Ego gets in the way…God sets me straight……and….a Cricket

Just saw cricket. He has been jumping out periodically all night. I’ve been in learning mode all night. It’s 2:44, and I’ve just started this. I also just saw 444. Hello Angels!!!! Hmmm. I’m ready for bed. Goodnight.

Wow, God didn’t have me writing last night, nope, learning was on his agenda. Learning about people and what they are saying, thinking, doing. It’s been an interesting 24 hours, once again. Last night. My son called. The number came up on the TV…County of Gregg. Oh no, been there. Yup, my 19 yr old son is once again in jail. He was hungry. I wanted to bail him out immediately, like I did last time, but the amount was so much higher and I know that we learn from the hard things. Looks like we will both be learning now. It will be hard for each of us for him to sit in jail.

There was nothing I could do, so I just went about my nght. Deal, I had to deal. I am having an issue with myself, and that is lack of readers. I feel like I put so much of myself into this, and to only have a few readers is bothersome. Why is it bothersome? I always used to say if I could help just one. If 5 people read the blog, maybe I have helped 5. Five is way more than one. Why is it bothering me so. Turns out it came down to the age old thing. My mother. My mother doesn’t read my blog. She says they are too long. To me that says she has no interest, in me. My sister said she reads occasionally. My husband has never read one, and btw, I have 3 sisters. I don’t know, it was just bothering me. I have 127 friends on Facebook, yet only 5 readers. How do I know this? Well, I post a link to the blog on Facebook. All they have to do is click the link, to read. Most don’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I have more readers than that, the rest are International blog readers. They all come and read after midnight and through the next day. The people I interact with on a daily basis though, and my family, those are the people who don’t read. Thank you faithful facebook readers!  And thank you, well, as an example, this is todays lineup: US, Canada, Belgium, India, France, United Kingdom, Australia, and Republic of South Korea!!!! Thank you, seriously! So, I decided that maybe there were some more International people who needed to hear what I’ve learned. So, I went blog hopping. What fun! What a diverse world out there! That’s when the cricket appeared.

I immediately went to my to see what message I was receiving. And for clarification on this……I don’t look up an animal because I’m curious, although there is nothing wrong with that. The reason I do it is to receive a message. So, if I see something out of the ordinary, the cricket was out of the ordinary, then I look it up. Also, if I see, say, frog, like over and over, either in pictures or wherever, it is obvious, that frog is trying to send me a message. I think that’s a clearer explanation than my previous one. So, Crickets wisdom includes: Good luck, teaching the power of song in darkness, finding ones way out of darkness by following their song, Understanding the time to jump out of a situation, communication, and connection to the plant kingdom. Wow, that could mean plenty of things for me. My only real darkness at the moment is the discomfort at not being listened to. Hmmm, understanding the right time to jump out of a situation could mean quit blogging. Hmmm, communication….isn’t that what blogging is…communication? Well, turns out God was playing a new trick for me. Guess I talked too much about how did God get the TV to repeat my thought as I was thinking it?……. So, he gave me a new one. The cricket.

As I was blog hopping, the words of strangers would strike a chord in my song, and the cricket would jump and show himself. Next blog, nothing. Next blog…cricket jump. This cricket was as smart with its timing as the TV is with it’s. It’s truly mind boggling, as I am human still, but I have to say….it sure is fun. I feel honored. How many other people have crickets confirming their spiritual thoughts? Funny, I never saw the cricket jump back to his hiding place, I only saw him jump out. Oh, around 10-15 times!

I was explaining this to Cathy, and also the way I decided to do the reiki attunement. Which was for y’all to send me a hard copy photo for me to place the symbols in. She said it was like prayer cloths. Something about people putting oil on a cloth, praying over this cloth and then sending the cloth to the person in need. In other words, she thought Spirit and I came up with a feasible plan. When I told her about the cricket taking the place of the TV last night, she said that one must be tuned in, in order to hear the messages, and that I am most definitely tuned in. Cathy is very wise. She knows scripture backwards and forwards and is still able to keep up with me and support me, in my wacky learnings. She fully supports my process and thinks of me as a wise teacher. She tells me this all the time, sweet girl.

One of the blogs I went to last night was a Gregg Braden video.

I let it play while I cruised the bloghood. It was truly fascinating. Back in the beginning of my journey, I would have been riveted to the video and would have watched the entire 3 hour show. This time, however, I giggled. I giggled a lot. All the things he was saying….was how I live my life. I left a comment along those lines, giving thanks for the confirmation and a suggestion that if they wanted to see a human live those lessons, they should read my blog. Today, there is this Gregg Braden, on my face book, someone had posted one of his videos. I clicked it out of curiosity, and yes indeedy, it was the very same guy from last night. Hello, can you say synchronicity? Spirit is fun. My life is fun. To go from what was, to this, is mind …..I was gonna say blowing, let me find a better word…..mind…expanding!!!

One of the blogs I liked last night, or today, (I continued this blog hop today), has just asked me how I got out of my depression. Proof positive that I am reaching people.Yay! I’ve said it before….It really would be a waste for me not to reach as many people as I can. If you know of somebody that needs a lift out, please, think of me, and point them this way. I must say, the hardest thing I’ve dealt with, in trying to help people, is teenagers. Teenagers have a very difficult time making things simple. Ha, I remember. Everything is,….but. But this is happening, or but she said that. It doesn’t matter what the buts are, the wisdom remains the same, which reminds me of a song title…the song remains the same, which brings us to cricket, who sings in the dark and finds her way out of the dark with her song. I think that means that I am to be your cricket. If you haven’t learned to trust your song, listen to mine. My song is my truth and I am a SURVIVOR extraordinaire. Why wouldn’t there be wisdom in my song?

Maya, to me, that is a perfect goat, a perfect stance

Too hot to come with Mama

Told you Gandhi was sweet, look how much he loves to be petted


My Lovey Dove

Today was like yesterday…..HOT. Today the girls didn’t even ask for food. They all just laid around and panted, I feel so bad for them. The pups too, this is getting to be a habit. I am so used to them following me as I make my rounds, but no. Too hot. My husband took the day off again, but this time I didn’t have to go anywhere. Yay! He has a pinched nerve, so worked from home. He came out to watch me dump the hottish water from the troughs. Nope, not boiling, but the other day it was close. Thank God I thought to check! And the fish are even still alive. Drats, shoulda taken a picture of them.

See? All laid up in a tight pile, like sardines.

So beautiful, and so hot

Haha…Dessa…look at those ears thrown out as if to say….now Mama, don’t get no ideas!

It’s actually kinda scary hot. I hung out with the girls and although I was dizzy, I sat there. All I could see, was this tight group of goats laying down with their teeth showing, and the sound was a chorus of… he he he…. heavy breathing. They really didn’t even move out of the way. You gotta understand, these animals are skittish. Sure, I have some that have absolutely no fear of me, but even they run on medicine or shearing day. And the babies, like Opti, they run cuz everyone else is running. No running today. That’s why it’s scary. I know others have lost goats due to heat, and I lost LuLu lamb last year due to heat. Maybe I need to bring back my old mantra…..Seventy five degrees outside, seventy five degrees outside, over and over and over. :=))))))))

I don’t have to cook tonight! Yay! Hubby is bringing take out when he returns from the chiropractor. Ooh, what should I try to get him to bring…Hmmm, let’s go for Jack in the Box. Ok, I’m thinking about that Bacon Ultimate cheeseburger, and I’m thinking about taking a bite, mmm, tastes so good. I’ll let ya know tomorrow what he brought. Darn, didn’t work at it hard enough, too busy blogging…got Kentucky Fried chicken! Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch. P.S. I got some spinning done! Yay!

Yay, I love spinning.

12 thoughts on “Ego gets in the way…God sets me straight……and….a Cricket

  1. We are still about mid 90s although the humidity is a low 33%. Talked to my oldest son today. He’s a carpenter and I worry about him working out in that heat. Also talked to my father today. It was 105 in Toledo, OH. Nope! No such thing as climate change or global warming.

    I car shopped today. I learned a lot and there is perhaps good news. I’ll know more tomorrow. My issue is keeping my adrenaline levels down. I get too excited then I get tummy troubles and a headache.

    You are a Blessing in my life! Don’t you forget it woman.

    I added a document to the FB group. A compendium of what was shared there today and more that I researched. I did it by way of taking notes but thought I may as well put it all together for anyone that wants it like that like I did.

    Head hurts so I’m being shortish tonight.

    Blessings, Love and Hugs ❤

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog and giving it a like. How interesting that you saw 444 and thought of angels. For the last five years I repeatedly see 333, then it progressed to any triple digit. Scientifically I suppose there is some mental explanation, but I’d rather think something Higher is trying to let me know I’m not alone. Thank you!

    • I’m looking for like minded people and people who need help. Obviously you are one of the like minded, as you see number groupings. I also see 41 and 14, maybe triggers of some kind? ;’)

      • I do know a woman who works with numerology. She is very busy, but maybe I should run this by her and see what she has to offer on the topic. I rarely tell anyone of my days filled with triple digits and my days when I couldn’t find a triple digit if my life depended upon it! People will think I’m a loon – or so I suspect 🙂 I will let you know what she says.

      • I used to feel that way but I finally said the hell with it. I’m me and not making excuses anymore. Twice, I did blogs that I feared the reaction. My sacred whackadoodle story and my solstice story. But there was no witch hunt! It’s opening up, the world is opening up. Look forward to hearing what you find out! 🙂

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