Just another boring blog…….about my country critter life

Old BLOG ………….My Country critter Life 2007

I live way out in the country on a parcel of land that is partially cleared into a hay meadow, with the rest in it’s natural state.  Huge boulders covered with moss exist in the heavily wooded sections.  Deer roam aplenty and the whistler ducks practically make their home here.  I don’t know what their normal migration is, but I do know that they stay longer and longer each year. I haven’t seen the wild hogs, but I’ve been told their tracks have been seen here.  Black panthers.  Who would believe there are black panthers in Texas, but I have two huge fur balls to prove it.  Wild turkeys live here, in the woods, but stay to themselves, with one exception…Turginia, the turkey who would be a guinea.  The opossums are pretty nasty and will come right up on the porch to look for food, as do the raccoons, but the opossums are much more threatening.  If I try to shoo away a opossum, he will show his teeth in a most impressive manner, and stand his ground.  Luckily, there aren’t too many of them.  We tried everything with the coons, and finally gave up.  They eat cat food off the picnic table, while my cats eat from the floor. 

The crows come in spurts and usually have a crow convention once a year, for which I keep a supply of earplugs.  Herons stop by on a regular basis to drink from one of the ponds, and the guineas will screech at them to go.  Butterflies and dragonflies fill the air, and love it when I mow, as do the guineas and domestic ducks.  They love to play chicken with the mower as they chase the grasshoppers trying to escape the mower blades.  I guess the butterflies are there to quickly suck in any goodies from the wildflowers before they’re cut down.  Of course, there are also squirrels; gophers; rabbits, and a wide variety of songbirds and bird of prey.  It’s always a joy to watch the hawks teach their young to fly.  They wait for windy days and become daredevils, trying to sail the toughest current.  Coyotes are here as well, but if I yip at them, they’ll go back to the woods.  Not that they’re unwelcome, but we do have farm animals…ducks; guineas; geese; cats, cows and horses. We used to have chickens, but they were all killed by the wild critters. Over a hundred of them.  The only creatures I kill are scorpions, flies and fruit flies…so, as you can imagine, we have oodles of gorgeous spider webs as well as some of the really ugly ones.  Snakes are also quite available here, but I’m the only one who sees them normally, but that’s because I fear them, so I draw them to me. 

As you can see, there is a plethora of wildlife here, but my favorite has to be…the owls.  There is something so special about them.  I was apparently drawn to owls as a young child, because I painted one.  Many nights as I and the kids were sitting outside by the fire, singing rainbow songs, the owls would serenade us.  We would then try to imitate them, which would set up quite a ruckus.  About a week ago, around 2am, I was outside playing ball with my dog, Blue.  I heard an owl and said hello. He hooted again, so I did a very simple hoot back.  Next thing I know, ALL the owls…fly from the back of the property, up to where I was.  I cannot describe the noise that generated…the flapping of wings, the landing on branches and THEN, the hoots!!!  Lord, the hoots scared me so bad I panicked and ran inside, laughing at myself all the way….I’m still laughing. If I ever get blessed with a rush of owls again, I will suck it up, and see what happens.  In the meantime, I shall continue on…existing with nature while it is still here.  

Sincerely, Rose 11/14/07

Haha! So much has changed. For sure, the whistler ducks don’t get to land often cuz the pups chase them off. Turginia, the turkey wannabe guinea, is long gone now, but it reminds me of this old thing.

Horsefeathers!!!…Make that Guinea Feathers.
Ahh, the circle of life.  Right this moment, ten feet from my front door, is a wild turkey, stamping on; digging on; pulling the head off…one of the very guineas it had chosen to become.  Why?  Dunno.  And ten feet from that macabre scene, is my Willow kitty, who showed up the other night with a potato sized growth on her back…healing nicely after reiki and prayer…now down to a slight bump. 

Ahh, the circle of life.  Right this moment, everywhere on the planet, are people speaking , people seeking, people finding, people sharing.  A few days ago, I said I was at loose ends and the universe provided me with more ends to tie them to.  Thereby enlarging my circle…once again. YES.  God, this is fun.  I used to hate life with the same fibers in me that now love IT!!!  I LOVE LIFE    I LOVE ME  I LOVE YOU   Yes, even you….or you…or you.(Referring to any who feel unworthy).   And yes, I even love the turkey that is shredding the guinea who has lived here for years.  The true test will be…will I still love the turkey(Turginia), as I’m trying to pick up the guinea pieces for burial?  Yes, I think I shall.  Even if I have to love her from afar…………………………………..

{This is one year before I got my goats, which brought my pups, which then prevented any further animal deaths due to critters….but notice I said…fibers?}

I am seeing owl everywhere lately, as well as hearing their hoots at bedtime. I love owls. A colleague found a baby owl and is rehabilitating it. Must say I am a bit jealous, but if I was meant to have a living owl, I would be led to it. There are many animals important to me, to my soul, but owl and hawk are by far the closest to my soul. Then would come dolphins. They say that dolphins communicate with a thought bubble. I tried at Seaworld once, but I saw no recognition, no dolphin who seemed as if he heard me. I was trying to say I was sorry. I cannot bear to go to zoo’s anymore, or aquariums. The sadness is palpable.

Last night, I had another video chat with my new friend from another country. Such sweet sorrow to say goodnight and not get to hug her. And since I said that I would include you all if you became a part of my day, I need to confess. Last week, I posted pictures of scarf’s that I’d made and said…which one does Belgium like? I did that because when I first started my blog, I went looking at a few to see what they looked like. I saw a young woman with a dream of going to live in Iceland. She dedicated her blog to this dream and I really admired her for that. One day, she spoke of buying an Icelandic Sheep wool blanket that she bought and I decided to send her one of my scarves to go with her blanket. I didn’t want anyone to get the idea that this was a normal thing…haha, to much time involved. 🙂

Today……..IT RAINED!!!!!! Yay. Maybe a little less crunch in the fields now, eh? Still no babies. What if I was completely wrong? I looked it up. If a goat appears bloated, but is not larger on the left side and in pain, then the goat is healthy and his rumen is working properly. I guess I have really healthy goats, even my Gandhi looks pregnant, and he’s a boy. I didn’t want a whole slew of babies from Aramis, but I was looking forward to at least a few more babies, to make up for the ones I lost. There’s still time, but it is rapidly going away, as are the chances of new babies. I miss Kya and Cherub so much. I don’t really miss Bella, because I never knew her at all. She was very beautiful, but she was very dead. All this preparing, I guess I have baby fever, and now, potentially, no babies.

We got RAIN!!!!!  3 inches!

When I was feeding today, I saw White Owl not too far away. I called her over, saying that I wanted to see the baby. She didn’t ignore me this time. She came. When she was still too far away, I said, no, closer. So she came closer. Pretty little red BOY, I was right, he’s a bull. Not only that, he’s a cow. I don’t really do…cows. They are really big, they have tongues like sandpaper, very long tongues, and they are loud. All that mooing. 🙂

I called White Owl and asked her to bring the baby. She did. This is them approaching as close as she dared

Baby REDFEATHER!!! Finally got a good photo

Sasha and Spirit…..kisses

And here are some of yesterdays photos, ey, not only is it tomorrow, but it’s also a rainy day!

Opti…..gosh I love him

Oprah’s nose

Opti again….see, he’s a favorite, can you tell?

And one more….a beetle. Ever seen this kind? They are everywhere.

Can you identify these beetles? Never saw them before and now they are here in the thousands. To give you size perspective, the brown balls, are dog food.

I feel like I’ve let you down tonight. But not all moments are spiritual moments. Sometimes it’s just a day. An ordinary rainy day. I did get to spin some yarn though! Then my friend video called, and I spent the next few hours trying to find a solution to the translation problem. It was wearing me out, copy her Spanish words, go to google translate, paste them in, select language, then copy and paste the response into the message. Didn’t find a perfect solution, but it should go smoother next time. Oh, it was Skype. It translates(badly) but close enough most of the time. Anyways, Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.


6 thoughts on “Just another boring blog…….about my country critter life

  1. I love all your beautiful pictures. And think of the baby thing like this, it will make next year all the sweeter and you won’t have to worry about the young girls having babies. Big hugs, and very odd beetles

    • Thank you Mea! Yes, I know. It is alot off my mind. I’m just really feeling the loss now, thought I had new babies coming and it held me off. Hugs back to you. Very odd beetles. I found one in my bread bag last week. Mostly they just sit on the dog food, which is everywhere. Messy pups. 🙂

  2. It sounds amazing to live in texas, with al the wildlife 🙂 The only thing I see here are wild rabbits, pheasants and birds. Your pictures are indeed beautiful! Opti looks so sweet, soft, cute, innocent! And the horses are lovely. I’ll hope with you for another kid, who knows? And if not, that leaves more love to give to the other goats 😉

    • You mean they only have rabbits and birds in Belgium? Look harder! 🙂 Thanks, I love to take pictures. I made an error in calculation and there are still chances of more babies. We shall see. 🙂

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