically, that I have NOT been abandoned. I am so cherished. By who? I really truly have no idea people, I just KNOW that I AM.

Oh Lordie, another hot hot day. I was out less than 5 minutes this morning and my pants stuck to my legs. Humid, along with the heat. Poor Bubba. Bubba has dreadies, and felted fur directly to the skin, like I told you about some of my goats, where I call it Surgical shearing. He’s already sunburned from what I sheared the other day, so I told him I wouldn’t cut it so short. In the end, I had to. He probably think I lied! Doubt it will matter…when Bubba hears the door open, he comes running, wagging his tail every time! Gosh I love these pups. There’s usually only one pup that goes on the rounds with me these days, usually one of the BabyPups. Both of them have hair more from the Anatolian side of their heritage, which means no downy fur. They stay cooler, but probably are colder in the winter. Dunno.

Ahh, my sweet Bubba, my Bubs, bubbity, bubbaroo

Ernie is thirsty and like all thirsty animals, he drinks from the fountain. (sorry, screen makes it not so clear)

This is WYATT, he will be coming with the other new babies….decided not to have Doc come all by himself

Milky liked me today

Donna and Valey, so sweet

This is the sweetest thing! Valey and Milky


I couldn’t take any photos while feeding, had to come in. So I went back out and I’m so glad I did. Got some really cute ones, and I was using the iphone! Milky approached me and let me pet her…. Doesn’t happen often, she’s no Kya, even though Kya was her twin. And on that note, I remember to tell you that Yazhi, one of the new Pretties, lets me touch her face now!!! We play, and she acts like she’s gonna nibble my fingers and I tickle her nose. Finally, it took what…3 months???

Lovey, still too thin, gonna try a wormer

Just a little HAPPY girl (A Pretty)


I found time to spin the rest of the thin yarn last night and today,which I then plyed together to make this. Still haven’t decided for sure what it will become, but  that’s just the way I do things.

What I’m callin…. Rainbow Yarn… my 2nd batch,….won’t be blending all colors like this, but it’s fun for a change!

Guess that’s about it for today. Just making plans for the new babies to come. Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.


10 thoughts on “Smurfs…Dalai Lama…and a buddy for Doc

    • Ahhhh. They are so sweet. Just went to give Lovey his bottle and Gandhi was distended beyond normal. He has bloat. So, we just gave him 1/3 cup of veggie oil…..he hated it!!! But after rubbing his belly wegot a huge belch, then he walked away. Must be working. Never tried this before.

  1. Just read your post, soy products are great for hot flashes. Soy milk, soy nuts, tofu, edame (just keep a balance, and make sure you don’t develop an allergy). This is based on my personal experience, and an actual research of women eating soy nuts.

    • Soy, thanks..not my favorite thing…but might try if it helps!!! Thanks! I counted it up. I have 12 goats that can go to a tribe, if they want them. If the Hopi don’t want them, I’ll try the rosebud or Pineridge. Hate to see them go to auction. One thing I don’t know there grassland on Hopiland? Anyway…..if theres someone special I should ask, please point the way. If you know, that is.

      • Just checked to get your follow-up comments. Regarding your goats, people do have livestock here. The land is varied, one area sand, the next flush with green plants, native weeds, etc. Try going on Facebook to KUYI the radio station and message them about announcing about your goats – like doing an interview. Think that would be best, and they may have more ideas.

  2. which wormer are you going to use? Valbasm? I just had to ask. Love the yarn. I do that too, spin and my singles sit there until I get inspired to ply, then the plied yarn sits there until I get inspired to make something out of it!!! I am so excited to see your babies next year, oh you probably won’t use these guys yet will you:(

    • I’m still using ivermectin. Don’t wanna switch till it doesnt work. Yay, I love the yarn too..As time goes by, it gets prettier and prettier. It may not be tailspun, like I thought it was,but I can now get really cool whispy things, way bigger than before, and then once plied, just gorgeous. I just call em Curly Locks…and they get curlier all the time. No, I won’t be using them this year, but I will be changing the daddy. Or at some. I’m going to see if I can find a way to have several daddys, each for a different reason. Like my shortcake…will use the smallest guy I have, probably Sendai. And the one Lisa says is so good, Edo, fake twin to Nanji….will use him too ❤ AND, glad to hear I'm not the only one who does things different and more…as spirit calls. 🙂

  3. i too sheared Indigo… and he got a special bath today, with many hands, big and small… hes so happy to be cooler. today was his last day of antibiotics yay….hes doing really well… thank you again… and th ank andy for me, for helping with his vet bill….love

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