SOME of my Wishes for us ALL,..Venus transit…..AND a goat Fight!

Hmmm, the Venus Transit. They say we should set our intentions. What do I intend? I intend to have a FeltLOOM. I had to say that otherwise I’d be stuck there and never write a thing. Ok, now,.. I intend to once again ask God, to remove fleas, lice and mites from the planet. I think their detriment outweighs their goodness. I intend to have healthy beautiful goats that people want to buy and some of them do buy them. I intend that all of creation here on this planet, inside this planet and outside this planet be enveloped in the light of Light.

My version of Ouroboros

I intend that anyone held in bondage against their will, be suddenly and irrevocably free. I intend that all would know that illness can be cured with thought energy, and energy, ‘IF’ it is the Will of Spirit/God. I intend to further develop my healing skills and creativity skills. I intend to become a wiser Shepherd to my herd. I intend to finish part 2 of the Wiggles, and do so with my daughter. Seems I selected the wrong child to portray in the book. Don’t get me wrong, I love my son Jesse very much, of course, but Summer now lives the lifestyle that would fit this scenario, and Jesse wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

I intend for my healing abilities to expand exponentially with no pre qualifications needed. In other words, the fact that I’ve had it forever, no longer keeps it from being healed. Or you for that matter. TV. (as I’ve said, Spirit uses what’s available, with me, it’s the tv, so every time you see me say TV, that means the tv has reinforced what I‘m saying or typing)By the way, sometimes the TV repeats what I think or write so often in just a paragraph that I wonder if it’s going to finish my statements. This is new. Not new new, just the frequency is new. Frequency. I intend to raise my vibration. I intend to raise my frequency so high that anyone near me can raise theirs.

I intend to slow down these blogs. It’s taking so much of my time, that I’m not getting any fluffy fuzzies created. I love putting these out every day, but I need to have balance. I’m not sure what changes I’ll make, probably just not every day.

Today, I intended to do bug prevention on all of my goats, with the allowance of possibly not doing the boys. Done. Lordie, I need a better catch system. Mine looks like it should work, but in reality…..oooooh, I got it! I love talking to you! See what I just accomplished? My catch system has been in place for a year, and has sucked for a year. I talk to you and wala, I figure out the solution. I don’t know, maybe if I just make the blog shorter and with just a few pictures I might could continue on a daily basis.

Now This, is Texas HOT

Since the Little Girls are back in the large 6 acre Girls pen, I decided to put the Munchkins (yearling boys) back in the L. They hated it out in the main pasture. So, it was nearly a success. I got all but Junebug. I also went ahead and put Firefly and Levi(Beautifuls) in there too. Well, that created a vacuum. A Pecking Order vacuum. So, Picasso decided to challenge Nobles. Junebug wanted in on it too. I captured it for you.

Wish I’d gotten the really nasty face, but I only got the sorta nasty face.

Junebug feels he has to be in the fight, any way he can. He would go up and wrap his horns around the two sets of locked horns.

All out

Down and dirty

Picasso, always wants to be the Leader

You’ve seen this before but here he is as a baby, bossing the lambies

Nobles loses I think, by walking away


It was all very exciting. No blood was drawn, thank goodness. And poor Nobles got whipped by a 3 year old. The Munchkins are happy now. Don’t know how long they will stay there, but for now they are happy.  And this is what happens when Pups have too much time on their paws.

Hmmmm, mohair anyone?

Well, 8:30 my time is when I shall be going outside to do my part of the collective souls creating a better place, a kinder Earth. I will come up with more intentions for us all. Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.

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