Hermit goes to a Party

This goat farmer hates to leave her farm. I absolutely hate it. If I have to leave, it would be during the day, because there’s just something about the dark. Something lonely. Something mysterious. I prefer my mysteries by light of day or at least, safe in my home, sitting in my chair.

Tonight, I am going to a party. Yikes! When I agreed to go, it never occurred to me it would be a nighttime party. Not only a nighttime party, but a party in the city. In Austin. An hour away. In the city. Have I told you how much I hate the city? Or driving in the city or even being a passenger in a vehicle, in the city.

I’m not entirely sure how much is hate and how much is fear. I push through fears so I will push through this. I am strong. Ha! Now you see what I do, when I’m scared. I tell myself I’m strong. If I’m scared, I call Angels to be with me. Could be one or four or a legion of angels. I think I even called in four legions once! 🙂 That’s a bunch of Angels!

I just reached into my knitting bag and encountered spider. As usual, I said, “hello spider”. Spider represents creating. Creating and weaving the web of life. What am I creating by my willingness to overcome my fear and going to this party? Only further ahead moments will tell.

This party is with my husbands co-workers. He’s their boss. Usually they come to the farm for a BBQ and I’m running around cooking or showing off my babies. I’ve never seen a more eclectic group. There will be people from: China, India, Sudan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Malaysia. At the last BBQ, I remember asking a gal from China if China wants to take over the US. She said she didn’t know! Ha! I expected an, of course not!

I’m not sure what we’ll have in common here in the city. At the farm it was love of animals. I’m literally a country girl about to be with city folk. I can spin this! I’ll simply ask them about their home countries. What they like best about it or worst, and that should create conversation. I’m taking along my boxes of homemade shawls and scarves in case I find volunteers to model them for me. That should weave some changes in my life. I might then be able to sell something because I’ll be able to show photos. Proper photos. I tried it with photos of my stuff on an art easel. Not very effective.

Getting closer. Soon I will be clutching the car handle and braking with imaginary brakes. Yes, it’s still daylight. Doesn’t matter. City by night or city by day…… Too many cars, going too fast on roads that are too narrow. We didn’t have dinner. I wonder if there will be food? Thinking about food and writing this, keeps me from freaking out.

Well, we did the normal Saturday stuff and the owner of The Sugar Shack in Bastrop, Texas said I’d bought a million smoothies, I deserved a free one. On the house. :-). Gave Lovey his humongous bottle a bit early, and although hot, everybody was doin fine.

Getting closer. Need to wrap this up so I can try to figure out how to add photos. If I can’t, sorry, I’m using the IPhone. Not gonna spell check either! Well, wish me luck and good vibrations as I go to a party. First in, I dunno, 15 years? Oh boy. Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.








6 thoughts on “Hermit goes to a Party

  1. Ahhh, Mea, I’m home. It is 12:30am, and just now sat in my chair. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who does this! And yes, you were right, I was fine once there. 🙂 Night Sweetheart!

  2. I hope you made out O.K. at the party Sheri Lee.

    How strange…I was divorced in Bastrop, TX. I had my name changed at the courthouse there in the process. ALL of my name. A woman I worked with had her last name changed in a divorce in TX to a name she made up. So, my keen alcoholic mind said, “HEY now! If she can do part, I can do all!” And I did. I was born Cynthia Lea Wright. A silly thing to do for sure but I got tired of “Cindy Lea” this and that. I’m a grown woman for Pete’s sake. So I went on a fact-finding mission at the Austin Public Library for Irish Gaelic, Scots Gaelic and Welch dictionaries. When I finished I had come up with Croitiene (Cree-chee-ah-nah) naAildeo ganMoryn (Irish, Scots, Welsh).

    Croi – Heart
    tiene – Flame
    naAildeo – of the Mountain
    ganMoryn – From The Sea

    And that’s the story of my name. Truth be told, sometimes I wish someone besides my dad would call me “Cindy Lea” again. 😀

    I lived in Elgin then moved to Austin near the Arboretum (after the divorce) between ’93 and ’95. I worked at ITT Technical Institute (which has since moved to another location) teaching engineering classes. Then I worked as a CAD Designer at the Motorola MOS13 job site during construction.

    Blessings Woman! ❤

  3. Yea, it is a very small world, within a small world. Bastrop and Elgin are just down the road. I like that you changed your name like that, the whole name. I took my middle name as my last, during my 2nd divorce. I sign all my art as Sheri Lee, so I just go by Sheri Lee now. Legal things I use my married name. Only one person called me SheriLee, all run together, he was the abusive ex. I did like it tho. Funny thing, for a person with as many names as I have…I rarely hear any. They just talk to me, they don’t say my name. Odd. Anyways, yes, I had fun. Good to hear from you again Cindy Lea. 🙂

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