Reiki……..web bots……….and a really cool story

Interesting night. First, I did some digging into reiki, wanting to know if there was a way that I could Attune from a distance, like I send energy from a distance. I wanted to check with outside sources.. ha… to see if it was possible. Possible to make anyone a reiki healer wherever they were. I am a grandiose thinker. But these are grandiose times. What I came across was stunning and most welcome. Guess what folks……anyone out there want to be a reiki practitioner?

Next, an internet friend who has been battling illness for some time, messaged me. We talked at great length. We talked about the TV thing, and how it could be happening. She said maybe it’s an entity trying to talk to you. Her saying that triggered me to say, no, its not a voice talking to me…its more like the timing. The perfection of the timing. Then I realized it was indeed God who was doing it. Not that I ever doubted it, but the weirdness of the frequency has had me wondering. He is God, He should be able to do it, if anyone could, he could.

Murphy mule



Another thing we talked about was abilities. Things we thought we’d be able to do, and the things we were Actually able to do. I said, I have a story.

It was a few years back. My daughter Summer was hiking the Appalachian Trail. I was a bit nervous about it and hadn’t yet learned to stop the worry thoughts. I was still a mom. She was hiking with her friend Lizzie. I don’t know or remember the details, all I know is somehow she ended up with a boy, her boy, in a town. They got into a fight and she was alone in a strange town. The guy was being sorta mean, and coming from my background, I wanted her away from him, and back on the trail with Lizzie. She didn’t think it was possible because she didn’t know where Lizzie was on the trail now and it was a very big trail. I told her I would handle it, hang on.

I have acquired the ability to contact someone if it’s urgent… In my mind, or should I say, with my mind. I looked on the internet. I found a phone shack on the trail. How big is the trail? Seriously, think about it….there are many phone shacks. So, I call this phone shack…a place for anyone on the trail to call for help or supplies or whatever. A guy answers and I tell him my story and he says, Lady….most of the time this shack is empty. I just happen to be here. I said I was looking for Lizzie and described her. He said he was alone. So, I did my mind thing. I called to Lizzie. I have never met Lizzie. I had urgency, passion behind me. With me.

Lizzie was walking along the trail and came to a fork. Her camp was further ahead to the right. She felt the call, the pull to the left. She had no idea why she needed to go to the left, she just knew she needed to go to the left. So she did. She came upon the phone shack and there was a guy selling Tshirts. She looked through them and then a guy came outside, saw her and asked…Are you Lizzie? Imagine her surprise. Needless to say…Lizzie called me, I explained and she agreed to wait for Summer. I was able to tell Summer where she was on the trail and wala…..fait accompli.

I just love that story. It’s one. One story. One moment in time. My time. If you’ve got a story even remotely like that one, I would Love to hear it. I love how Spirit works and love hearing the different ways he manifests. It is a dance. The dance between God and the soul. I love dancing with God.

Pet peeve here…….Never never never say……what could go wrong…or how could it get worse. You are inviting the very thing you fear. Instead, catch yourself, and say… can only get better!!! That’s an excellent tool. I learned it and I now share it. Hello Angels. It is 2:44. I have just diverted from this and done what I’ve been suggesting to you. I moved. I started something. I have created a group on face book for wisdom. For the moment it is private…until it is right to open it wide.

I smell flowers. Usually that’s my Grammy. But Grammy’s always more perfumey, so this could be Cinnamon, my friend who up and died a few years ago. Cinnamon was a hardcore oldtimer Rainbow, who could no longer go to gatherings. To much money, etc. She got sick and went into the hospital. She joked the whole time and said she was ok. She had cancer but it was under control. A few months later, she was dead. Last night, when I skyped with Cree, I asked her if the word Cinnamon meant anything to her. She reminded me of her so. Hmmm, does that mean Cree is in need? Or does it mean that Cinnamon approves of what I’m doing, what I’m saying. Probably Cinnamon saying….you go girl! Well, it’s late, 8 minutes till 3am,  Night Night.

Oooh, interesting. I just watched a documentary about the Hopi prophecies. The goal was to either prove or disprove them. In the end, they couldn’t deny the prophecies that had already come true…..the crisscross of iron= the RR tracks…the web in the sky =the www, the voices flying across the land…well, that could be people in cars, or the telephone, etc. They checked into Mayan prophecy and compared it to the Hopi, then Edgar Cayce’s were put against it. All three too similar to discount. Here’s the kicker. There’s this thing called a web bot. This web bot is like an electronic spider that searches the web millions of times, for words. Words on the net. Then it reports back.

Just before September 11, it came back with words like….buildings fall, etc. In 2004, it came back with words like…water, wave, 300,000 dead. When they asked it to find what would happen at end of days….it came back with this. From Winter Solstice 2012, till May, 13th 2013.……..No words…just a graph, showing a huge drop, like a cliff…and then nothing until 5/13/13. It sounds to me that this bot is somehow picking up on the collective unconscious, otherwise how is it able to find words……BEFORE a catastrophe has happened. And once again…..obviously…..we are not to know. It’s a surprise. Good or bad, it’s a surprise.

Although there will be bad things and many leaving the planet, I believe it is a change in the world, not an end to the world. According to many, we are turning into light bodies. Rather like angels. They say our DNA is changing. I remember reading a few years back, that we were becoming superhumans. They said some were becoming that quicker by drinking 1 quart of grape juice a day. Why? Something to do with deep roots and minerals available down deep. Irridium and Rhodium. Nearly impossible to find, but yet….they are the CENTER of the table of ELEMENTS.

So, wow, Reiki for everyone and a web bot who brings back no words. This stimulates something in me. A sense of anticipation. A thrill in my core. Which brings us full circle again…to my friend who no longer has an illness in her CORE, who after I told her the story above, suggested I put it in my blog. 🙂 Thank you.

This was Sunday, forgot….a rare thing. Someone else giving the bottle!!!

No, not eyes……Ears…..Curly haired ears! That’s new to me.

Ok, well, same as yesterday….too hot to do anything with the goats. Got dizzy and spinning while feeding the two pens, that’s all, just two pens. The water was hot, so I dumped the troughs. Had to scramble and do some fish scooping from the dirt. They all lived, although to go from hot water to cool, the shock might be too much. We shall see.  I went to check on the girls, and even though they aren’t getting feed, they normally cry and try to talk me into it. I guess it was even too hot for that. They weren’t really in the mood for photos, but I explained that I wanted some eye photos and a few decided to oblige me. Some, rather enthusiastically. The pups didn’t even follow me. Just Geise. And Blue. He’s not considered a pup, they are outside dogs, but he follows me everywhere. My Blue Dog. Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch. And ya, it’s too long again I know. OOOh, P.S. Got the Saudi Arabia flag today!!! I bet they know heat hotter than Texas! Welcome to my world, Saudi Arabia!

As always…rain or scorching heat….Blue dog is ALWAYS waiting for Mama.


3 thoughts on “Reiki……..web bots……….and a really cool story

  1. Love the eyes!!! I have been trying to tell people for year, don’t ever ask what else can go wrong or it can’t get any worse, because these two phrases invite all sorts of trouble. I love the affirmation I get from you. Now to learn Reiki!!!

  2. Hmmm…….most interesting about the web bot and the prophecies.

    You wanted to hear God Stories. Here is ONE of mine.

    I was newly sober, living in Ocala but working in Jax. Every day back and forth. For the first 2 months I subsisted on 2 meetings a week because I was scared to go to co-ed meetings. I was having to move because the man had left and my oldest son, who also paid rent, moved out. I couldn’t afford the rent by myself.

    I got Steps 1 and 2 and was working on Step 3….

    1. We admitted we were powerless over alcohol – that our lives had become unmanageable.

    2. Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

    3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.


    One day on the way to work I prayed that Creator grant me a home and a job in Ocala so I wouldn’t have to move to Jax. It was Big City. Triggers for me all over. I had started to have relationships with recovering folks in Ocala and I didn’t want to leave that.

    For some reason I was able to ask then leave it with Creator. Usually I have my grimy mitts all over it … give it, take it back, give it, take it back, etc. But not this.

    Soon after that I was called on the carpet at work. They said I wasn’t performing as I had when I was first hired. Well, duh, I was getting sober and had no mind. Seriously. Creator dressed me in the mornings. I would open the closet rifle through the clothes which caused some to fall. Those I’d toss on the bed to hang up later cause I just couldn’t cope with it right then. I would turn away from the closet frustrated and in tears because there didn’t seem to be anything my mind could put together that remotely resembled a work outfit. I was an engineer. I had to dress nicely.

    On the bed there lay a complete and perfect outfit.

    So I responded with the total truth. For the first time in my life. No shuckin and jivin yada yada.
    I told the story of how the man left and how I ended up in AA. Long story short they agreed to work with me so I could get through with my job intact. Strangely enough, there were few AA meetings at that time in Mandarin Jax. They allowed me to clock out at 3 p.m. so that I could make it to my 5:30 meeting in Ocala.

    June 1st, 2004 I started my 90 in 90 (90 meetings, or more, in 90 days). Not more than 2 weeks later I found a house to rent without looking for it and a job I never applied for making almost the same amount. In Ocala.

    Blessings ❤

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