YOU have more POWER than you realize…. so why not Realize?

Find some way to make your heart sing. I know I covered this already but it’s so important that it needs a second glance. If you are miserable in your work or your life, find a way through whatever safe and kind measure you can, to do whatever it is, that makes your heart beat faster, that wakes you up, that you wish for, dream for, want so badly you can taste it. Go ahead….taste it. Take a bite, if only in your mind at first, later to hopefully transition to really taking a bite.

You are the captain of your ship, the leader of your squadron, the head of your family, the smallest of your family. The most challenged, the most self conscious, the most scared. Isn’t there something? Something? Something that fills you up when you think of it? Try to do that thing. I’m no opponent to cubicles, but jeesh folks. Where is the fun, the creativity, the awe inspiringness in that? My poor husband has a cubicle and he’s fairly high up. Amazing. Horrible. It’s a box. A box of expectations that we have no idea even exist. We just go on, day to day, waking, shaving, eating, going to work, coming home, relaxing. Wow, what a life. Not doggin it, just sayin, create happier! Create vibrancy.

I’ve told you how powerful words and thoughts are, maybe I haven’t told you enough. If you dwell on, say, will I get to keep this foster baby, you run a risk my friend. If you dwell on, seeing the baby grow, seeing him in your house, growing. See him. See him in the future. The future is now, but in your mind, you have liberties. Say your child is sick. See her well. See her walking down the aisle to her wedding. I’m not talking trash here folks, Science is finally catching on. Check into it. Science and meta-physics are coming together at long last. That’s why I am able to speak these words to you, that, and the fact that everything is rushing now, towards………?

Just so you will know, I was ready to go to bed. It’s nearly 2 am. Spirit wanted me to write, even though I’m way too tired to write. I told you, I follow. Once, I was ready for bed and suddenly I had to get a piece of poster board, and a pencil, I obeyed of course, tired as I was that night too, and closed my eyes and drew. I’ll show you the picture that I then painted. Still not sure of it’s meaning, thought I once was, but not so sure now. I love Avatar! (Told ya I was tired :-))

Spirit made me do this. Why? Dunno

Today, since it was not going to be a shearing day, I ended up on a wild ride in the world of YouTube. This happens every so often but it’s been awhile, maybe a year since I was last sent on a rush of knowledge. My heart tells me which items to learn, and even how far into the video to learn. Talk about expanding your brain! You don’t even have to click and watch to do that, just browse the titles, when you’re in the area of Metaphysics on Youtube. Or healing, or star children, Indigo children, DNA, thought energy, ufo’s, anything that is considered, out there. Type any of those words, then just explore. Watch the ones that resonate with you. In other words, watch the ones that make you curious, or appeal to you. You can even watch the ones you know you don’t believe, just to open you up a bit.

I wish I could find the ones I’ve seen recently, just not as a video storm, like this was. Anyway, I’ve seen some recently, and doumentaries on tv, that tell how science is coming together and finally allowing the two to join, and make sense of what before was nonsensical. It was as usual, perfect, that I wrote about this last night, and then today, I get confirmation for you. It was the link above, that uses science to calculate, that sent me into this storm. But there are others. Since I can’t find the others, I will share with you about the power of words….on water. If you aren’t already aware, if you write a word on a bottle of water, it changes the water. I cannot prove or disprove this, but apparently many people have experimented to see if it’s real. Based on my experience with other things, I’d venture to say that it’s true.

What does it hurt to believe that words and thoughts have power? What is it going to take away from you? A long held belief? Shed that. Give it a go. I mean, it’s not going to cause you pain. If this is new to you, try an experiment. For two minutes, think….I’m horrible I don’t deserve anything. See how you feel at the end of the two minutes of solid thinking. Next, try 2 minutes of I love me, I am grand, I am awesome, I am loved. Or make up your own experiment. Use your imagination, I know you’ve got one.

Today was very hot. So hot that it took the breath away and it was only in the 90’s. I stayed inside most of the day and when I went out to visit with the girls and take photos, the ground crunched under my feet. Again. It did that last year in the drought, but we’re supposed to be out of the drought. The blueberries were coming in great, then all but one died, or so we thought. With some water, theyare coming back to lfe.

Bringing them back to life! They usually get all plump and juicy.

These are the one pot that didn’t try to die. The berries are very small still though.

Peaches……almost ready!!! Will be our first ones!

When I walked out to see the girls, Donna was in the house alone. Donna is what they call a barrel goat. They have huge round bellies. They look pregnant year round. Donna is an older lady and when I started to walk out there, she feared for her baby and followed me way out there. When Mimi, the Herdqueen saw her, she walked over to her and nuzzled her. I was stunned. These goats care about each other way more than anyone knows. I decided to walk the goat trail on the way back, less crunchy.

Mimi, loving on poor tired Donna, how sweet

The goats follow the same trail, thus creating a trail. They are all over the 6 acres!

Gandhi looked up at the oak tree, letting me know what he wanted. So, all in that pen got to enjoy fresh Oak leaves.

Lovey snuck some oak leaves for himself!

Murphy is so old and so wise. I asked him to look at me for the picture, he did with his eye so I said, no, I mean look towards me, so he did, but the picture didn’t come out right, so this is the one where he looked with his eye.

Ruined dinner. Well, the dry beans were bad, so I didn’t really ruin it, but let’s just say my husband is bringing some Take Home food. Yay!!! Alrighty then, we shall see what tomorrow brings. Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.


3 thoughts on “YOU have more POWER than you realize…. so why not Realize?

  1. Today I’m gonna think positive! I know it helps, I’ve tried it before, and I can really use it now with my exams 🙂 But thinking positive when you feel bad asks so much energy… Usually if I don’t have the strength I just go on feeling bad. Although I know I could feel better just by thinking differently. Strange he?

  2. Not strange at all. And thinking positive is good, but is not the point. The point is to Think ON PURPOSE. To create what you want so you can then go grab it. Love you

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