God took me on a Mind Trip…..in 2006

Before you go any further….This is my Winter Solstice Experience 2006. It’s a wackadoodle story, so if you’re not up for that, skim to the middle, where the goat stuff will be. Normally the goat stuff is in the 2nd half, but I am putting in a very long poem for those who want to read it, at the end. In other words….WARNING….this is OUT there. There…Fixed it..Put another line for ya, just like the one below these words, just go to that if you don’t want to read the story.


Well, it’s Solstice. I cannot believe it is Summer solstice in the year 2012. Another day I lived to see. What a gift. Before 2006, I never observed Solstice in any way. It was winter, and I just didn’t feel like eating. This went on and on, till it got to the point that I couldn’t eat. This happened in the 2 weeks before Winter Solstice that year. I only knew that it was Solstice because I was quickening at the time and was in extreme learning mode. I had been studying Hebrew, and sacred geometry at the time. Also, a month or so previous, I had wished for enlightenment on a shooting star. Be careful doing that!

I was very weak. In the bible, they call it Fasting. This was involuntary fasting, and the experience has been likened to a trip on Amanita Muscariat, or even DMT. See, I didn’t not eat on purpose. It just happened. I’m thinking it was the eve of solstice when I was going to bed, very late, when Spirit asked me to dance. I was inside, in the hall, so I started dancing. Spirit said, no, go outside. So I did. I walked to a spot in my yard, it was a tiny tiny little bump in the grass, like a hill, but not. I started to dance. I am no dancer, no rhythm, but I swayed. On command, I swayed. I feel a pull to the stars. As I look up, 2 shooting stars go around the moon, one on each side…kinda like putting the moon in parentheses. Next thing I know, I’m praying and standing just so, like a cocktail glass, and I realize that I am shifting things. I am shifting from the masculine energy on earth, to the feminine energy on earth. I place Jesus in the moon, and I take his place in the sun. (it stayed like this till Dec 2011, then we merged the feminine with the masculine)

I drew this many years earlier, around the beginning of my journey, around 2001 Not exactly the same, but close…and…I was wearing a red robe on Solstice.

That was the beginning of a 3-4 day ride through the archetypes and the ages. I wrote nonstop in a black and white composition notebook and when I attempted sleep, I wrote note after note after note. A huge stack of notes. I learned, I experimented, and I obeyed everything. I discovered the song for the world, I am the Lion, the mighty mighty lion, etc. I read the bible. I decoded the bible. I made each letter a number and designated which words were which number, then wanted to play it as a song. Lol. I discovered that the alphabet was short one letter. 9, 9, 9, 8? What? So I went looking for the missing letter on the internet. They said it was Th, the hard kind, not the soft kind. The hard kind makes a vibration in your mouth. I meditated with it.

I was Thoth, Eve, Mary, Jesus, God, and many many more people. I realized that some of these beings repeated themselves over and over. Thoth, Horus, Solomon. One day I woke up and I was Mother Earth. I spent that day outside, running around gathering up treasures from a treasure hunt. Feathers with rainbow dew, sticks and stones. I placed them all in a box, with the lid open to represent me getting out of the box. The box that most people are in and don’t even know. While I was outside, gold manna sparkled and I breathed it in, sucked it in. The next day it was silver. I had switched the feminine and thought that I was supposed to stay far away from my fig tree. Then I was led to it, and I took a bite. I immediately spit it out, knowing it was a trick. I talked to my horse and she said I was supposed to ride her. I said you are my sister, and she went down into a bow. I couldn’t release my fear, so I never got on her. It seemed as if all the animals in the woods were talking to me, calling to me.

Treasure hunt findings and a better BOX to be out of.

This photo is copyrighted, but I don’t know any other way to show you how seriously I took what was happening. She is eating manna

I was also God. Wouldn’t want to be God, that’s for sure. It was awful. Every thought or decision was like, oh wait, that would cause this. I begged to not be God. I decided that Jesus was a female, named Mary. That Mary, as a female, wouldn’t do, so they changed it to a man. I felt that I was supposed to die, for the world, and that I was to do it with Thoth’s instructions. I didn’t have to die by blood because I was a female and had shed all my blood already. I finally fell asleep for a few minutes but was woken by whispers. She’s gonna do it, any minute now, she’s gonna do it. I said, ahh, its time. So I did the Thoth thing, and no I’m not gonna tell ya. I woke up again.

I was confused. Why was I not dead. Something on the internet…Santa going down a chimney, suggested that I should go into the black hole I had nightmares about as a child. Ok, if this is for the world, I’m game. I dove down the hole! Down deeper and deeper and darker and darker. Then I heard a voice say…Come back! So I did come back, then thought maybe it was a trick, so I dove again. This time, the hole had an end…it came out in the ocean. Santa was flying his sleigh and offered me a ride. We zipped past the Pleiades and whipped around the moon, saying hello to Jesus. When he brought me home, I opened my eyes and I was in my chair. I was a dolphin, shouting…I am a dolphin, I am a dolphin, next was Junior birdman, I am a junior birdman, and yes, I did the upside down glasses thing with the hands over the eyes. Anyone remember that?

I don’t know if you can tell, but that is 3 hawks

Quite a group!

Then I realized I didn’t know if I was alive or dead. Maybe the Thoth thing had worked after all. Maybe I’d been dead for months or years even. My husband had witnessed most of my adventure and was all of a sudden sucked in when I asked him if I was dead. He said, I don’t know, you could be. I asked if he was my angel? I don’t know, I could be. And one more thing. During another moment of sleep, at one point, I was playing the game of life in a dream. I mean, THE game of life. Guess what? It was rock, paper, scissors! I won! I won with a crystal!!!

It was a grand experience, a grand adventure. There is so much more. There’s the Indian baby, the colors. Red yellow blue, it was wild and I can’t remember it all. Right now, this is all being typed from my memory. I haven’t even looked to see if I’ve previously written this story down. A few days after it was over, I caught the story in a weirdly flowing very long poem. I had planned to just post that here today, but it took up 6 pages in my word processor. Six pages!!! For those who are interested, I shall post it at the bottom of the blog, after the Signing off bit. I told you it was a wackadoodle story. I don’t lie, remember? Oath.

The doll, the colors, the peice of yarn, lol, the treasures and the box

The box, LID OPEN. There is a 2nd, better box too.(Up above)

A wand, ooooh

Gosh, someone just reminded me of the holy cows and the clouds. At the time, we had 3 female cows and I realized that they were sacred cows. 🙂 We had conversations. On Solstice itself, there was a cloud fight. A dragon and a lion. The Lion won. And as a gift for obeying, I was given a ….well, not sure what to call it. Standing outside, the clouds formed animals and people. Like a theater in the sky and I just stood there as this theater was like a carousel and went round and round, with new people and new animals. I realized how many friends I had. It was a gift. A blessed gift.

The Lion on the right battles the dragon on the left

Ahhh, the memories….and I’ve already got photos to go with this! What fun. I was leery of telling this story, but now that I have, it feels great! Gotta love God! What a sense of humor. And just so you’ll know, most of the stuff that I wrote and wrote…is silly mostly meaningless stuff!


Ok, it is solstice, but I still have a life and a farm and the goats. Well, the horses came up and Sasha was banging her head on her chest to say she was hungry. Not the usual way, this was way more grandiose and a sweeping of the head way in the air, then down to the chest. I said, you’re wanting grain. She repeated this until I asked what about all that grass. That’s when they put their heads together, as if for a photo op. I’m not conned that easily. Ha, that and the cows were at the fence too.

Sasha was talkin, trying to tell me they needed grain. She had no response when I asked about all that grass!

Spirit is the Son of the Horse that begged me to ride

My husband said that the goats loved carrots. Not. I couldn’t get a single goat to taste it. I chipped tiny pieces off, and they smelled aplenty, but nope, not gonna eat it. Some of the goats are complaining of the heat and choosing to not eat grain at all. Poor Opti. I guess it’s weaning time for him cuz every time he tried to nurse, Milly stepped away. Only 3 months and she’s weaning him. We typically wean at 4 months, guess we are softer than the goats.

Gotta show Opitmus again, a favorite, eh? I can’t help myself.

I was tossing food into the pretty pen and accidentally dropped the scoop. I went in and they were in eating mode, so I was able to touch them repeatedly when they weren’t looking. I’m trying to let them know that I am safe and that I don’t cause pain. That was fun! To touch them and then see their reaction when they realized it was me! Goofy goats. Ok well, gotta get the meatloaf in the oven and the taters on to boil. Don’t forget, if you want to read the long wild crazy poem, it is down below. Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.

Solstice Shamanic Journey

I’m not gonna tell you all of it
Parts are mine to keep
But I was recently with the Lord
In expanses oh so deep
First we joined in a cave of the heart
Mingled and glowed so gold
I flew away
Intimacy, so scared
I flew right out of reach
Knowledge appeared and sought
With extreme intensity
Food water sleep
Gone given forsaken
In a search for truth
From the beginning of this eternity
As knowledge ensued
And words poured forth
I sailed on a vision
Of heaven and hell
Heaven was earth
Hell was not knowing
Where I was
Dead or alive
Who I was
Eve, God, Salome, Jesus, Mary, God, Santa, Mother Earth, Jeshua, Maryan
I raced through time
I raced through space
Analyzing and checking
Feeling and being
I was she
I was he
I was him
I was it
I was nothing
I was grande
I was beautiful
I was the devil
— live—-d
When I was God
What had I done
Oh don’t speak
Don’t create
When I was Mary, I cried
I cried
I always cry
Which Mary, I ask
Which of the two
Mother or daughter
Or son of the two
The twins that were not
The man that was not
The woman denied
The Mary by his side
On go the lies
Hundreds of tears
Thousands of years
Too many fears
The power of woman
Too great
So fear
They did, they feared
They did, they hid
The truth behind the fears
I know, I said
To listen to me
They listened not
The truth the lie
The real the pie
The given the gift
The received the gone
The searched
The few
The chosen
Not of wish
Not of choice
Only by obeying
The spirit of Christ
The ghost within
The hidden light
The clouds of joy
And rainbows, rainbows
See them shimmer
Feel their love
They come as a gift from
Up above
And below
And between
And the same
Call them at will
With care for the day
They only come with rain,
Or dew or water or hoses or sprays
Or love
Deep in the heart of the Eldest Child
Lies the vision
Of others too
Two combine
To be as one
One the world
The same
To me, I am
Reversed this day
Revered not among men
I try to speak
I try to seek
Alone amidst the men
The men of cloak
Of shadows souled
Of shadows told
And of shadows sold

Betwixt the sheath of man
Is womans breast
Of milk impressed
With life with love with home
Such not the man
His ways, so vague
His emotions tied
Upon and slammed upon
Forbidden in your world
How else do you release the tension
In the violin of you
The song you sing is hemmed in
Sing your song in feeling
The key to life is feel
You came to feel
So feel already
And calm it in the night
Back to the story
I divert, I divert
We joined, we prayed
The stars and I
We made a deal in the sky
To reverse the shift
The poles of man
Jesus rose
I fell
He fell
I rose
A woman for a time
Just until
Prophecy fulfills
And Jesus comes again
This complicates
This terrifies
I am human still
I gave myself to death
And death spat me out
I gave myself to God
Caught I, in dimensions
Dead or alive
Sacrificed or sacrifice
Confusion reigned supreme
Between myself and my child
The choice was none
When they woke me up
With the whispers
She’s gonna do it
Any minute now
Shes gonna do it
I woke and surrendered
To death for my child
For all children
Of all kinds
I lay completely exposed
Legs and arms held wide
Said take me Lord
Just don’t make me cry
In the morn, I woke
Still here, still here
The day grew long
as the visions grew strong
The manna from heaven
On morning day next
Was glittering gold
Filling the air
When I saw it, I breathed
I sucked it inside
This was the day
I was Mother Earth
The fairies, the treasure hunt
The glitter and gold
The animals the birds
The trees and the cows
The horse begged me ride
I tried, I tried
I told her I saw her as sister
She bowed to say hello
She gave me three days
They are gone and past
Did I betray the world
Out of fear
Signs say no
So good, so far
Next day I am dead
No way out of, back home
I panicked, I feared
I cried and I teared
God help me
Take me to heaven
I looked to a source
So panicked was I
Said dive down the hole
And die
First I cut my cords
Wings came afurl
Then I dove
Into the abyss, the black world
I dove and I dove
Till a voice said come back
I came back and then
I doubted and again
Down I did go
Down the well and out
Into the ocean so deep
Till I opened my eyes
And to my surprise
I was sitting here still

Sheri Lee


5 thoughts on “God took me on a Mind Trip…..in 2006

  1. Did you know that a female mammal can become pregnant without a man’s “input” It’s a very rare occurrence called parthenogenesis. Any offspring, however, are female. I came to this conclusion after originally hearing about parthenogenesis many years ago. Today, I found this…



    I did some interesting things in my childhood/younger life like your “Thoth” thing as a way to control my environment. I think for me it was a result of emotional pain. I remember writing long poems but I haven’t got them any more. Today I look back on those times as a sort of Ya Ya Sisterhood ceremony stage without the other women. I didn’t like other women. My experiences with other women were negative and, of course, a reflection of how I saw myself.

    As a result, I believe, of my male/female imbalance, the ingestion of severe quantities of alcohol and drugs and genetics, I was diagnosed with breast cancer exactly 1 year after becoming sober.
    That was MY Spirit-filled time. People literally came out of the forest, that I did not know, to do healings on me claiming that God had directed them. People I had just met took me to sweat lodges. My friend who owns a crystal shop gifted me a strand each of larger rose quartz and aventurine stone beads to tape to my hands while sitting for the chemo. I know it worked, too, because the first time I did it, I came home and buried them in the yard and the grass didn’t grow there for a few years.

    I have story after story of that time but the point is I would never wish it on anyone but I would never trade it for anything! I believe that Creator makes lemonade out of lemons and I was sure behaving like a lemon, lol. So, I was newly sober, actively spiritually seeking and willing to take action. I remember laying on the gurney, making sure my hands were turned palm up to receive and repeating to myself “Thy will be done, Thy will be done…” while they did the biopsies and later when I was taking the chemo and radiation. I grew spiritually so much during that time.

    Thank you so much for writing each day! Blessings ❤

  2. Ya, I forgot to mention that I believe madonna thinks this could be true. Lol Oh man, the big C. Do you still have it? I know I’ve asked you this before…but DO you Skype? And, yay for the crystals! They say reiki works on the chemo bags beforehand. 🙂 Love ya Sis

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