Life….Laughing….and…..1 Monkey

Well, with young adults, there’s not always a clear line. Sometimes they just don’t understand. My son got a ride halfway here, or so we thought. I get up, ready to go and nothing. I call and call. Finally he calls and says the girl didn’t show up and her phone is off. I am nightblind, so by then it was too late. The situation is in flux and unresolved. I am still here and he is still there. So, my husband suggested going to town for lunch. After lunch, he decided to go to the chiropractor so he dropped me off at Wal-Mart. I only needed tennis balls for Bluedog, and magic markers for butterflies. I sat out front for close to an hour and a half.

My latest The Butterfly Project butterfly

Fascinating. First, an older homeless person likes my hair. Then he wants coins. I give him 2 dollar bills and some change. This upsets a young man, and the two get into a shouting match. There is talk of…been in prison, don’t mind going back….and bring it on…step up….come on….etc. Finally I said, oh hush up, I’m older than both of you, which prompts the young man to say….oh hush up, you was born in the shade. Never heard that one before and it struck my funny bone, so I laughed! Everybody calmed down.

I am finding it thrilling to live right now. Thrilling beyond measure. What I’m seeing is…100th monkey stuff. As an example and by no means do I mean they are copying me….. The other night I said compassion is contagious. Today I see a wonderful poem about a smile being contagious, like a virus. It’s like….if someone says or does something in the highest good, it gets spread around like butter. I am seeing this everyday. It’s more than synchronicity. It’s truly…100th monkey….only it’s down to one, instead of 100!!!

I watched an interesting video today, sent to me, or US, by one of my Readers.(
It was an older woman, talking about the changes in 2012. She said there were 2 earths now. Old and new. If we raise our vibration high enough we exist on a different dimension, on the new earth, while the old earth still exists with the old world dogma. I could swear I painted a painting. hmmm, lol. I hadn’t heard that scenario before though, both existing. I always figured one would fall away. Haha, the more interesting thing to me, is that the woman saying it was older, and I’m sure, well respected. That’s awesome. An older person saying 2 earths? Hell, I’m old but I thought I was just different!!!

Ya, see, I thought I recognized that idea!!!

Some Native Americans were going to a sacred mountain to pray… They asked for prayers! Wow, that is special. They must’ve had a hundred prayer requests, and yet…. They offered again today! I didn’t want to weigh them down, so I didn’t ask again. What did I ask for? Remember, they did the long hard hike to get to the sacred spot at the sacred mountain, so this prayer should be answered soon. My prayer request was….. Self Love for Everybody!!!!!!!!! The way I figure it, we can’t love others till we love ourself. If the way to heal the world is LOVE, then self Love would have to come first! So, go on…Love yourselves People! Save the world!!!        🙂

Two more people told me they liked my hair, which prompted me to say to one…you have no idea how dirty it is, but yet you still like it! Yup, even wanted instructions. Then I was asked about my butterfly, so I told them and encouraged them to do it as well. When I came home, an internet friend had posted this:

Look at all the helpers!!!

The other night, I was bloghopping and was randomly typing in words in the search box. It worked normally, until I chose the word Life. The following photo shows what I got on any page I went to, within that search. I only took one photo, but every page looked like this. Different avatars, but message content, nearly identical. Freaky cool. I didn’t know what to think, so I JUST LAUGHED. When in doubt, Laugh.


My cricket is dead. 🙂 I guess the Bluedog accidentally laid down on it. Thank you cricket. Speaking of cricket, the animals are definitely talking. We had to swerve to avoid hitting…a squirrel, a snake, an unusual brown and white bird and another squirrel, all in like 5 minutes. When we arrived home, I spent some time pulling out Baby Girl’s downy fur. Great Pyrenees shed in summer but they need help getting it out. Pull, pull, pull. It wasn’t as hot today due to the…I think I want to rain, or not…conditions outside. I’ve been hearing of odd wind lately too.

A very tiny portion of what I PULLED from the Pup


And another…..ValeyGirl!!!

Blurry, but shows what I want you to see…..The hair at the body, is stunning white and full of shine. The rest is reddish from clay. (Gandhi)

To show you……………stickerburr!!!!!!!

Fun. I’m having fun. Sometimes I pull my hair out, but I smile through it. It’s a choice. I choose happy. I choose joy. Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.


2 thoughts on “Life….Laughing….and…..1 Monkey

  1. I’ve had Cricket, too! Only Jim called it a ground some-thing. Said it was hail on greenery. Yup. Prolly so. Looks like a cross between Cricket and grass hoppah only light brown.

    Born in the shade eh? What’s THAT mean do you reckon? LOL!

    I’ve been doing some more investigation into Intenders. Also picked up my Shamanic Reiki (by Llyn Roberts and Robert Levy) book that’s been calling me from the corner for several months. Drew the symbols in the back. Practicing Dai Ko Myo so I’ll be ready to use it when.

    Realized I had been in terrible fear about a vehicle. As soon as I acknowledge a fear any more, it goes away. I did put in a call to legal aid today to inquire re: a low-or no-cost bankruptcy. I await a return call. A friend has offered to take me to the Honda dealership. We’ll see 🙂

    Hope your evening and day tomorrow are just as full of wonder as today

    Love you Born-In-Shade 😀 ❤

    • We both had a cricket?Mine is light brown too!!!!, but he’s laying belly up. lol…cracked me up…that’s how the fight stopped!
      Investigation? lol, what’d they do? yay on the fears!!!! Im getting there..still have some.Blessings on your car. Well, I hope your day is wonderfull as well! 🙂

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