Reiki Attunements…………FREE

Upon further consideration, I’ve decided that before I attune anyone to Reiki, and yes, I had 2 takers!, a little education is in order. Ki, otherwise known as Chi, is Life force energy and Rei is,  the God aspect, or Higher Power. It is in essence, God, sending life force energy through a human who then directs it to another. A conduit. Nothing is taken from you so you don’t lose energy. However, if the conduit is not grounded, the sender can feel symptoms of the receiver. Like with electricity and the conduit, a grounding is necessary. To ground for reiki, it’s gonna sound silly, but the root chakra, there are 7 main chakras, must be grown with your imagination.

The root chakra is at the base of the torso, so you would imagine a root, like a plant or tree root, growing out of your butt/ area, all the way to the center of the earth, forming the branches of the tree as you go. To give you a visual, imagine a big beautiful tree, now imagine that same tree, directly below it, but upside down, as if you were seeing it in a body of water. That sounded complicated. I heard it. Simple. Grow a root out your butt into the earth, and grow it into a tree. This should take about 10 seconds or so. Ok now you are rooted or grounded. Once you are rooted, you will then call the reiki into your hands.

There is reiki in person where you lay your hands on the person or just hover above the body. You can just run your hands hovering along the body, to feel for things. Maybe you feel a darkness or a blockage. This is how you know where to hold your hands to concentrate and direct the energy.  There are hand positions if you need them but I never used them. I’ll find a link.

The other way is long distance healing. That’s my specialty. The use of a symbol, honshazeshonen, is a bridge to the person. You would imagine the person, imagine scanning. Then send. When doing distant on a soul who doesn’t know, always ask permission from their higher self. You will either feel good to go or you will feel like you need to stop.

When I first began doing reiki, I did it as explained, as taught. With time and comfort I now add my own spin to the healings. I use visualization along with the reiki. I send reiki as long as I feel necessary and when I’m done, I Seal this healing in love and light and acknowledge it will continue as necessary. Also, when finished, just shake your arms and hands out. You can brush off each arm and hand if you want.I personally, feel tingling in my hands. The more serious the situation, the stronger the stuff is, coming from your hands.  I can now use reiki to Check In on people if I need to. I also now feel pulls, calls to check in. That’s how I knew my father in law was dying. I mean, we all knew he was dying, but he was truly dying and I felt him saying he needed a few more days, so the reiki and I gave him the time he needed. That was His higher self calling me. When we got word that he died a week later, I chose to check in. That’s when I heard him saying, Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! By check in, I mean, I’ve rooted, called the reiki into my hands, then think of him. When I think of him, I find out if he needs anything.

They say reiki can be used on inanimate objects that aren’t working properly, but I haven’t had much luck with that. Don’t let that stop you though. Each of us is an individual with stronger and lesser belief powers. Yes, I think of believing as a power. One of the strongest most powerful powers we have. Mustard seeds folks, mustard seeds.

Reiki, as with any healing mode, has its restrictions. Its your belief system. And mine. Like I said, it still comes down to that mustard seed. I’ll use myself as an example. I have experienced relief with reiki for toothaches and a few assorted hurts. I don’t have a lot of success on my body, because of my long term illnesses getting in the way of believing I can heal them. My mind says I’ve had this forever or I will still smoke tomorrow so how can this work? Therefore it doesn’t work. Kinda like the Dr that misses symptoms of his children cuz he’s too close or a mechanic that never works on his own cars. Now, on the other hand, healing other people is much simpler for me.

I’ve been thinking about this distant attunement. I believe I’ve come up with a way that satisfies me. There are other ways, but after digging into it, I believe I’ve come up with a practical solution to the personal touch of the hands. Some say without that, it’s not a full attunement and is not as powerful. So here’s what Spirit and I have come up with. If you want to be attuned, Find a picture. A hard copy picture, either of yourself or of something you want to meditate on or with. Mail it to me, I will get a P.O. Box. Mail it, with a self addressed stamped envelope and I will do what I do, then mail it back. In the meantime, I will also be sending the symbols to you energetically. So, you will have the reiki before you get your photo back, this is just an added extra to make up for me not placing the symbols directly into your hands and your heart and crown chakras. I will place the symbols in the photo and when you hold the photo and meditate on it, with your glass on water, you will call them into you. You know their names. You might wanna read up on chakras.

Also, here is a link regarding long distance attunements. Apparently it’s been going on for years! So, that’s all I can think of at the moment.

Chokurei Means……Put the Power Here. I use this with all reiki I send.

Sei He Ki Is the Emotional Symbol….used with anything not body physical.

🙂 Oops, had to delete this one.
Honshazeshonen The Distance Symbol, used to build a bridge between the sender and the receiver.

You can study them, and learn to draw them.

This is for Reiki I & II. Ok, and we’re off!

P.S. The things I’m remembering to add, are in bold.

Also, it occurred to me that it is possible for you to feel the reiki now, as soon as you see the symbols, I’ve already set my intention that any who desire so, when they see the symbol, automatically become attuned to them. This other stuff is really just for extra sake. I make light of it, but I’m strong. Strong in belief, therefore, ability.  

I’m just now discovering that the honshazeshonen is not the same as mine, so I just deleted it. . I’d rather draw it out myself for you, so we’ll be in sync. So, have patience, and I will get a better long distance symbol for you to study. The other two are fine. What can I say, it’s been a busy day. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Reiki Attunements…………FREE

  1. I love the image for Chokurei – it resonated with me immediately. I heal with labyrinths. I draw them on the beach, dedicate them to something and then walk them, inviting anyone around me to join in! The symbol looks a little like a labyrinth with a ‘Here!’ pin striking through it!

    I love the way I just keep finding out how everything, and all of us, are connected.

    Blessings to you x

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