You…..Me….One of a Kind

Ye know, there is only one me. There will always and forever, be only one me. I am the only person who has had my exact set of circumstances. The way I think is unique as is the way that I talk. I was trying to explain to my Columbian friend that in Texas, we even make up our own words. And to prove it, I made one up. Bumfluggin. (bumfludgein). It is something to say in place of oh Rats, or Oh Shit, you get the point. My example to her was I dropped my iphone. Bumfluggin. Lol, unfortunately, the language barrier kept her from understanding. Anyway, the point is, I do indeed make up my own words. Or my own phrases of wackadoodle words strung together. I’m not sure why I do this, maybe because the words just sound fun. I’ve had a lot of people remark when I use the whackadoodle.

Only one person was beaten, lied to, cheated on in the exact way I was beaten, lied to, and cheated on. I mean seriously, how many people have their husband cheat on them and then that man be killed violently by the very girl he cheated with? Me. Yup, she stabbed him 3 times in the heart and once in the thigh with a butcher knife. How many people went into a crisis until after said incident? I have story upon story from those days and even if you knew the story, if you didn’t live it, you wouldn’t truly know it and you certainly couldn’t duplicate it.

Only me had a sister named Lori, and then got two new sisters, Kathy and Beth, and a new dad all at the same time. Only me wanted to die for 38 years. Only me channeled a book by Inner Earth beings. Lol, that still sounds funny when I say it or see it. How do I know it was channeled? Because 20 years earlier, a lady whispered in my ear that her mother had been haunted by a story that she never wrote, then passed that story idea down to her daughter, who then passed it down to me, a complete stranger! Like I said, twenty years went by and one day, whamo! I’m typing on my keyboard and words are flying from my fingertips about something I’ve never thought of.

I am just mind boggled at the thought. Each and every human is exactly as unique as I am. For the award thingie I had to tell 7 things about myself that most people wouldn’t know. Even if you knew 50,000 things about me, you still couldn’t be me. Knowledge without experience is a fairly empty vessel. And even if you could try to be me, why would you want to? Everything I have said thus far, applies to you, too. What I am getting at is that each person is unique, special. Exactly as they are, exactly at this moment. Think about it. You, in Malaysia and you in Indonesia, are completely different than anyone in America, Australia, or Istanbul. You are even unique in your home country, as well as, your town, your street, your work, your house. You are different than your neighbor. Even if all the like minded people were gathered together, each would still be different, unique.

So. If everyone is different, why is everyone trying to be the same? And if everyone is unique with unique thoughts and experiences to bring to the table, why is all the TV the same these days? And the songs? Why are there so many remakes, instead of completely new music and lyrics? On TV, first we had America Idol, then Nashville Star, then X Factor, and then The Voice. That’s not even counting all the spin offs from those. But next, we got The Choice, which copied The Voice, and another dating thing where they can’t see, which brings us back around to the old show….The Dating Game. Same old same old.

I guess what I’m ultimately getting at, is where has originality gone? Where is the essence of unique? Has it been irrevocably squelched? Squished? Splimushed? Yup, just made that one up. Spider is still reverberating through me, as I urge you to create. Create new. Create different. Create you, from you. Step out away from the robotic creations that are like cookie cutters. Shoot and pistols, why not create a new cookie cutter, that will make your own unique cookies. Or cakes, or books, or movies or songs., or or or.

Milky is on her knees, but twisted upside down. Silly girl

Okie dokie, back to the farm. Guess what? It’s still hot! Oh boy, I get to go out in that heat and feed now! Yippee. Ah, but there is a high point….I get to see my babies. And yes, I call them all my babies, no matter how old they are.

Lila on the left, then Lily, her twin. Milly is sort of in the photo and that’s Miky up front

So pretty………………Opti

Well, I didn’t melt and I found myself doing the strangest thing. Taking photos of he backs of the goats legs. I don’t know what it is about the backs of their legs that gets me, I just like it. So, this is a study of the backs of some of my goats legs.



Opti Opt




Angel (last years bottle baby)

As you can see, I am indeed unique. So are you. Believe in yourself. Believe that you are different and therefore you have something to contribute. You are a unique color. There has never been that color in the rainbow before and there never will be again. What color are you? And how will you blend your unique color with the rest of the world? Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.


8 thoughts on “You…..Me….One of a Kind

  1. I think that there has been such a PUSH in recent human history to be an individual, to be individual, to rely only on one’s own will power and abilities, to get away from our elders, to be ALONE. There is very little “family” any more. There is no village. When we were “villagers” we could afford to encourage each other to be creatively unique. It used to be a healthy way of life and survival. Today we long to belong because many of us have had our cultures stripped away from us or we gave it away for “convenience”. We twist and turn searching for where we belong. We have an emptiness inside that was once filled with belonging.

    But you are correct. We are not better or worse than our brothers or sisters, just unique with our own unique gifts that ultimately uplift the whole. I remind myself each day that we are all on a Spiritual Journey and that we are at different places on those individual Journeys. We are fellow travelers and, I believe, that we are here to Travel and to Help Each Other to Do The Same With and Through Love.

    I am a cobbler. I cobble jewelry, household goods, foo-fois and just about anything else I come across in my daily life. I cobble constantaneously. I put things together in interesting ways. I tie 5 bamboo place-mats end to end to create a room divider. I cut and sew and rearrange my shoes into something different than what they were to begin with but more comfortable and suitable to self-expression. I stick fossilized shells in the interstices of the burl lamp I bought at a road-side flea market on north Lamar in Austin. I cobble together leather, gourds, bones, shells and stones to create masks, rattles and hanging foo-fois. I cobble my surroundings; my rooms are works of cobbling.

    The Cobble! I now have a name for my residence! Thank you for inspiring me to create!

    Blessings! ❤

  2. indomitable spirit comes to mind. Bumfluggin sounds like something Roald Dahl would have come up with. I like it! Love the work you’re doing (homestead and writing), be well,

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