No religion……just God……Imagine.

Ok, it just accelerated. Always, when the right thought popped in my mind, the TV would then repeat it. This time, It was said….along with me, along with my thought. Which brings us to the next subject I wanted to breach. Religion. If I had a real telephone book here, mine are tee tiny, I would take the time and count the number of religions in the yellow pages. Just for you. Let’s see what happens if I google….how many religions are there? Ok, the general consensus is that there are 21-22. I know there are more than that in the phone book. Jeesh, a cookie for a phonebook! Anyway, ok fine, let’s say there are only 21, actually they used the word Major, which then would mean all the split offs from those. Ya, ok, but in the end, it’s probably closer to hundreds. Maybe even many thousands.

Where am I going with this? Let’s say there are 100. We can even go back to 21. Fine, 21 it is. Ok, so we’ve got 21 different religions and each one thinks they are right and the others are wrong. Each one thinks that Their God is better and that Their Gods rules are different. What the heck is that all about? What do we do with that? We fight wars. All the way back through time, we fight wars. We hide things, We suppress things. We have war. Every species of man has done this from time immortal. My rock is better than your rock, so I get hit over the head. Caveman. We are still caveman.

During my Winter Solstice Experience in 2006, I was astonished, I mean, purely flabbergasted, to see the words…..The Gods came to earth. Gods? Plural? I was very excited and rounded up every bible that we had in the house. I had like, 8-10 bibles in my lap or surrounding my lap and I would look at the same verse in each bible. They were all different. It reminded me of the tower of Babel. Which verse is true? Which is correct? Ever dig into the history of religion? It’s a fascinating journey in itself. So, if you want to read about the gods who came, you will have to find the right bible, cuz it’s not in my usual one. Mine only talks of the sons of God, who had sex with the humans. I found this one online, but it still isn’t what I read back then, it was literally saying, the gods came. Either way, it is odd, don’t ya think? Genesis Chapter 6, vs.4 There were giants on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them.

The good news is, that things are beginning to shift. More and more people are finding alternatives to religion. I personally, have no religion. I will tell you what I believe. I believe in Jesus, and I believe in God. To be truly one hundred percent honest, I believe in Jesus, because I am afraid not to. See, that is what religion does to a person. On the other hand, Jesus represents awakening, rising above the norm, otherwise known as Enlightenment, and most importantly, love. I asked God, as I told you, what he wanted me to call him and he said Father. In the beginning of my journey, I tried to go back, ….ok, a God created this planet, ok, so who created him? And who created Him, and who created him? I ended up taking it to pure darkness. Pure Nothing. Then a Bubble. A bubble being. A pure bubble of light. This bubble Realized, became Aware, that he was alone. So he split off. You can finish that thought any way you wish. For me, it is He who talks to me, who steers me, who guides me, who makes fun of me, kiddingly, who loves me and teaches me. I follow his whisper and I Am.

Back to things are shifting. I digress. Thanks to technology, people can contact each other instantaneously all over the world. Because of this, books are being read, thoughts are being shared and people are becoming more aware of their surroundings and the synchronicities in their lives. Age old wisdoms are being circulated. They are seeing odd connections, as I am, and they are getting out of the box. It’s almost as if the lid has been sprung, ha, that was a recent title of mine. Maybe I’m imagining things. Not! The words The Great Awakening have come around 3 times, as things do for me. I mean in the last 2 days folks. What could we be awakening to? What would happen if there were no religion and everyone believed the same thing, that…..Something told me to do this, Something told me to do that. If no one owns the rights to God, through their religion, then there is no need of war, anymore. We can make a new religion and call it SOMETHING…. Just kidding.

Seek and Ye Shall Find

Answers, answers, answers
I never thought I’d find
Come on, look with me
There’s not a lot of time
The great white lie
Has finally been revealed
God gave us the truth
The church sorted and sealed
Sealed up tight
So many thousands of years
God intended truth
The church intended fears
Fear of God, fear of life
Fear of fear itself
Where’s the rest of the story
Sitting on the vatican shelf?
We’re here to learn for God
We learn in human form
We come to earth repeatedly
To teach our alter form
Plato, Freud and Jung
Some early pioneers
Collective consciousness is rising
So many wasted tears
Jesus learned the tools of life
Miracles be our legacy
All humans have the gift
We all can part the sea
We can, but we forgot
The wool is in our eyes
The wolf in sheep’s clothing
The church creates our cries
Metaphysics, new age, occult
Seek and ye shall find
Occult just means hidden
God is hidden in the mind
God is not far away
Or watching from above
He’s right there inside of you
Lighting you with love

Sheri Lee

See what I’m saying? I don’t have a religion, I don’t go to church anymore, I have my own church, every second of my life. I am church. My life is my church. I have a holy toilet. 🙂 I sat on a 5 gallon bucket for 2 ½ years before I finally got a toilet. A toilet in my room. This toilet… the beginning, every time I sat on it, I would come back into the living room spouting wisdom. We eventually dubbed it the Holy Toilet. There is now a chalice, oh, you won’t get it so, poo. God does indeed have a sense of humor, and there is indeed a God, even if that God turns out to be me, or you (yhwh).

As I’ve previously stated, lets add this up. God talks to me in, my head; on the TV, now by my eyes selecting words from my surroundings, and through my friends. To me, he is not imaginary. To me, he is the other voice in my head. Sort of. Not the loud one, the whisper one. The one you shrug off. The one you dismiss, as silly, or unnecessary. The one you dismiss because you think you are unworthy. That voice. That one. One. One God type entity that assists us all. That takes us all on a wild journey…Life. That’s all I’m saying, is that there is only one. Do we really think there are a whole bunch of Gods up in the heavens? If not, why do we fight?

I read that all back very carefully and I think the only religion that I singled out, was in the poem. Catholics. The Vatican. The business of religion. I cannot apologize for these beliefs. This is me, these are my thoughts. Absolutely no harm or judgment intended.

Lovey went in the water trough in his excitement over getting his bottle. He’ll dry!

Lovey wants his empty bottle back!!!

Well, back on the farm, we got Darwin partly sheared. He’s a Beautiful, and he has mites. Since it’s so hot and I don’t have the clippers yet, we took off as much hair as we could, until it got down to the belly/leg area, where it is dangerous to use scissors. So, he should be cooler now. 2 more to do, just like that one, then still a few more Big Boys. Lordie, by the time we get done, it will almost be time to start over! I was skyping with my friend from Columbia when the Beautifuls came next to my window to drink from the water fountain. So I held the camera to the window so she could see. What fun!

My Darwin in his half shearness

Looks like he kept a snack for later

Hmmm, if that’s Junebug, look at those horns, (the one looking at you)then who is the Munchkin that never made it back into the L, and is now a BigBoy?

Maya, so beautiful, look at those feet and legs.

The stance he was in was even prettier than this, but I missed it.

Time to feed, I’ll finish this up in a bit. And it looks like rain is on the way so I better hurry. Yup, got them all fed in time to eat most of it and then the rains came. I finally got a decent photo of BabyGirl to show you. She’s my worker.

This is my Baby Girl, one of the Pups. She is the TRUE livestock guardian.

Ya, I’d call that rain!

Thunder boomers, wind gusts, the works. It is dark outside and sunset isn’t for 2 more hours. The tv satellite is down, the thunder is still booming and I have no idea if I will be able to post this. Boy do we need rain, so I’m not gonna complain one tiny bit. Okie Dokie, signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.


6 thoughts on “No religion……just God……Imagine.

  1. I never understood why people fight over religions. Doesn’t every religion preach charity, respect, moral, understanding and all that (I’ve never read the Bible/Koran/… but I thought that’s what they’re about)? So aren’t they ignoring and betraying their own believes by fighting over them?

    How old is Baby Girl? She doesn’t look like a pup to me 🙂

    • Ya, it’s all a mystery to me. Hmm, Love thy neighbor?
      Lol, The two Pups, BabyGirl and Bubba, will be PUPS till they die. The two Baby Pups, Little Boy an Geiser, will be BabyPUPS until they die. 🙂

  2. OH one other thing! Yesterday I took a walk inbetween two exams, and I saw a field full of white and yellow flowers 🙂 I had to think of you! And my second exam suddenly went incedibly well, and I don’t think it was a coincidence 🙂

  3. Robert G. Ingersoll said, “Religion is for those who are afraid of going to hell. Spirituality is for those who have already been there” and “Our hope of immortality does not come from any religion, but all religions come from that hope.” I am a Spiritual Being having a Human experience. 😀

    The Catholic Church is THE biggest Big Business in the world. Have you ever read any of the remaining parts of The Gospel According to Thomas? What I came away from it with is something that had already begun to form in my mind, namely that Jesus lived to show us the way to Enlightenment and said so even in parables. The Kingdom of Heaven Lies Within. How many Christian (of any type) churches do you know of that give us lessons in meditation? That’s just one point. Don’t get me started.

    The loud voice is the Ego. The soft one is our Spirit.

    Awakening is that we are now able to understand what Jesus and many other enlightened ones tried to tell us centuries or millennium ago. Unfortunately, as you say, the Fear has entrenched itself so deeply that it is difficult to go against it. For me, Love is the opposite of Fear.

    Blessings! ❤

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