Rainbows…….Spider………… and a Hookah

Wow, well, the party was actually fun. The hosts are newlyweds from India, and the new bride was dressed in an elegant Indian gown. I of course, was wearing my Stewie Darth Vader sleep pants and a Tractor supply T-shirt, size 3x. My husband was wearing shorts. It didn’t seem to matter, however, as they were genuinely glad to see us. It turned out that I didn’t have to ask any questions about their countries, as conversation flowed with no problems. Mostly they wanted to know how the animals were. Of course I whipped out my Iphone with it’s plethora of photos and we were in business.

Ahhh, the beautiful hostess of the party….Meghana.

The new bride was shocked to learn that she and her husband had been…’set up’, at one of our BBQ’s. They had both been steered to check out our attic, then everyone was advised to stay out of the attic. It was hilarious. Both of them worked under my husband so typically, relationships are discouraged. There was a lot of giggling that night, and obviously their machinations were successful, wala, the happy couple. The fun of the night was when the guys went outside to smoke the Hookah. I, of course, wanted to see it in action so I went out with them. It was a beautiful piece and somehow they talked me into trying it. It was very similar to smoking from a Native American peace pipe. Tobacco with additions. The addition to this tobacco was flavor, mint flavor. Difficulties getting the Hookah to go created much laughter.

Hookah and me!

We decided not to bring in the box of my fiber goodies, since it seems they are having BBQ withdrawal. So, they agreed to model the goodies at the BBQ. My husband usually goes to bed at 9pm every night so let’s just say he was up late. We arrived home at 12:30 am. I was wired and didn’t go to bed till 3am. When I went outside to play ball with Blue and do my Walton style goodnight call, there was a huge spider web on the porch. While at the party during the Hookah scene, I saw a spider web on face book. It was so large I passed the phone around. My spider web was nearly as big, but I wasn’t able to get a decent photo. That inspired me to take a few web photos in my house, which then inspired me to show you some things in the room I spend most of my time in, the living room, where my chair is.

I took this to show the spider webs, but I’d have to zoom in to really see them. This is the photo that started this sharing of my Chair room.

These ditties are closest to me….I see them often

Little ditties to inspire me

My pouches. Under them is a photo of a monk sitting in a park and there are 7 or 8 deer laying down around him and an upside down rainbow appeared after developing the photo. (that’s the story)

This was gifted to me by my husband because every time I saw it in the store, it took my breath away. He had the box made special. You have no idea how hard it is to keep from opening that door and trying it on!!!

Today I was reminded of the Hopi prophecy. Warriors of the Rainbow. The warriors of the rainbow are here now. Here on planet earth. It is you and me, and all who strive for a better world. A kinder world. A greener world. I drive a car and use gasoline, but I know that this is against the green. And against the grain. The oil in the earth, to me, is like the blood in a human body. It is the life-giving liquid that keeps our bodies, our shells, alive and here on this planet. If the oil is like the blood, then what damage have we done? And that’s just one issue. For those of you who have not yet read my book, The Wiggles of Crystal Cave, it is about this very subject.

Back to the rainbow. I alluded to this once, but here is the story. I had just received my first Reiki attunement and was alone in a hotel room. I had no beer to get me to sleep, so I asked Spirit to help me out. I was immediately taken on a mind journey. I was with someone, in space. I didn’t see this person, but I was with him. We were walking through the stars when we came upon a forest. A beautiful forest as far as the eye could see. Then these rainbows appeared and began to dance. As they danced, they turned themselves into geometrical shapes. So, the circle rainbow danced next to the square, etc. When the triangle appeared, the spirit with me picked it up. He turned it sideways and then threw it, like one would a boomerang. It sliced through the forest, cutting down all the trees. As I hollered out, “no!”, the voice said….There is power in the rainbow. I went swiftly to sleep.

Hopi Prophecy. Knew about this before I ever went to a Rainbow Gathering(and no, the Rainbow People are not the only warriors of the rainbow)

Since that time, I now live in a place where rainbows appear often, and I have been to several Rainbow Gatherings. The rainbow is very prevalent in my life. The time is now, for the rainbow to form. Pick your sides folks. Keep destroying the earth and the people upon it or change it, with thoughts, words and deeds. We are the rainbow we seek.

It felt a little like a rainbow at the party last night. People from all over the world, come together. Gosh I love my life. And now it’s time to go visit with my little tiny rainbow. The whites; the reds; the greys; the blacks; the browns; the creams, and the silvers of which I have aplenty. My beautiful tiny goat rainbow. Well, maybe not so tiny, 50 goats is not really tiny. 🙂

For you Meghana…..my beautiful Opti. I searched and searched for this photo to show her last night

We have two themes today, the spider and the rainbow. It started last night with the spider in my bag. Then the huge web at the party then the web on the porch which led to the Native items with webs, which led to the Hopi prophecy, which led to the rainbow. The spider is about weaving threads. Creation. The rainbow IS creation at it’s finest. The rainbow holds all colors, all woven together, which brings us back to weaving and the spider.

And it all comes full Circle.


And signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.


18 thoughts on “Rainbows…….Spider………… and a Hookah

  1. I am glad you had a good time, it is all about the idea of leaving the farm, once you get there you’re fine like me, but ugh, the thought of going anywhere does nothing for me at all

    • LOL, Ya, My friend just suggested I come visit, and I said, i thought you read my blog last night!!! lol. Trips are the worst!!! Glad you got to go to England even tho you hate to leave. 🙂

  2. have you gone on any additional journey’s to visit the rainbow spirit, maybe in your forest of trees…to ask it more about what it was showing you? i wonder why you can fall asleep with out drinking beer… maybe perhaps because if you didnt drink, you would spend much more time journeying in the realms and way to much really cool stuff could come creativly thru you? hmmm
    lovvvvvvvvvve u

  3. I am so happy it DID go well at the party for you!

    I can not express to you how I look forward to reading your entries each evening because I know I will find something to identify with. I took pics of my house, including My chair in My front room where I have all of My uplifting ditties to share with another friend who also lives in TX, I guess not too far from You (!): Gun Barrel City!!!!! Holy Moley!

    I also share the “New Hopi Prayer” (as it is entitled on YouTube) about the Rainbow Warriors with as many as I can…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3SEEsjWvAM. Harken.

    There was a tiny spider that crawled out of my purse today when I picked it up to go out. I have a fake tree in my front room that is full of prayer ties and dream catchers.

    Earlier today i got involved in some other YouTube videos about Sacred Geometry. There were only 2 in this particular series although the narrator speaks of others. I am still searching for them but here is the first 1 if you’re interested…..

    Blessings to you my sister. Have a wonderful evening and day tomorrow ❤

    • I’ve been waiting for someone to say that! Thank you my friend. Oh Lordie, this is exciting. The Hopi, yessireee. As for the sacred geometry, yes I will watch it, love that stuff…watched them periodically in my journey. Blessings

    • Goodness,I was browsing around trying to find something and came across the link for notifications, I wondered why there was no way to read them all, at the top of the page!! lol, and was skimming to make sure I hadn’t missed anyone. You, I missed you! So sorry! It’s been a crazy few days, my kid was in jail.Got a kick out of your comment, and remembered it, it just got accidentally deleted from my email. Come on back now, ye hear? LOl, couldn’t resist. 🙂 Now,on to find whatever it was I was looking for. 🙂

      • Sorry to hear about the jail. I had a pretty awful day myself I see that for some reason, my little gravatar doesn/t actually link to my blog, There is a lot to figure out about this, isn’t there? Thanks for your writings, being so genuine, and for being my first official subscriber who I didn’t know previously!

      • Sorry about YOUR day too! Just click Dashboard, then settings. From there just add a photo. Thats sweet. I love to write. Cool, glad to be the first cuz that means next comes a 2nd.! 🙂

  4. Thanks so much for following me. I really love your spider web and look forward to reading your stories. I actually am living in the heart of the Center of the Universe – Hopiland. I’m a nurse, worked at the small health center and trusting I’ll be the School Nurse at First Mesa Elementary.Please send me your positive visions, as the government bureaucracy is a challenge. Look forward to traveling this journey with you.

    • You live in Hopiland? So awesome. Concerned about this water thing they’re about to pass, or have passed. I don’t think the Government can be trusted anymore now than in the dark past. Thanks for connecting with me!!! Blessings new friend!

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