Uh oh, taboo…..Ya, I’m gonna take on that topic!……

Yesterday, an issue came up. It was on facebook, as usual, and the post was about an Evangelist saying no to Obamacare. I usually don’t even notice political things, but the topic caught my eye. One of the reasons this Evangelist was opposed, was because he didn’t want to pay for abortions. The post commenters, myself among them, were saying they did not agree with abortion and did not want to pay for it. Then someone comes in and says  “No one is making any of you pay for abortions for anybody. And Christianity is still not victimized in any way. Your religious beliefs would get a lot more respect from other people if it’s followers showed some compassion for other humans.” I backed out then, but here is what I almost said. (And btw, this is NOT a religious belief, it is a human/humanity belief)

Fresh from the womb, covered in the yellow goo of birth. Hello SweetPea!

The unborn child has rights under law. Did you hear that? It has ancestral rights. It has inheritance rights. In the United States of America, it can inherit, and therefore can be protected under the LAW.

Ok, aside from that, it is a life. If it has rights, hmmm, must be HUMAN. Have you seen the way challenged people are living these days? I, like they, don’t use the term handicapped or disabled. Dis means not and abled, well, I’m sure there are plenty of things they are able to do. Love and be loved, the chief amongst them. Have you not watched the endless parade of tv movies of people wanting desperately to adopt? People who ache for a child in their arms, in their life, someone to fulfill their heart?

My precious Kya and Milky, minutes after birth…just before Kya came to me instead of her mom

Add to that the science of nowadays, and you get a heartbeat at what, a few weeks? Let me google it. Gotta love Google. 15 weeks by stethoscope, 6 weeks by sonogram. 6 weeks, Count em! …Six…… One and a half months. ………..45 days….. If it has a heartbeat, it’s a life. You can’t get any simpler than that. Whether it be a dog, cat, whale, fox, bird, or human, etc. You stop the heart… it dies. Night day. East west. Right wrong. Life death. 45 days.

This was sweet Cherub. I would not have wanted to miss out on her few weeks of life.

Now THIS is DEATH. This is a dead baby. Bella. Bella never took a breath, and I still grieve.

And that, my friends, is my take on that. I told you, I talk about my day, and what I learn and know. What did I learn? That people still don’t see. Say my goat outside is pregnant. I go out and I kick it and kick it until the baby comes out dead. Am I in the right? I harpoon a whale, am I in the right? I throw a pregnant dog on the highway in oncoming traffic, am I in the right?

Where Kya loved to be……napping in my lap.

I noticed long ago that people care more about animals than they do the unborn child. And even the born child. The number of animal shelters and rescues far exceed the number of shelters for women and children. Priorities are a little mixed up, but then, it was prophesied by a woman on the wagon trail. She said we would love our dogs more than our husbands. Haha. Look at the dog industry today. Clothing, treats, purses, modeling, etc. I dunno, seems unbalanced to me.

Sweet Kya………..I still love you sweet baby. Miss you every single day

Of course there’s the argument of sustainability. Too many humans on the planet. I think the reasonable answer for that is for people to universally choose to only have a few children, and to adopt if they need more. Then everybody is happy. See? Simple. 🙂

Tiny baby Opti, crawling on Mama’s back.

Speaking of children, my daughter called me on skype and invited me to a puppet show. 🙂 Apparently there was another mother present via skype but I didn’t realize I was waving at a computer as she introduced me around the party. All the children were dressed in fairy costumes, and they had a little stage set up with a curtain and all the child’s favorite toys. They then did an impromptu puppet show, no rehearsals, and it was very sweet, even when one of the birthday girls wanted to change the order of things and do her part first. Poor thing was so disappointed she started crying and the show was over. For the moment, of course, you know kids.

Lovey, brought back from the brink of death, only a few hours old here

Lovey and Opti together, before he became a permanent bottle baby

It was adorable. And the sounds, of all the people, wow, a lot to take in. And the tiny children’s voices as they made up their words, were just scrumptious. I remember something about the weeds, and then it was the strawberry rabbit that threw a kink in the works. See, the kids had rehearsed some parts, not the puppet show, but some parts of the show, and this little one expected her part to come next and when the strawberry rabbit came up, she got her little heart nicked. TV said broke, because that is the word I was gonna use. I changed it at the last second. How funny. See, I told you God had a sense of humor.

My Kya, so weak, nuzzling with her twin, Milky

Well, the storm last night was cool, like I said, it was a true blue storm. It knocked down two tree branches and sent oak leaf bunches flying all over the yard. I gathered them and gave most of the goats a treat. I will show those photos tomorrow. I decided instead, to post photos of some of the babies born here. It seemed fitting, considering the topic. Some of these photos may seem familiar, but the majority are never before seen photos. I take A LOT of photos.

Yesterday I got to meet the Grandmother of the young girl in Columbia. It is so fun to see the excitement! And oh, I forgot to tell you, I already met her mom the other day. I do love Skype, and I shall try to keep liking it even though my Ellen Show sadness stems from there. I think it was a scam, folks. How many others were duped as well, and feel this disappointment? It’s certainly not Ellen’s fault. She is compassion with a smile.  And Hello to Czech Republic and just a few minutes ago, Indonesia!!!!!! Yay, and welcome to my perspective.

Oh ya I finally figured out who the mystery Munchkin was in the Main Pasture with the BigBoys. It’s Kitchie, not Junebug! I tried to call him in, but I’m thinkin he likes being with the BigBoys. I Knew that Lovey would survive not getting his bottle last night, so I stayed inside, out of the rain, which let Him stay in his shelter, out of the rain. He will be 3 months next week. Any yes, I could have made my life simpler, and just let nature take it’s course with Lovey, but had I done that, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself AND, you wouldn’t get to see him grow.

Abandoned as dead by his mom, this is Lovey Love, taken just a few minutes ago, to show you Lovey at the oldest he has ever been, so far. Quite alive.

Once again, this is my story, and I’m stickin to it. Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.

2 thoughts on “Uh oh, taboo…..Ya, I’m gonna take on that topic!……

  1. I will say to you the same things my AA sponsor ( a TRULY compassionate being) said to me upon the occasion of my first 5th Step (Step 5 – Admitted to God, to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs). I had to tell her I had had 3 abortions. She asked me if I believed that All Things Happen For A Reason. I said, “Yes.” She then asked me if I believed that we all had a spirit and I said, “Yes.” She made me think about what God would do with my babies’ spirits. I have to believe that those little Spirits have incarnated into life exactly where they are supposed to be right now. Am I making sense?

    I am a pro-choice woman. There is a war on women occurring right under our very noses in 21st century America. I don’t believe that ANYone has the right to tell another person what they can do or NOT do with their own body. This business of denying contraceptives to anyone is ridiculous. We are too far away from the Dark Ages to revert back to them.

    THE biggest issue I see facing us as humans right now is the lack of self-love. I’m not talking narcissism. I wasn’t taught to love myself because my parents before me were never taught it and so on ad infinitum to the dawn of history. What happens if you don’t have Love? You have Fear. My folks did the best they knew how to and so did I but that doesn’t make it Healthy. One of the elements of my morning Prayers is thanking Creator for the Hope of a Physically, Mentally, Spiritually and Emotionally Clean and Health Human Race. How’s THAT for ambitious?

    My point is that if we were successfully able to teach our children HOW to love themselves, they would love everyone else as well and we wouldn’t have MOST the problems facing us today.

    I have spoken.

    Blessings ❤

    • Yes, you have spoken, thank you! I agree with some of your points,except for the this is my body thing. Contraceptives? Sure, give em out, but if a baby results, regardless, that is more than your body, more than your choice. It is another life that cannot speak for itself. Another life that can find a home, perfect for them. You did what you did and yes, I am sure it all worked perfectly. I think however, on this topic we need to agree to disagree. I do not wish to inflict pain with my words, These are my beliefs. They are not yours. Bless you! Agreed on the teaching of the children!!!! 🙂

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