A childhood Memory………a sorta Miracle,…….and a deer

Oh my God, I just had a memory. A childhood memory long suppressed. I used to dream. I dreamed of a world without money, where there was no need of money. Every human so loved the others, that they gave of their skill, what ever form that took. Whoever had excess gave to those with less. Scrabbles could be undone by a mere handshake and a smile. Each person was revered, as if godlike, therefore, nobody was envious of anyone. I remember now. There was no pain because all were healers. But most of all, there was no money. I remember that being important. Trade, trade only. No wonder I like the Rainbow Gatherings so much. So, how old was I when I had these dreams and what made the memory surface? I believe I was about 7. ……7, or 8. Somewhere in there. So, let’s say 7, that makes it..1968. (I could’ve been a couple years older, but not much)

The memory was evoked with a thought I was having tonight, in 2012, regarding a combination of The Wiggles pt 2, and a desire to heal the world. I decided to ask myself, and you, what would that look like?. A healed world. If all these people are meditating to create the next phase of humanity, what would that look like? Well, it started with making everyone able to heal. Then there would be a lot of people out of work, so the next thing needed would be a trade system. When I put the sentences together, it felt so familiar, then I thought the words…Utopian Society. Whoosh….I was a child again….dreaming awake. Dreaming of another world. A world where traders traded and love was the currency.

While we’re on this subject, I thought many things as a child. I thought I was supposed to save the world. I thought I was not up to that task. I thought that the skin I was wearing was wrong, and not me. I thought I had a zipper, an invisible zipper and if only I could find it, I could zip myself free from this horrible thing I was in. I couldn’t fall asleep because my mind raced so. I made up stories to get me to sleep, only it turns out, sometimes I wasn’t telling myself a story, I was being told a story….I just didn’t know that. I thought it was my fault for thinking it. It was peoples deaths. I had just told my friends at the table we were seated at in class, that I dreamed that Mr. Gillis was dead. That was a slight exaggeration, because I was awake when I saw the story in my head. A minute later, a voice comes on the intercom saying that Mr. Gillis is dead. Mr. Gillis was my art teacher.

It happened one other time. Robbie Ruggles. I was 13, I think, and I had a crush on Robbie, an older curly blonde headed beautiful smile boy. Robbie decided to go into the service. I was crushed. Now I know why they call it a crush. Anyway, I had one of my wide awake dreams about Robbie and he was flying a plane, then the plane crashed. Stupid me didn’t learn her lesson the first time and told some people about my dream. Another loud speaker announcement. Robbie Ruggles was killed last night in a head on car collision. Everybody looked at me funny after that and his sister asked me about it. I told her it was just a dream. But it wasn’t a dream. I knew that. So it scared me. I thought I’d caused it. So I squished it down, along with the healing ability. I squished it, splimashed it and I securified it. I planted it so deep in me that it didn’t awaken till recently and not yet much at all. I have made a connection with one dead person, but it was also not a dream. It was an on purpose mind connection to my father in law, who was dying. I think I already told that story. Don’t wanna be the old lady that repeats herself all the time, eh?

I should save my astonishment at the memory for tomorrow, and I will, but jeesh. That’s pretty cool! Pretty heavy stuff for a 7 year old to be thinking. 1:15am. Nite Nite blog People!

So hot, Milly has a runny nose from the heat

What a long hot day. Woke up to find that my husband took the day off to take his truck to the shop. That meant I had to pick him up. That’s a half hour each way. Got to eat Mexican food, grabbed a bale of hay and a smoothie from the Sugar Shack. Went to pick up the vehicle at the shop and it wasn’t done, but as we were pulling in, my smoothie goes flying and we have a pink floorboard. Went back for another and they gave it to me free again!!!! Go Sugar Shack!


As I drove home, I had a, well, a miracle of sorts. Once upon a time I would have left out the ,of sorts. I lit a cigarette and hadn’t opened the window yet. The A/C was blowing and blew a chunk of fire into my eye. How do these things always get past my glasses? So here I am driving and I cant see, and I’m hollering in pain. Don’t know how I stayed on the road. I blink enough times that I can now see, and continue driving. The pain was excruciating. Then, I had the thought…..why am I choosing to experience this pain? And wala….it was gone!!!! Gone gone gone. Wow, that’s a new one for me. Then, as I was nearer to home and was thinking about the miracle and whether it was indeed a miracle,  a deer jumps in front of my car, so close that I had to come to a complete stop. Instead of running, this deer, a doe, just turned and looked at me. We looked at each other for a good 5-10 seconds and she walked into the thicket, but stopped, turned and stood still looking at me. What a gift. A gift and a miracle of sorts. Wow.

The goats waters were all ok, none were boiling, yay, and I went ahead and gave the girls some grain, cuz some are still nursing, and it’s so hot. Went and sat in the girls house and the goats slowly came in and laid down around me. So sweet.

Shortcake is hot, panting

Shortcake posing

Lily is panting as well

Milly is so sweet, loves Mama, loves being touched

Milly likes scratched, right here.

My favorite these days

Too cute…my Opti

A new internet friend, offered to make a goat halter out of mohair, as a proto type, so I could try and see what works about it and what doesn’t. She sent me two!!! One large and a small one for Lovey. Thank you Goff’s Country Critters and Fiber! Not only that, but she sent me two different bars of goat milk soap to try! That should be quite a treat. Yay, Mark and Lora!


The proto type halters!!!! Yay

Well, I am making two blogs tonight. This, the usual one, and another supplemental…to explain some things about Reiki, for those interested in being attuned for free. The reiki one may take me a bit to finish, don’t know yet, but it should be up sometime tonight. And with that, I am, Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.


5 thoughts on “A childhood Memory………a sorta Miracle,…….and a deer

  1. I can’t help feeling for the poor outdoors furry people. I heard today we’ll be getting some of the same heat here soon. Bluch!

    Tonight at the book study we read again the passage that says, “The Spiritual Life is not a theory. We have to live it.”

    I thought I had lost it for a while but I think I’m going back into it now. Creator puts the people in our lives just when we need then.

    Bless your heart spirit sister ❤

  2. a healed world… I assume it would be without money and also without greedy,mean or selfish people The power of healingis very welcome, and I’d also like to have be able to talk to animals 🙂 or just to see what they’re really thinking. And also an abundance of unspoiled nature, trees everywhere, clean rivers, animals living together with humans… And respect 🙂

    • I believe it already existed once, in Atlantis. I also believe in Lemuria. 🙂 I been trying and I can understand some, but I really wanted it Dr. Do Little style, in English, lol Yay, send me a photo. you will have my address soon 🙂

  3. Hi Sheri or should I say “mamasheri” how did the halters work and what do you think of the soap ? hope you enjoyed both. 🙂

    • Ha, I have so many names it’s crazy. You can call me Sheri or Mama Sheri or Mama Willow or Miss Sheri! Those are the most prevalent. I tried soap bar no.# 1 and it was great! Smells so good! We also tried the halter on Lovey tonight. It worked great. I took a few pics and will post them tomorrow. Thanks again, that was mighty kind of you and Mark!!! Blessings Lora!

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