Why……….I’ll tell ya

If any of you are wondering why it is that I’m telling you these things. These private things. These stories, these lessons learned…it’s because I have always wanted to share them, but until now, thought I would get locked in the looney bin for saying them out loud. A lot has happened since those days and the newness of technology has allowed people to learn faster, to connect faster, and wala. I can now speak my truth. These things that I do on a daily basis. The way my brain now works, as opposed to the way it used to work. Because a person who lived nearly their whole life, 38 years wanting to die, and then coming to this state of being, is so friggin remarkable that yes, I have to share. I need to share. And now, I’m supposed to share. And so I Am.

I’ve spent many hours practicing things, and experimenting with my mind. I remember sitting in California, in my room. I was a hermit. I tried to turn the light on and off with my mind and the touch of my finger. I tried and tried. This was in the same exact time frame as when I became the hawk by staring into my eyes in the mirror. I’ve done many things along those lines since then. The most amazing is the energy. Mine comes from my left hand. It’s considered the receiving hand, but like most things, in this I am different. I send and receive from the same hand.

I first discovered this, about a year into my journey after just moving to California, very near a Crystal shop. Veronica’s Crystals. I went there on a daily basis, just looking and looking and asking questions. I was drawn there. Immediately there was a crystal calling to me. It was Citrine, in the shape of a hand, holding a ball. Which is so friggin symbolic for me that I can’t begin to tell you. I put it on layaway and kept walking the aisles. One of the women there, Chris, placed a moldavite crystal, which is a meteorite, that had been carved into the face of Jesus, into my hand. She said what do you feel? I didn’t know I was supposed to feel anything from a crystal, so was taken aback. But I closed my eyes and before I even got them closed, there was a pulse. A pulse so strong that it was rattling the crystal around in my hand.

This is my special crystal. My hand holding the world. I have it on silk strings, so it looks colorful but in reality, it is clear, but filled with rainbows. (which would not come out on camera)

This is when I saw on the internet, 2001, about a deer being hit on the freeway and people stopping to help and a person doing Reiki on it. The deer got up and walked away, then stopped at the forest edge to say thank you. First of all, before I forget. I’ve done that very thing. It was a baby deer, caught in the fence here. After freeing the baby, the next day, the mother came to the field as if to say thank you, and I snapped a picture and got an orb. Yeehaw! Anyway, back to the other story. I was a non finisher. I never finished anything. But when I heard the deer story, I wanted to learn this reiki. Its expensive. They say it’s so you’ll appreciate it. I decided I wanted to learn it all the way. I wanted to finish something in my life, and I was making my stand here. And I did. I took it all the way to Master level. I’ve finished many things since then.

It’s dark, I know…but there is a deer, and a large sphere.

I was terrified of everything back then. More than ever. But I drove myself to another town in California to take the Reiki class. I told you about the night, with the dancing rainbows slicing the forest?! But the day… after they attuned us, which meant standing behind us and making symbol movements with their hands. After that, we did group reiki. When it was my turn, it felt like there were 20 sets of hands on me, but there were only 4, and they weren’t even touching me. When something like that happens to you, you tend to firmly believe in its truth.

My ex husband was in the hospital with a hole in his liver or something. I was feeling full of myself with my new reikiness and I did a thing with my mind and I went there. I patched the hole. Now granted, lots of people were prayin, but I know what happened. I repaired that organ. Miraculously, the surgery was canceled because the hole was gone. Like I said, this was the night of the …there is power in the rainbow thing.

That is just one example. That, and the learning have brought me to the place where I can create and I can solve most problems. Not all, but most.
See, it all comes down to that mustard seed. I should rename this thing to Sheri’s Mustard Seed. (original place of jump…you’ll see)

My point of all this is that if I can take a few classes and heal, you can take a few classes and heal. If’n ya want to. Another thing I can do now is I can reach people that are very important to me, in my mind. I’ve been scared to say that out loud, in print. Not something you wanna be running around telling people, but Spirit says, and I DO. It has to be urgent, passion must be felt. I know better than to use this technique when it isn’t urgent. It’s a waste of time. If you are interested, I will share this technique on an individual basis. When my friend George was here, we used to play a game. She’d say, I’m thinking of something in this room. Ha! My living room, as the rest of my place, is an accumulation of things. To say I’m thinking of something in this room, is like looking for a needle in a hay stack…but we did it. Not always, but most of the time. It was freaky. I’m just trying to stretch your imagination, because these things are true. True, and I’m just a goat farmer.

Wow, Spirit rules, and rocks….which brings us full circle to why am I telling you these private private moments. The answer is simple. I obey. The whisper. I keep telling ya, it’s the whisper. I mean, I know exactly when to start writing and when to stop…that’s just my example, surely you’ve got yours. I know my words are deep and I do go on, but I am hoping that I am helping. That is the point. Helping. I want to help. In whatever way I can. I said can, which leaves me many outlets, vs. will which hems me in. Hey, I told ya I was honest. And Spirit says goodnight! Time to end…this.

I am obeying, but so as not to create confusion, I am placing the paragraph that I got jumped into, here, instead of up above, in the big ole middle of what I was trying to say.
Holy shit….I’ve just been jumped from one draft to another, and then I’ve placed it here to join the two as apparently requested. Like I said, I obey.

[Chief Avrol Lookinghorse just said we are what we’ve been waiting for. Hmmm, sounds familiar. That makes 2 tribes saying the same sentence. Haha, and me, off by a tad, but same meaning. I said Rainbows we have been waiting for. For me, that’s good enough for my 3, but maybe we should be thorough and see if another tribe will say it. J)))))) Chief Lookinghorse is Lakota Sioux. In my original draft, I said I love and respect, etc, the Hopi and the Lakota Sioux. I later removed it for confusion purposes. So that’s the Hopi saying it and the Lakota Sioux. I guess my third most connected would be the Mayan and Anasazi, who disappeared from the earth, so…. So, we’d have to hear from the Maya. {See, it all comes down to that mustard seed. I should rename this thing to Sheri’s Mustard Seed.} (told ya you’d see)

Not sure why that is needed here, but hey, I don’t know the big picture.
My daughter just called, crying. Her dog Indigo, her child, if you will, is very ill. Can I pay for a visit to the vet to either help him or put him down? Oh Indigo. Love you baby.

Indigo, also known as IndyGlowing

I did my feeding in a speed round. Carrying the house phone with me, but knowing the signal may not reach me way out in the yard, I was uncomfortable. Came inside, called and found that they haven’t arrived at vet yet. So, I ran out and finished up. Tried to get a photo of baby red feather laying down, close. Not. Its as if they know and they move. Same for the goats and dogs.


Yay, Peaches!

Look who came to visit me last night. Look how wooly!

He got up before I could take the cute, laying down by mommy shot.

The tiny peach trees are producing lots of peaches. This is their 2nd year and they are really putting out the fruit. The apples and pears are mostly gone, but there are a few. The pomegranates have weathered the heat but no fruit yet. They do however, produce some gorgeous flowers in the spring! Ok, I’m just filling space here, cuz I’m waiting for the phone call. And, 250 dollars later, Indigo is still living. 🙂  Signing off at Curly Locks ranch.


7 thoughts on “Why……….I’ll tell ya

  1. You have such a good heart, I love reading these, even if I don’t read them everyday and then have to catch up. I have a special box that was given to me. It has all sorts of odd things in it. I so wish you were closer and I could get there to see you. We are so different, yet so connected it is strange, yet comforting. hugs

  2. I know…and we’re going to be 5 hours apart. That’s awful close in the scheme of things. I’m going to the Tagra sale probably, either that or Speck. Too bad you’re not going to either of those. And you’re just doing a drive down, turnaround? I think we all have special boxes, women, anyway. I’m so happy you love reading them. I love writing them! My fingers fly on the keyboard! Love to ya Sweet Mea!

    • Yes, driving down Wed and driving home on Sat. I am OK about going to Texas as it is my home and I like that house a lot. There are some very good spirits/feelings there.
      I just don’t like to leave my goats for too long. I know my husband will water them, but he got all funny about why do i need to feed them? They have all that pasture out there, they shouldn’t need food too. I said wel they have babies and until the babies are weaned I like to feed them. I don’t want to fight about it. I know they don’t need those pellets and are just getting fat but, I like feeding them:) Hugs to you and hugs to your sweet goats

      • Ha, as you’ll see on tonights blog….I stopped the grain tonight. cold turkey. They are freakin! But they have tons of pasture and, as you said, they were getting fat! But I hear ya…I’m not sure my husband would feed mine either!

  3. Thank you Creator for placing Mama Sheri in a position to help Indigo! I sent Reiki, too.

    I have a Reiki II attunement and have sought master level for 3 years. I can’t afford the classes and there are no scholarships. I went on scholarship through levels I and II and I am here to tell you that, for me, there is very deep and profound respect and appreciation. I used to use Reiki every day up until about 5 weeks ago. I don’t know what happened…? I really appreciate the reminder.
    Yes I have experienced the same type of thing through opening myself to Spirit. Not just with Reiki.

    I want to help, too. AA taught me that Service Is Important but it has since become a way of life. It’s why I sponsor other women and have experienced all I have since I quit drinking in 04. I have come to believe that the reason I am here is to grow spiritually and to help others along to do the same through Love.

    After my cancer experience and the subsequent fallout, I was given a choice by my employer to either go on disability or be fired for nonperformance of duties. I was a manufacturing engineer, and had been a CAD designer for 22 years, but at that point I couldn’t add the same column of numbers up 3 times and come up with the same sum. I was falling asleep at my desk (I have NEVER in my life fallen asleep at work! !!!!!). I could look at you when you were talking to me but I couldn’t understand anything you said. I hurt all over all the time. The doctors ignored me. It was awful. My employer was dissatisfied with my rate of recovery and so I was given a choice.

    I don’t blame them and they did maintain full medical coverage for 3 years afterward, for which I am BEYOND grateful! But at that time my head was still in the corporate world and being fired just wouldn’t do, no no no. It would go on my permanent record so I opted for the disability.

    “This is the how and the why of it. First of all, we had to quit playing God. It didn’t work. Next, we decided that hereafter in this drama of life, God was going to be our Director. He is the Principal; we are His agents. He is the Father, and we are His children. Most good ideas are simple, and this concept was the keystone of the new and triumphant arch through which we passed to freedom.

    When we sincerely took such a position, all sorts of remarkable things followed. We had a new Employer. Being all powerful, He provided what we needed, if we kept close to Him and performed His work well. Established on such a footing we became less and less interested in ourselves, our little plans and designs. More and more we became interested in seeing what we could contribute to life. As we felt new power flow in, as we enjoyed peace of mind, as we discovered we could face life successfully, as we became conscious of His presence, we began to lose our fear of today, tomorrow or the hereafter. We were reborn.” – Alcoholics Anonymous, pgs. 62 and 63

    And that is what happened to me. I was reborn. I had a New Employer. I spent my time in service when I could physically manage it. Some days I couldn’t get out of bed. My primary doctor tried to hide evidence of my condition from the insurance company that provides my Long Term Disability coverage. But Creator took care of it and I switched doctors.

    It took 4 years of the same type of treatment from my new doctor to elicit the admission that he did not believe in my symptoms or the documentation of similar cases. At my wit’s end, he finally sent me to a rheumatologist who promptly diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. A treatment course was selected and I have been about 95% since 😀

    Regardless, during those years opportunities opened to me that I had only dreamed of! In addition to the Reiki certification, the same was conferred upon me in herbalism and Yoga Nidra (a type of meditation). I took courses in photography and silver smithing and casting. I learned Women’s Southern Traditional Dancing at pow-wows and got to know many awesome people….

    Poo, I ungress. I apologize.

    The point is, when I am Open To Receive with the Intent To Help Others, amazing things DO happen.

    I can’t think of any Rainbow stories of my own. The only notable one is when we first moved to Ocala and pulled into town, it was my ex-‘s birthday and there was a huge double rainbow. Perhaps it wasn’t just for him. Perhaps it was a herald of my impending sobriety.

    Love, Hugs and Blessings ❤

  4. I have corrected a really silly mistake. I have neglected to read your replies to my comments and so have just finished going through all of them so far. Yes! I do skype! It says my skype name is WalksWithHeart but then it says I’m Cree Dreams of Bear. Not sure which one you’d use?

    Love ya back Sis ❤ 😀

  5. Thanks for the reiki for Indigo! I’ve been kicking aroud the idea of long distance attuements. Have to look into it, but I suspect it can be done…what with all the woken consiousness going on.You’ll probably enjoy tonights post. Too bad I didn’t take it further. My local doctors all said it was in my head. I said no, its in my arms and legs. The big hospitals believed me, but couldn’t find a solution or a name. They said in 10-20 years, look it up and see what new muscles diseases have been discovered. Fooey on that.It was invisible…nobody could see the pain or the cause of the pain. I’ve had it suggested that it could be fibro, but I dunno, symptoms are very specific for me.

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