The empty chair……the Ellen Show….and a butterfly from a friend

My husband will be home in a few hours. I was pondering the difference between when he’s here day to day and when he is gone for a week for meetings. There are two main differences. One, I don’t cook meals. I eat what I want to eat, usually being something simple. This week, I had eggs and noodles 3 times, 2 BLTs and last night was a Steak-ums sandwich. And yesterday I got to eat at Jack in the Box for lunch. Yay. That’s it. That’s what I ate this week. I guess it’s not a lot of food.

The other difference, is that there is nobody in the other chair. Nobody sitting there, which makes me then carry on conversations, which are ignored. I’m not sure why I talk to him just because he’s in the chair. What is up with that? If I know that my comments will be ignored, why do I make any comments? For some reason that bothers me. I was not bothered this week. I didn’t see anyone in the chair, so felt no need to share things. Therefore, since I didn’t share things that were then ignored, there was less stress. Maybe I should tell you that he is an introvert. He just doesn’t talk much. I, on the other hand, talk a lot. Let’s just say it was a quiet week.

A rare glimpse of her empty nest. Very empty.

Out for a walk, she’s loving the freedom, but wants a baby so bad

Out for a sail around the pond

Today was medicine day. Every 10 days, 3 times, this was the 2nd time. What fun. The new chute is still not right, but we caught about half that way. I’m constantly telling them, it’s just medicine for the bugs, but they don’t seem to understand. It’s funny Sometimes I swear they understand what I’m saying and other times, it’s like, nobody is home. After it was done, I sat the medicine down and said All Done. I love it when they come up and want petted after I have just scared the tar out of them.

Every day I am amazed at how beautiful little Optimus is. Each year, there is one that dazzles me. Last year it was Maya, and I still can’t get near her. This year it is Opti and he loves me. Same mother, but different attitudes. Maya’s twin, Miyagi, loved me, but he is not drop dead gorgeous in my eyes. It really means nothing, nobody gets special attention. Any goat who comes to me will get petted or scratched on the neck or chin, whatever they desire. All it affects is how I breed. Who I pair with who. This fall I have lots of choices as to who the father will be. My munchkins have the traits of their moms added to Marshall’s, so therefore, combined traits. I’m gonna have fun with this one. Until now, I’ve only had one main buck. Lol, it’ like creating designer goats.

I have two, Sendai and last years bottle baby, Angel, as father choices for my tiny Shortcake. They are both quite small and should do the trick. The baby situation, well, it’s complicated and will be drawn out, if any at all. My control has been removed and these babies, if there are any, will be live or die, unless I happen to see or to see symptoms. Less guilt for me that way, eh?

A little happy to see me, eh? Ha!

As you can tell, God didn’t have a topic last night for me to try to capture. No, instead I did Skype with my husband from Canada. It was long and quiet, not a typical skype call, lol. I don’t have any witty gems or life lessons for you today. I just turned on skype after I typed that, and there we go, Ellen Tv is online. This has been very gut clenching. I don’t know what to do at this point. When you see a scam, you report it, right? I did. I reported it to the face book Ellen Show. They said it was real. What does a person do? I hate the idea of anyone else going through this. I notified one more place today, we shall see. The Ellen Show contacted me again tonight on Skype….seemed angry this time, used all Capital letters! Does this mean the Facebook site is a fake? Jeesh people, I just don’t know.

The very first message….thru skype

This is the 2nd Skype message. Hard to read, sorry.


Ok, today I learned about a drug that is causing people to eat other people. I shall dig into this. A drug that causes people to let go of their humanity to the point that they eat other humans? Bad bad drug. I’ll let ya know what I find out.

The dough is ready to rise

This one is mine….ready for the oven

Well, my wonderful but silent husband is back home now. Back to the big meals. Today I made homemade pizza. His response? I had Chicago pizza IN Chicago, for lunch. Lol, and the fun begins again. Lovey had his humongous bottle tonight and drank it all without stopping. Hope he doesn’t get a belly ache. The pups were surprisingly chilled out. The 2 young bulls got into a fight and Betsy told them to stop. Man, cows are so big. Everything about them is big. Their fight scared baby Redfeather from the spot he was “parked” in at least a thousand yards away and he came running for his mommy. And last but the best… dear friend Susan came through! We have our first Butterfly since my request!!!

My oldest and dearest friend, Susan, helped us out. Beautiful Butterfly, thank you so very much Susan!


Well, too many photos once again, so no room for the Redfeather photo or the bull fight. But I got the most important ones in, eh? The butterfly and the pizza!!! Ha! signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.


3 thoughts on “The empty chair……the Ellen Show….and a butterfly from a friend

  1. i suggest that if you are feeling to share things to him, since hes sitting there, be unattatched to the outcome, pretend you are talking to you angel friends, or animal guides…. or maybe choose to speak less out loud, or at least be more discerning? does this resonate?… I love you

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