Repeat or re-start…a new Cricket.. & HEMP for Japan

So, while I was sitting in front of walmart the other day, with my new markers and tennis balls, I opened the package of markers and started to liven up my butterfly. I had just told my husband that I had drawn the butterfly on Saturday and it was fading already on Monday. So, I chose different colors, sort of , and made it come back to life. It occurred to me tonight that if I wanted to, I could keep the same butterfly going forever, by recreating the design of the wings, over and over and over. The question is… do I want to do something over and over and over? Or do I want to break out. Do something unique. Dare to design. Hahaha, cackles the Crone, me thinks I will create anew!

I have a new cricket. I didn’t know what to do with the old one, so he’s still laying there, over by my spinning wheel. All night long last night, I’d have a cool thought and see the dead cricket move out of the corner of my eye. I thought, is he coming back to life? A few minutes later, a brown cricket comes out from behind my wheel. Brown. Usually they are black. Not only that, but Cree, one of my friends and readers, said she had a brown cricket too! Today it occurred to me that maybe he wasn’t a cricket. There were plenty of grasshoppers around lately, maybe he was a grasshopper. So I googled how to know the difference. Pretty simple. Crickets are nocturnal, so, there is my answer. He is indeed a cricket. I never see him during the day.

Gracie eats the pen

Just a bit over…is Dimi, scratching on the pen

Haha…. mahada

Ye know, normally, I consider myself a pretty smart person. But when it comes to my son, I often hear myself thinking…. you’re SO stupid. You believed him, Again!!! I hate that I lose control like that. I should never be saying that to myself, but I get played. I hate getting played. That’s old world, and I’m done with that. Not sure what decision I’ll make or how things will play out. Such is life. I’m not working hard enough on visualizing what I want. Obviously. I need to just take the time to do it. Mute the friggin TV, and just do it. Create the next Now, for myself.

Hot BabyPups don’t even come with me

All the white you see, is where I have pulled her winter fur… sticker burrs coming soon

Oh ya, while I was out sending my son $$$ via Western Union, I saw a post on Facebook. Tried to find it later to share it, and it was gone. It was a Japanese scientist and he was saying that if you planted Hemp, in the nuclear wasted parts of Japan, the properties of the Hemp, would turn the soil to positive factors. How awesome is that…and what are the odds that it will be done….Hugely and nil. Ahh, but that is not the power of positive thinking. Speaking of that, if you are new to all this thoughts and words have energy….try out the old standby…Norman Vincent Peal’s, The Power of Positive Thinking. It’s a real nice beginners book. My first husband had no idea he was setting himself up for lonliness by giving me that book, because it was the beginning, before I even knew it was the beginning. Ok, so….let’s re-spin those words…. The many fields of Hemp growing in Japan HAS cured the soil, and healed the land. There, much better.

In honor of the holiday, I gave the girls peanuts and peas. As typical American goats, they argued over who got the bigger piece. One goat even whammed Donna so hard that she went down. Completely down, and it took her a good minute to get back up. Which caused me to go chasing after the offending goat, Kachina, and everybody goes running. Finally, I get her cornered and just let her have it. With words that is. I told her how mean that was and that she could have hurt Donna and all you need is Love! I look over and Lila is standing on one of the upside down metal tubs I put in there for them to play on. Right next to her, her twin, Lily is standing on the only other thing off the ground….a black food bowl, turned upside down. Lol, goats just love to be off the ground, or to at least have their 2 front feet higher than the back. Must be in their mountain goat heritage.

Lila on the tub

Both twins as high as they can get

Lovey and the Pretties got to get out today for 4 hours, while I was still sleeping. When Lovey saw me, he came runnin! So cute. He loves his Mama, and to him, I am Mama. To get em back in, all I have to do is pour the food. The others all come to my call. These ones act like they don’t even hear my yell…. Which is…..Badooooooooo coookooooooooo. If that doesn’t work, then a simple high pitched goatie goatie usually does the trick.

Lovey…being a goat, hanging with the Pretties

Ooooh, he sees Mama

and he’s off!!! Running to Mama!!!

Nothing to update about the boy. I sent the gas money, they didn’t show. Haven’t heard a word today. I forgot to Welcome the Russian Federation and the Netherlands! Welcome folks! Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.

13 thoughts on “Repeat or re-start…a new Cricket.. & HEMP for Japan

  1. Pingback: Repeat or re-start…a new Cricket.. & HEMP for Japan | MamaSheri's … | The Hemp Network News

    • This is a freedom of speech country. I posted no pictures and I gave no names. I am simply talking out loud to whoever in the world wants to listen. Have a nice day. 🙂

  2. Boy Lovely is looking great, you have done a wonderful job turning him around. I am glad you stuck with it, regardless of what some said. A big hug and a goat Mama’s job well done!!!
    Did you know that Hemp grows wild here? I found several plants last summer, I was shocked, I guess it had to come from somewhere, may as well be my home.

    • Thank you!!!!! Yes, he is doing great. He will be 4 months on the 18th!!!! Couldn’t give up.

      No, did not know that!!! I got this crazy comment from the Hemp Network…quoting part of my paragraph and then it says forbidden forbidden you do not have access. Now, it’s either someone telling me to cease, or it’s someone who wanted to comment and it went bad. Not sure which. How odd tho. It’s about time hemp was allowed again! 🙂

      • That is odd, I wonder what happened. I must say you don’t tend to find many criminals committing crimes high on pot. They might be out of it but not from smoking pot. I think it is useful medicinally as well as for other reasons. Should not be illegal. Think of how much money the gov’t could make if they regulated it, instead of fighting it

      • I’ve been feeling the need to write about it, but so far I have chickened out. Hemp is a safer topic. 🙂 And no, it should not be illegal. I’m a big chicken!!!

      • It is a hard topic that people feel very strongly about, I think I would be worried about what back lash, but at the end of the day, I guess the worst people can do is disagree. I am very non-confrontational. Hemp will lead you in that direction. Do you know when I was younger and used to go to bars, one night I had this horrible feeling I would be killed in a bar. From that night on I have never been into a bar. When I came down to Texas this last time, my friend wanted me to go to a Cookie jam in OK City. It’s a bunch of bikers sitting around jamming and eating cookies. I said to my friend there is no way I could go and why. She said that these people would never hurt anyone, but I had this bad bad feeling, needless to say I did not go, and I am still alive 🙂 Hugs to you, Sherri WillowRose

      • lol, you are so sweet!!!!! Sheri Willow Rose!!! Indeed! Love it. Yes, I too feel very strongly about it. When I was 13, my mom would give me the $$$ and I would buy it. I hated the fear factor but it was the only thing that helped. Still is. The valium is the next step but I hate them now. Take a quarter of a pill, hits me immediately and cant function. Love you Mea.

  3. soo thankful to be living joyfully, thriving here, on mother earth, as it is in heaven!… i love living here with all our tribe, in abundance, and love, sharing our co creation with all my relations, with grace and ease…. i feel content and peaceful in this harmony, living on this lushious green vibrant planet, in this amazing, vibrant whole, joyful body temple! so thankful to share this unity with all of you

    • That was beautiful my dear. And we are blessed to have you in our presence. I know I am. I feel sure that God danced the day you were born, and it was He that whispered the name, Renee to me…. It means reBorn. Wow, daughter of the reborn, is named, reborn. Intimate. Love and Love

  4. Hello, hello! Been at LOTS of AA meetings for my soul last few days. Going to look at cars tomorrow.

    I found out mine is a katydid! It’s a wheat color and they are nocturnal also. Sure sounds like a crickey though 😀

    Kevin came and cut the grass today. It had sprung up after all the rain we had from Debby. Broke my heart but I had to throw away 4 tomatoes the other day from “over-watering”. I had a thought to go lay the tarp over the stakes last week but I ignored it 😦 Thankfully, more are on the way.

    My sister wrote me about her bountiful mid-season harvest and for the first time, I wrote her back in a positive manner to tell her about all my herbs etc. Usually I’d have said I was jealous and blah blah blah negatives. I’m glad I did that! It was a great exercise.

    4th of July isn’t as big a deal for me as it used to be. My dad died on the 2nd and it just hasn’t been the same. We used to have family gatherings but they were full of folks drinking and I’m happier thinking of it as just another day.

    Look at those goofy goats! Bless their hearts! I just love to see these pictures.

    How are YOU holding up to the heat dear one?

    Go Summer GO!

    Uh oh…I’m getting “The Look” from Boo.Dinner’s over so it must be the “I KNOW you’re gonna love on me” look…yup yup 🙂

    I am feeling soooo much better after a good dose of AA medicine ::sigh::

    Love y’all! Take care! ❤

    • Well, good for you..if the AA helps…grab it. Haha, not a cricket. Too fun. Never in my life have I seen someone say their heart was broken over a crack me up… But, ya, don’t ignore those tin whispers!

      I’m proud of you on the phone call..really, I can even sorta understand… My family is old world and trying for perfect.

      Sorry about our dad, that’ll certainly cause a damper. My ex was killed on Dec 28. It’s also my new husbands birthday. Took awhile for me to be able to celebrate Andy.

      Haha, they are goofy goats! Still alive…was really hot today again. So happy you are feeling better. Need to skype soon!!! Blessings ❤

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