What is…….Normal?

Well, I did skype with my new friend…..for like 4 hours! Time whizzed past us because we were in the moment. In the moment, learning about each other and discovering synchronicity after synchronicity. We have more things in common than anyone I’ve met previously. Very interesting. She was talking about a centipede and I tried to find it on my favorite animal meaning site. Whenever I see an animal repeatedly or an animal or insect that I rarely see…I look it up to see what message it is bringing me. My favorite website for this is www.animalspirits.com

Mystery goat eye…I can’t even tell who it is

We finally hung up and I looked again and there it was. Somehow, the centipede led me to raven and then the raven, in the Animal-Speak book, was next to the roadrunner page. I just saw a roadrunner on Saturday, so I read that one too. Very accurate. The raven was a keeper of the light, to protect it from harm. And the roadrunner, well, here’s what it said:

“Individuals with Roadrunner totem are always thinking. It is sometimes hard to follow their train of thought, but if they can be slowed down, they can show you connections and stimulate ideas you had not thought possible. Their minds are always at work.”

That’s me. Thinking too much, thinking too hard. I am always thinking, but I’ve asked others and they say they are too. I used to think I was weird, as a child. I thought my brain thought different, thought more, thought more often, than the normal people. That of course, then deemed me…not normal.  Not normal. Not normal by what standards? What is normal, when each person is unique?


Back to the raven. The raven kept the light from being taken by…one who would bring darkness. At this time in life, there are people calling themselves Lightworkers. I guess I’m a light worker. I try to bring the light to whoever is in the dark. And that doesn’t necessarily mean just people in depression. It can also mean people stuck in old world thinking. Old world thinking, at this time, is scary to me. I remember when I first heard the word manifesting. Who was doing manifesting? I studied it. I learned about alchemy and eventually I realized the power of thoughts and words and realized they, are alchemy. They can change one thing into another. I now know that I can properly and rightly use the word manifest.

The thing is…life is different now. It’s shifting. The speed at which a day goes by is blinding. The energies that create with our thoughts and our words, are getting stronger every day, maybe every minute. It’s spooky fast and that’s why I say scary. If you are still thinking, well, the way I used to think before I went on this journey, that life is happening TO you and you have no control, than that belief causes you to focus on what is happening TO you. When you are focusing on what happened TO you, you are saying what to yourself? Good thoughts? Thoughts you want to be creating your world? Probably not.

An example. You might have had a tire blow, you’re thinking, oh man, this stuff always happens to me. Why does this stuff always happen to me? What did I do to deserve this? All of these are examples of old world thinking. If you take out the question why…..you are left with what the universe hears you praying, oh, oops, I mean saying….Always happen to me…Deserve this. So, you are in essence, telling the universe that this type of event is something that has and will happen to you on a repeated basis. Is that what you want? More incidents like a blown out tire? Nah. Ok, on to Deserve this……hmmm, well that one is pretty obvious.


In case you haven’t figured this out by now, duh, like sure…but….I am an encourager. I cannot help myself. I see the best in everyone, and I want them, you, to see what I see. I want you to flourish like the growing bud and flower that you are. Bloom baby, bloom. Like I said, I plant seeds. Grow! 2:50am

Ok, well, I know Texas is a hot state, but jeesh. The poor animals all have their mouths open and panting hard…even in the shade. I think it’s probably a good thing that I’ve cut them off their grain, with the problems they are having due to the heat. Today was the 3rd time, last time, for the 3 times, 10 days apart medicine. The cure for mites. We shall see. We took my husband down with us to the girls house so he could watch and evaluate what we needed to add to make it even better. Well, first, I screwed up. I forgot to tell them to wait out of sight so I could close the house door. Goats everywhere. So, about 10 escaped, but…haha….mama knows who you are!!! So, Andy is watching, and we get all but 2 into the catchpen. Usually it’s half and half. In the end, he didn’t have any advice. I’ll figure it out, always do. After all, I am Woman…hear me roar…plus, I’m a Leo!

Here’s that yawn from yesterday that i didn’t have room for. Sweet Opti


How hot is it? It’s so hot the pups don’t play. It’s so hot the Beautifuls didn’t eat. It’s so hot I can’t see due to all the sweat pouring over my glasses. It’s so hot, I start spinning and getting dizzy after less than 10 minutes outside. It’s so hot, my husbands butter for his lunch(in a ziplock bag) melted into a puddle of liquid. It’s so hot the pups come and bark to tell me the water fountain isn’t working. It’s s hot, our trucks transmission sensor is broken because it turns something to liquid. It’s so hot the goats lay down under a tree instead of roaming for greenies.(talking penned goats getting free for the day to browse) Ya, I’d say its just plum miserable but I’m still smiling. I’m always smiling. Well, it’s just about dinner time….BBQ ribs, macaroni salad and cole slaw. Then it will be time for Lovey’s bottle. Lil cutie got overheated yesterday. I was able to walk all the way up to him to take a photo and he didn’t move. He would normally be at my feet before I could even get across the yard.

That’s one hot baby!

And oh ya….I keep forgetting to tell you. I reported the Ellen thing to the local news. They checked with Ellen’s people and……it’s a scam. Not them. That means this is a very elaborate scam. Very elaborate. They are reportedly not happy at all and looking into it with their legal department. Due to yesterdays….I see you, with the colored eye….I am now on an eye kick. Don’t know how long it will last, but hey, it’s fun for now. Recently, Guatemala visited here, as well as Slovakia! Welcome!!! Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.


2 thoughts on “What is…….Normal?

  1. I have problems with “stinkin thinkin” which, in my case, means i am thinking fear thoughts too fast. Meditation helps me with that. And prayer. I ask Creator to keep my thoughts slow and positive 🙂 I also start my prayers each morning as soon as I finish feeding Boo. My prayers today consist of asking to be of Service and staying in Gratitude. If I can stay in Gratitude, which is another thing meditation helps me with, I find my day is really awesome!

    Like yesterday! I so enjoyed our time together last night! I was really rung out though from sharing back and forth so much. Not used to that, lol 😀 Then the power went out and I went to bed. Was back this morning along with more much-needed rain. I tell Creator each morning, “Rain is Delicious!”.

    So, I read about Centipede and it was definitely true for that time period in my life 🙂 I posted a link on my FB wall under your link that shows it. I suspect we have a mouse, or mice, here so I looked up Mouse. Most interesting. Similar to Walking Stick. I Am Air. I also looked up Cat because of Boo.

    Tomorrow is laundry day and I’ll also be running some errands with a sponsee. Hope you have a fantastic evening and will write to you more soon.

    Take care my sister ❤

  2. I catch any stinkin thinkin that comes my way. And I don’t pray at any certain time…just let the prayers flow thru the day as needed. Isn’t it fun looking up the animals you’ve recently seen? It’s pretty revealing. Yay for rain when it’s needed or wanted! I had a great time chatting. Later woman!

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