You are……..WOMAN

Interesting how women let other people define them. What’s up with that. We are the women. We are the bearers of the children of earth. We are the yin to their yang. We are the voice of reason, the touch of consolation, the breath of empathy, the smell of wisdom, the stillness of compassion. We are the caretakers of the world and we are not recognized as such. We are the feminine. The Divine. We cannot be any less than the masculine. We are. I am, she is, we are. As I sail about my enlightened day, I encounter fellow women, who are listening to outside sources for proof of themselves. And sometimes , oftentimes, those outside sources can be harsh. There is only one critic needed in your life, and that is your critic. Your bad voice, your you shouldn’t have done that voice, your I suck voice. Your you’re no good voice. You cannot control what others say about you, but you CAN control what you say to you. If my inner voice is trash talking me, I do NOT allow it in my presence. If it tries, I squish, squash, squimash and splimush it.

If you think about what others think of you….you are NOT living in the moment, swimming in the current of the stream, etc, yada yada yada. You are in the box still. Stuck. Concreted. Shamed. Screw that ladies. We are the strong ones. How many jokes have you heard about the men being babies when they’re sick, as opposed to the continuing working female. How many times have you seen and heard males whine about pain, when they’ve never had a baby. Ha, sorry, but jeesh, it’s the truth. They don’t have to have menstrual cycles, or give birth. Most of them are hard as rock and as unbending as an oak. I have lots of oaks here, and lemme tell ya, very few bend. One, I have one. (I just now read a story about oaks not bending, be a willow it said….haha, how feminine is a willow? One of my personas is Mama Willow.)(I tried to find a female willow, but couldn’t…so I made my own.)

MamaWillow Sheri Lee 2012 (done with Bamboo computer drawing pad)

It’s been said a million different ways through the ages, but if someone is hurting you, it is because they themselves are hurting. If you can reach that child inside of them, maybe you can heal the friction. Kill them with kindness. If you are hosting an event, and you see only the flaws while every one of the guests see beauty and light, you are too close. Step back with your mind and view it as a whole. Try, not easy, but try. If you are a farmer, say a goat farmer, and your voice tells you you’re not good enough, you just march right up to it and command it be silent. Command and take your power. It is your birthright. You are a child, on this planet, at this time, in this place, for a most spectacular reason, yet unknown to you or to me. You are on the precipice… AM I. I AM.

My daughter and I skyped this evening, very late, and my microphone was broken. We had a grand time mimicking, but I could hear her laughter which was so magical. Much pantomiming and typing ensued. It was as if she was here, almost. I have a thing. When any of the kids are here, either mine or their friends, when I need a beer, I say…Are you up? Most often, they say yes, but there have been times when my daughter said no. lol. So tonight while we skyped, I said…are you up? Brought us both a good laugh. Sucked the miles between us up as if it were a vacuum.

If you are stuck….stuck in sadness at the moment, which many are, switch something. Switch the tv channel, the radio station, anything you can think of….to break the hold of the sadness. You must make a conscious decision to shift out. I tried explaining this to Columbia last night, but was unsuccessful. Need to learn Spanish fast. Need Rosetta, but have so many other needs, for the goats, and for me. Yes, I’m still thinking of the baby Quigley with the funny ears, and still thinking of the goats I’ll see at the sale. Oh Lordie, can you imagine what I’ll be up against? I will want them all, oh my. Need clippers, so I can finish shearing the mite goats and any other goat that is no good with scissors, like lil miss Oprah.

And the felt loom, lets not forget the FeltLOOM, I see myself standing over there feeding fiber into it, as I watch my everpresent TV. One day, that FeltLOOM will be sitting in the place I just told you about. One day soon. I feel the need, the desire, the drive to create with this thing. This felting machine. I created a doll with a single needle. I create scarves with 4 nowadays. This has 76 or so needles. Oh the things I will create on my FeltLOOM. Guitar straps, placemats, eyeglass cases, belts, shawls, scarves, bookmarks, clothing, stockings, toys, purses, oh my.

And here it is….the FeltLOOM……….!!!!!!!!!!

It’s an ache in my gut, not my heart, my gut. That’s where the passion lies. That’s where the truth lies, in the gut. Not the heart, as so many would believe. The heart has a different purpose. To feel the me, in every human or animal it comes across. To connect. To say…I see you. I see you and you are good. Bueno, bien, bom, bra, dobre. You are ok, and you are wonderful. You are the most unique thing you will see until you look at another person. You are each and every one of you…a work of art…from creator…by creator. Night Night….3:25am

I see YOU

To wrap it all up in a bright pink bow, not pale pink as most feminine things suggest, but bright pink. Vibrant shimmering bright pink. Anyways, don’t let anyone steal your joy. It is yours! Do not give them that power. Your power. If you believe something or in something…stick to your guns and make a stand. Guys, no harm intended, just giving strength to my peeps. Peeps = chicks. Haha…. Girls, Ladies, Woman…hear me roar. Hear YOU roar. Be what you are called to be. Are you feeling called? If not, be what you desire. Be and do what makes your eyes sparkle. Be your own fire. Light that match! Start something. Create something. What have you always dreamed but you poo poo’d it. Find a way, even if in the beginning it is just reading about it. Find a way to reconnect with that dream, or if it doesn’t sit well anymore….create a new dream. Create a better world by creating a happier you. Your joy is connected. It touches others. It plants seeds. I plant seeds. Grow babies, grow.


Today was a fun day outside. The Pretties were out, and one of them got stuck in the thorny vines. Bonus! She then let me touch her in the pen with no fear!!! Which one was it? Hmmm, it all happened so fast that I don’t know!

Jeesh, goats will go anywhere!

When I realized she was stuck, I ran for rose clippers and thick gloves. Been there, done that. Wasn’t too hard getting her out, not like some in the past.


See how sweet my Gandhi is…he shares!

I once had a baby completely wrapped in it and stuck to the ground, and no, it wasn’t Gandhi, although he too has been trapped badly by thorns. Today however, he stayed out of the thorns, but he must’ve eaten everything green out there cuz his belly was huge!

My Gandhi

I took some peanuts and peas to the girls. They are still unsure about both. I took my good camera and got some nice shots. I also got a ton of blur.

Maya, checkin out a peanut.

Little Miss Valey Girl

Opti is tired, the tail end of a big yawn

Was looking for an old photo of a willow tree and came across this…one of my very first paintings…is an attempt to copy Christian Lassen. That’s how I learned.

My husband mowed some more weeds down for me, Yay! The key word for today though, was…HOT. Lordie, it’s stifling out there. Really difficult to breathe in this heat. The hurricane pain is hanging in the background today, thank God. Yesterday was bad, but it didn’t make me cry. Every Sunday, I cook steak and baked potato. Yum. Getting about that time. Then of course, Lovey’s huge bottle. Gonna skype with a new friend tonight. Got the microphone fixed and ready to go. Should be fun, we have a lot in common. Well, better get to gettin. Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.


10 thoughts on “You are……..WOMAN

  1. I love reading your thoughts. There is a Shaver and Appliance store in Fort Worth, I think that is actually what it is called. They have reconditioned shears there. That is where I get my blades from. The shears I have are Oster clipmasters and the blades are 84, two numbers I think the other is 83 though it could be 85. so one blade is one number and the other is the other. I think their reconditioned shears are like $150, something like that. You should call them. What I like about my shears is it is not that easy to cut the goats and if you do it is a small nick not a teat of something horrible like that. I have a friend, I wish she would read and hear your words, she so needs too. Hugs

  2. who’s feltloom? Your FeltLoom….not,.. the…dissasociated….feltloom….My…I lovemy!>..!.>!>!>!>
    i soenjoyed skyping with u last night…moreofthattocome…loveu

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