Very Inspirational Blog Award :-)

I have been nominated for a blogger award. I believe that the purpose of this is to stimulate the blog world and create movement. I love it. Let’s go…….  wait, first I want to say thank you to all who read the words I put before you. Thank You! It makes my day! Ok………go!
This young lady nominated me, and I now nominate her. She inspires me with her dream and her passion to carry it out. When she blogs from Iceland, we will hear the smile in her words.

This young man was overweight and decided to change his life. He is an inspiration.

This is about Motherhood. The joys and the Sorrows.


My old friend. My dear friend, get to writing!!!!

Coco J Ginger is a young lady with a head on her shoulders. I like her style.

Bucket List Productions is about travel, fun and life, apparently with the emphasis on FUN.

This is about a woman who is working in a mans world. Ha, this lady even changed her tire in a dress!

This lady has a farm type thing goin on but doesn’t have her goats yet. They are being taken care of elsewhere. She is trying to buy a place so she can have her angora goats.

This is a family that grows together. Grows their food and has wonderful photos of the process. For anyone needing green in their lives, this is it.

This guy is an encourager. Simply put.

Going from life in the village, to life in the city. The contrast.

A wonderful Goat Lady, talking about her days as a farmer. Inspires us all to live the farm life.

This girl talks in third person.

From the dogs perspective……. He found a wonderful home.

Another angora goat lady. I think we all love to be called Goat Ladies. I think the name should suffice in telling the rest of the story. Castle Argghhh

Ok, there’s my 15 nominations. I do realize that this is a blog generator of sorts, to stimulate movement. It’s a brilliant idea. Anyway the next requirement is that I tell you 7 facts about myself that most people don’t know. So here goes.
1. I am a Reiki Master
2. I hated green peppers my whole life and now I love them
3. I can make teeny tiny things out of clay
4. I hate gardening work these days
5. I don’t know many actual physical people, meaning, there would be very few souls at my funeral.
6. I wanted to learn Hebrew but couldn’t
7. I’m really proud of my yarns these days. I’m getting better and I just love to spin.

There we go. I have now fulfilled the requirements of The Very Inspiring Blog Award. Thank you Iceland Express for nominating me. I understand the point of this, and I’m all for it. Spread the love baby!

P.s. This is not my blog for today, this is an extra…barring unforeseen thingies. Oh ya, and Pss. I’m too busy to notify all these people, hopefully they will figure it out! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Very Inspirational Blog Award :-)

    • Ya, it’s one of those things where they say unless you pay a fortune for it, you won’t appreciate it. That’s bull.Unfortunately, I don’t know how to attune from a distance, if there is such a thing. 🙂

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