Damming the Amazon?..Pot..and a hodgepodge of Dear to my Heart

It took me three views of the movie. Three! The movie is called Big Miracle, and the first time, I was doing the blog. The second time, I was facebookin. The third time, the charm, …that’s cuz it’s the trinity probably. See, it was on pay per view, so I was paying five bucks for it, but I kept missing so much. But, it keeps repeating over and over so I keep watching it over and over and finally, finally I see the Miracle. This miracle is displayed for less than a minute. Probably less than half a minute. It shows the little girl laying in bed, thinking….having thoughts…praying…whichever one you choose….about the whales. Then, it shows the window, and the Full Moon shining. Blink and you miss it. Interesting. I ended up watching it the 4th time, and of course am seeing things I missed, again)

I guess it’s time to talk a bit about marijuana. Pot, maryjane, refer, whatever you call it, the fact that it is illegal is BAFFLING. Has been since I was a little girl. I was 11 or 12 and wanted to vote for some guy because he was for legalizing it. Of course, I wasn’t old enough to vote. Why would an 11 or 12 year old care about such things? Because I was in such extreme pain. I have since likened it to….. Changing the channel on the radio, to a station that’s not so clear. That’s what it does for me. It TUNES OUT, the pain. Not only that. I also have had stomach problems throughout my life and if my stomach feels queasy, there’s only one thing that helps.

It gets better people. I’ve known for some time that marijuana EATS CANCER CELLS, but it is not in the news often. I actually saw a link to a YOUtube video about it yesterday, but it had been removed before I could get to it. Also, I mentioned Hemp yesterday and got a comment saying…forbidden, forbidden, you do not have access. Why? I looked into it, and it’s a COMPANY, selling hemp products, kinda like the pyramid scheme, and Amway. Money… It’s always about money, which is why marijuana and hemp are illegal in the first place. DuPont. (ie: PLASTIC, Nylon) They bought this. …… way back when… in the 30’s or maybe earlier. Don’t forget what I said yesterday… HEMP, could cure the land of Japan. Who isn’t for that?

Now, the money comes with the prisons and prison systems, the jails, the parole officers, the judges. You name it, the war on drugs is only about money. $$$ The almighty DOLLAR. All of this, at the expense of the people. The people who deserve to take a NATURAL substance, grown and given by GOD/Spirit, as opposed to something cooked up in a lab consisting of God knows what….. And we don’t know what. I was given a prescription of Marinol. The chemical extraction of THC, put in liquid form and given as a pill. Friggin hated it. It was like taking Acid. I quit buying my script. No point, and a waste of money. Documentaries abound, showing people with awful pain and awful diseases, being helped by this God given plant, only to have to do so in fear. That’s the way its always been, at least since I’ve been alive. Fear. Fear of the cops. Fear of jail. Fear in the getting of such pot. You wouldn’t believe the dangerous situations I’ve been in, just trying to acquire some.

The Hopi said, it’s Time to Speak Our Truth. That’s what I’m doing. Speaking of the Hopi. I have a lot of native American themed things come across my face book news feed everyday, and I’m noticing something. I’m noticing a unity. A joining. A reckoning of understanding that is vibrating and reverberating across the world. I am truly seeing this and it is beautiful and scary at the same time. Mostly beautiful though. They have the ways, they have the knowledge, the earth knowledge. The rest of us, just exist and contaminate, while they exist with nature. They know the ways. We must learn from them. We MUST change and care more for our home. Our home. OUR HOME. It’s the only one we’ve got! This earth is the only Earth. Seriously people. Wake up. Are you still sleeping? Wake up.

The whales. The whales and dolphins, according to anyone who studies metaphysics in any way, knows that the whales and the dolphins are from another planet, on loan you might say. They are leaving. They have been leaving. Do you blame them? Not sure about whales, but do you know how dolphins communicate? They create a thought bubble. Hmmmm, thought.

Ok. Fine, we’ll go there. What IF? What if….. The time was approaching when every thought you had….would become real. Would manifest. How would that turn out? Every time you think, I want you to remember what I just said. That’s a lot, isn’t it? We have thoughts, every second. What are your thoughts right now? So, can you picture it? That could end up being a horrible life… if you’re not good at controlling your thoughts… your words. I think we are headed there. Of course, I could be wrong, but what if I’m not?

I didn’t see the moon last night, and was not compelled to look up and see what was waiting for me to see. But tonight, I see this movie, on the 4th try, in new light I see the biggest Miracle of all, it’s not the full moon wish, it is the people uniting, as I just said the Natives are doing, The people United. People all over the world, thinking of the same thing at the same time, concentrating, even. The Thoughts Unified! Wala! We have history! I’m feeling the call to say…Rise Up. Rise up for what you believe. To each of us, it’s different. I feel a call to the Native Americans, but I also feel a call to Peru. And now, with the Belamonte Dam, I’m connected to the South American Indigenous. Can you imagine? They want to build a whole shitload of Dams in the Amazon. Tearing up the land, killing off species, and once again, running off the Natives. Running them off of their land, off of their livelihoods, their woods, their home, their love, their family, their everything. Once again. This cannot be allowed to happen AGAIN! Ok, ya, I’m on a rant, but jeesh, it’s been building and building, till I feel I could burst!!! These are all things which occupy my mind on a regular basis. I think of it this way…. My home, is but a living room, within my home of Earth. As is yours. You destroy the living room, you only have left a place to eat, pee and sleep, as in sleep. As in, not Awake.

And on to more pleasant things, like goats! Let’s just say I don’t think I’ll be going to that goat sale after all. I’ll give you another hint. I’m looking into airlines that ship goats as cargo. Done. It’s Delta! Ok, here’s the deal. About a year ago, I met a lady online and saw her goat photos. I absolutely fall in love with a gal named Bonita. I have held her in my mind, as the finest female angora goat I have ever seen. Last night, she put up her sales list. A daughter, from Bonita!!!!!!! I immediately message her for the price.  The price wasn’t too awful bad either. So, Belle, Doc and Etta. I cannot tell you how excited I am. These are either Pintos or close. And, I will keep their names, considering two of them have meaning. The baby I couldn’t save, that never took a breath, Bella, well, you see the connection and I already told you the boy has my husbands nickname, Doc, so…why confuse poor Etta? No need, it’s a nice enough name. And, it’s double letters, which run throughout my life.


Doc,… She said he used to crawl in her jacket and go to sleep when he was tiny!

Doc…. a bit more of him in this photo


While feeding today, the pups were barking. I thought they were barking at the cow, but considering the lengths I’ve gone to recently to get them to understand that the cows and horses are mine. It was odd. Then I see it. It’s a deer. A deer and her baby, and they are terrified and running faster than a gazelle. The mom jumps the fence, our fence, then the neighbors and the baby is stuck…running back and forth along the fenceline. I’m yelling. Mommy, come back for your baby. Baby, jump. My voice is hoarse and throat scratchy, even though I know they didn’t understand me, or hear me. So I put the pups up and drive down the fenceline. I see the baby and he is running so fast. As I approach, he turns and runs the other way…. As fast as he could along the 30 acre fenceline. I sat down and waited in case he came back, then I realized he could find his mommy now. As long as he stayed at that end, she could get to him, so I came on back. Poor thing. I would say that was my excitement for the day, but nah…it’s the baby goats!

My husband went to check on the progress of my Truck. He brought me a water bottle painted to go with the truck.LOL

My Violet water bottle! hahaha

I finally finished the tiny purse for the other birthday girl from the puppet show, little Ora.

For 5 yr old Ora

Well, dinner is ready. Chicken fried steak…so funny, no chicken involved. So excited. Hard to eat or sleep when I get excited. Think I’ll try though, since I’m a bit under weight. A big old welcome to Romania!!! And, Peru, just love seeing your flag! Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.

5 thoughts on “Damming the Amazon?..Pot..and a hodgepodge of Dear to my Heart

  1. I am so excited for you, they are beautiful goats. Here is a pot story for you. I have smoked since I was 15, basically non-stop, even while I was pregnant. Actually I probably would have lost the baby had it not been for the ability to eat and have the food stay down after smoking. For those of you that don’t know my son, he is very very smart so if it affected him, it made him better. Anyway, back to the story. I stopped smoking for over 6 mths in 06. After about 6 mths I was diagnosed with MS. I believe that the pot kept the MS from causing any problems, and when I stopped the problems started. I have no way of proving it, except that my MS has not progressed at all, and I do smoke sometimes now, not like I used to, but I still do. And like you said it makes the pain go away. I have horrible back pain and nothing works better, all the meds the Drs have given me, knock me out and I can’t do anything. So I concur, It should be legal, so people can know the benefits that come from it.

    • Oh Mea, I am so proud of you. I would never have known if I hadn’t written this post. Its starting to look like lot of people are jumping on the bandwagon. Yay!!! I was in pain today, but didn’t have to smoke. It’s creeping back tonight. Guess we got some weather comin. So glad you had your healthy baby. When I was pregnant with Summer,I was in extreme leg pain.They put me on a hard drug cuz I’d heard pot could harm the baby. The drug, was in pill form and it was also like taking acid. So, he took me back off and tol me to smoke the pot. My girl is awesome
      My son too, I smoked. he’s very smart, but he’s rather lost right now Love ya Mea

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