I’m Quickening again….come Grasshopper, while the Spider weaves a story

The synchronicities are flying through the air at a pace that I can barely fathom. Not just me, but with my friends. Something is happening to me. It is fun. Don’t worry about me, but I am changing. I am evolving, I am discovering. I was nothing. Now I Am something. Now I am …..there we go, Red Elk just said it, I feel like God is riding piggy back on me. It reminds me of the slicing. It is happening so often. The tv, now the grocery store, and now also, my new friends. All coming together saying, that happened to me today, or , I just now saw that. I had a friend ask me what step was next in my way out of the Box. A bit later, she said she’d seen a fox and a few other animals that she normally doesn‘t see.. That was the next step! It came to her without me even telling her!!!

I blogged today about snake, owl, shaman and goddess, and a friend said she found a snakeskin and, she saw the Primal Roots in the store the other day. She was wondering about the connection between us. We are one. We all are the rainbow, the colors, the trees, the rocks, the light, the sun, the dirt. The dirt. The dirt is everything that has been gone before, and is now. It is us. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. That means dirt. I bury my animals in the dirt. The grasshoppers get chopped up by the lawnmower in the dirt. The animals eat the grass, which lives in, the Dirt! That reminds me of the third grasshopper. I told you, things happen to me in threes. Today, I saw the biggest most beautiful grasshopper Id ever seen. Later, my new favorite goat, Optimus Prime, crawled under the thing I was sitting on and a grasshopper jumped over to him and went under him. I lifted his tail and took a picture of the grasshopper. It made me think that with me in learning mode, I was now the grasshopper, like in the Kung Fu shows. You remember, Yes, grasshopper, you will learn someday.

Obviously, this is NOT the pretty one. No, this is the one under Opti’s tail, I’m holding the tail in the air to take the photo.

The more you hear something, the more it becomes ingrained into your being. The more you think something, the more it becomes ingrained into your being. What do you want to be ingrained in your being? What do you project? What do you put out there? What are you thinking, worrying about? Worry causes/creates. Worry paints the picture over and over, which is creation.

Learn this damnit. I won’t be her forever. Learn this. This is the movie of your life and you are the director, with a few nudges from Spirit, and please, get it before you die. Think and create. Think and do. Don’t think and you will be fine. Well, sort of . Fine is subjective. Fine. Fine. Hmmm, fine. No, Fine is not good enough. But hey, it’s your choice. Free will. Free will only works part of the time. It only works within the framework of the Divine. The Divine has its plans. We simply wiggle around and shift and sort and try to make things the way we want, but in the end, the wiggling is useless and we are destined to whatever we are destined to, but we can manifest to enjoy the ride. Follow the whisper. that’s what I do. It’s the teeniest tiniest whisper but it must be obeyed to go the right direction. Call it Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, God, Goddess, it’s all the same. It is the same entity. If God had a child named Jesus. Hmmm, If God said that we are all his children, then that would make Jesus our brother. If Jesus is our brother, then it stands to reason that we should have the same abilities as our brother. That means, that we too can raise the dove from the dead, we too can make bread to feed the masses and we too can create water to quench the thirst that is consuming the planet.

As we come together in masses of one mind, we create and we change on a global scale. As we come together in twos and threes, we create and we change on a global scale. You caught that, right? I remember trying to create water holes surprisingly popping up in needed areas. I then heard about cracks in the earth. I have no idea if the cracks created water, but I can believe. Believing creates an open mind. An open mind expands your soul. What if, you came to planet earth to learn. To experience. And you signed up for it all! What if, you agreed before you came and you are merely experiencing that which you created? What if?

If I could teach you one thing, it would be thoughts and words. The power in those are so important that I do everything to convey. It is everything. I am. I will. I shall. Versus, I suck, I cant, I’m not worthy. It will, it shall. You will, you shall. Feel it. Feelings, emotions attached are the key. If the thought has no emotion attached, it is useless. It s null and void. It simply withers away. Like I am right now. It is late. Sleep calls. I feel fulfilled right now, even though I have not yet read this back. I feel it in my bones that it is good stuff I’ve written.

Yes, I was correct. Good stuff. And now, in the light of day, I can tell you that it’s called Quickening. I am quickening again. I couldn’t think of it last night because I was so into the flow. I didn’t want to stop the flow, just to search my mind for the correct word. I went searching for a definition of quickening today, and I finally said, I give up. That is when I found one. “An inflow of divine vitality into the body, which follows the affirmation of truth.” Most of the definitions talk about in the womb, and it being when the baby is first felt. For me, it is an urgency, a need to learn, to find, to search. Searching for answers and searching for questions as well. It is also a coming together of known truths. A culmination of sorts. A graduation from one grade, and leading into the next, in the mystery school of life. Yay, I graduated a grade level!

This is my aura, taken in 2001, in Sedona. Very colorful. My husbands was red, only red.

So, today I see something way way out in the girls pasture. Knowing it’s probably just a dirt pile made by a mole, but not willing to take the chance, I walked al the way out. Sure enough, it’s a mole hill. My pups then go between my legs at the gate, and into the girls pen they went. Crazy lady with the shepherds crook went running at them like the angry crone she was. Usually they don’t listen to me when they are in there, but this time I made them. And the goats saw. I said, ya, Mama rules! I love my shepherds crook! And yes, it also works to grab a goat. Lately I’ve been using it to go give Lovey his bottle, so the pups don’t knock me down.

That’s Valey, hiding. 🙂

Here is the goat trail, in action.

When the girls drink, the fishies come up, I’m not sure why, but they do.

Remember I told you about Donna’s barrels? Here they are. She is NOT pregnant, this is how she looks year round!

Yes, this is a farm and we have chickens. The one job I’ve been able to give to my husband, since he just had to have them. BTW, THREE chickens is too many chickens for two people. Too many eggs, 2 sounds better

Everyday at 5 o’clock, it’s like a school bell goes off and it’s time for recess(play time). We are talking very hard play here. One will speed by fast as a gazelle, looking back to see who’s coming after him. He may keep weaving and racing by until whamo, the chase is on! They see nothing during this chase. Nothing. The are so intent on their play, that they could get hurt and not even know. Little Boy had a hurt leg for a long time, until finally I said, ok, this has gone on long enough. I had been picking the dogs leg up constantly trying to decide which part was hurt. The vet said to run him for 10 minutes then we’d know where the owie was. No, that sounded inhumane, so finally I just did Reiki on it. Next day he was fine and dandy. Months of limping. What was I thinking? I was thinking like an IN THE BOX person!

Conventional medicine. Bah humbug! Nothing but a money racket. For the medicines, for the surgeries, the hospital stays and lets not forget the $10 aspirin. We can all heal ourselves and each other, if only we could believe. But why should you believe? Seriously, think on it. Would there be any benefit to believing? Yes, I went off on another tangent, and I could go on and on about this, but this is already pretty wordy.

I have another new friend, this one is from Brazil and we skyped last night after I skyped with the other girl first. Columbia and Brazil. The girl in Columbia introduced me to the music and dance of Shakira. When we hung up, my friend from Brazil had a link to a video……what could it be? Yup, Shakira! So, we danced, in our own spaces, thousands of miles apart, then we skyped. What fun. My world is opening. Like a baby bird, with it’s mouth wide open, waiting for the next bit of goodies. New friends are goodies too!

Yesterday, my husband let Gandhi and Lovey out and not the new girls. When we put them back, this was the scene. They are saying……We Want Out!

Yoki is crying again. Last time she did this, she had a baby. I hardly think that’s the case this time, since she had Cherub a few months ago, lol. Maybe she misses the Cherub.

It’s just a hot Sunday here. Got feeding done a half hour early. Spun some small yarn for ply today, but still not sure what I’m going to create. Maybe a child’s poncho. Not sure. It’s a mix of all colors, kinda pastelish.  Came across videos from Red Elk, a Native American who teaches shamanesque wisdom. Discovered he had made videos on how to be invisible!!! Grateful, I still looked to see if he had also made videos on teleporting, but I couldn’t find any. I was so excited and posted it on Facebook. I guess people are still not ready for some things. Just in case any of you are interested, I will post the links here, down below. Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZM1w2awDDM    #1

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kf9GZIv9cxw         #2

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6hRzl_nGg8          #3

And if you like these, he also now has…12 hours with Red Elk, but they are short and there are about 185 of them. 🙂


5 thoughts on “I’m Quickening again….come Grasshopper, while the Spider weaves a story

  1. I just finished reading this in my email. I’m “following” your blog here because I identify with much of what you have written. My sobriety date is 4/4/04. I started to experience synchronicity even before I had done any reading on it to know what to call it. We say in AA, “Is it odd or is it God?” Coincidence is no longer a concept that I ascribe to. We, you and I, have been placed in each others consciousness for a reason. I believe I became acquainted with you through a mutual friend on FB, S. Rain, which does not surprise me at all. I have been blessed in my 50s with a plethora of amazing women, young and old. My boundaries have become closer over the last few years due to physical limitations. Thank you, Dearest One, for reawakening within me some of the wonder I had experienced early in sobriety/spirituality and thought lost.

    P.S. Funny about the Red Elk videos. In 1994 I met a Mexican Elder who was my son’s friend’s grandfather and, purportedly, a brujo. As I accompanied him on his yard rounds one day, he pinned me with a piercing gaze and imparted the exact lesson. I wasn’t sure what to make of it at the time. Still don’t but it Bears closer examination at this time and, I think, practice.

    Blessings and Hugs ❤

  2. Your sobriety day is 444. This is my 44th post. A few seconds ago, there were 44 comments on my blog. And, also a few seconds ago, I was reading a blog, called Doodle #4 and I liked it. I was the 44th like. Hmmm, geeee, ya think? 🙂 I love it. I absolutely love this way of living, of thinking, of being. I am in love with my life. That is a remarkable statement considering my background. Your background must have been heavy as well or you wouldn’t be going to AA.. Do you know that SingingRain is my daughter? I am glad to meet you my friend. Apparently we are meant to share things. I don’t beleive in coincidence either and when you followed me, I tried to find you and I still don’t know if I did, but (I did tonight, also a few seconds ago) if I had found you then, there wouldn’t be all these 444444s goin on. Angels. They are Angels. At least that’s what I have told myself. It makes me happy thinking that, so I choose to think it. I have no proof, just well, feeling. 🙂

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