ALWAYS the Student, SOMETIMES, the Teacher….gotta love it

The student becomes the teacher and the teacher becomes the student. Today, I am the student and my beautiful daughter became my learning mechanism. I knew the snake meant transformation. I said that here. Three times. Three snakes in 10 days in the dark. I knew it meant transformation, but my lower self was so terrified that my higher self couldn’t break through. My old fears were creepin back and I was lookin left and right in a frenzy, as I used to. Looking out the door window before I walk out, looking everywhere, everywhere. Freaking out at sticks, movement, the pups at play. I rushed to eat my dinner so I could give Lovey his bottle before it got dark. The baby pups were in high play mode which means 90 miles an hour, together, that which caused me to still be hurting from the knock down last week. I even went into fear mode over that, ducking behind anything solid when they came my way, yelling at them, and finally jumping into the Zen buggy to drive the 30 yards to the pretties pen. Never have I don’t that before. I usually walk with complete confidence, even in the dark, with my flashlight, of course.

The fear was swallowing me up again, and in walked my daughter. No, not literally, she’s across the country, but she reminded me of Snakes meaning. Goddess energy, healing energy, Mother earth energy, all things which I strive for. She made a meditative suggestion, which was a doozie, lemme tell ya, but I shall be brave. Then she reminded me of her profile picture. She said, look at it real close Mama. I downloaded it into a photo thing where I made it larger and looked at it.

My most beautiful daughter, Summer Renee

Goddess Willow. The faces are between her head and her wings, and the dolphins are bottom right. Lions, bottom left.

I mean, really looked at it. It was me. I saw me. I saw the tree, so significant in my life, either the Willow(my nickname is MamaWillow) or the Lilac, (the childhood tree). The rainbow, of which I go to gatherings, and was once given a Secret, by Spirit, about the rainbow. The rainbow as a road, representing my life these past 13 years. Dolphins, and then all the animals to the left are in two’s. Like the ark. God told me this place was the ark. Or at least, my ark. The Lion being the most significant, for many reasons. The waterfalls, which I have so loved in my life and even swam in one, and the piece de resistance, the faces. Like my painting called, Many Faces.

Acrylic, Sheri Lee.  See how the faces blend?. The mouth of one becomes the eye of another? I see that in this other painting, that I now call Goddess Willow(not my work)

It was like a collection of me and my life, in a painting. Next she posts a photo of a woman playing the harp. She is under a tree that appears nearly exactly as I used to draw the lilac tree. There is an owl sitting on her shoulder. Owl and I go way back. Way further than Hawk. Then she posts a link. I go there. It tells me all about snake energy and the sacred feminine, and goes into great detail. It is a call. It is the transformation I’ve been suggesting. Each time I told you I saw a snake, I said, transformation. It is taking place. I evolve. I evolve every day, but sometimes in leaps, sometimes in crawls, this is a leap.

There is only one Great Mother, and she wears many disguises.  She continues to make Her presence known to us in numerous forms: goddesses and hags, human women and snakes, and trees, birds, rivers, stones, mountains, and the earth herself.  She has been honored and worshipped by women from the beginning in all of these forms and more.  She is right here, if we only have the heart and willingness to open to Her presence. © Sheila Foster 2005 (An excerpt from the link my daughter sent)

My childhood tree, and my owl.

An owl I painted as a little girl, surrounded by a rainbow snake I made, a bear, a baby, a crystal, feathers and a Native American stone hawk carving.

I just mentioned the lilac tree. Just one night ago, I came across a photo of a tree and it reminded me of my childhood. My childhood is coming up at a furious pace right now. This photo she just posted was even more like my drawings, they were like grapes. I doodled this tree from a young age. I was just telling Cathy about painting trash cans with my PapPap and him showing me the ants eating the wax off the peonies. Tiny blippets from my life, resurfacing.

This article talked of human women with snakes coming out of their head, I made one once, at the beginning of my journey. I was recently told that I was a shaman, based on what I told her I do, when I work with energy. This knowledge tonight is reinforcing that. I realize that it sounds grandiose. Let’s just say this. I have been POWERFUL at times. Other times, not so much. Maybe I’m a shaman in training. 🙂  Hot flash. Yikes. Stopped having them years ago, but they’re back. People in the metaphysical world say it’s the energies shifting.

Two days ago I saw a teeny tiny frog. When I was a child, someone gave me some, even smaller than this, like fly size. I kept them in a green glass bowl and I gathered earthworms and chopped em up to feed my teeny frogs.I loved my tee tiny frogs.  There’s still something else from my childhood that came up today, but once again, I’m pulling a blank. Yay, I remembered. On Facebook, I saw the story of a 17 year old boy who was in a car wreck. He escaped the crash unscathed only to step on a downed power line.  In a flash, I saw a wreck, as I was following my friends in their car. I saw them crash. I saw the downed power line as the only survivor of the crash got out of the car and walked toward us in a daze. We yelled, but he didn’t hear, didn’t understand. He tripped and fell right on the power line and burned his insides thru and thru. But he  lived.

I had a snake in the garden of the house with the 620 sound wall in the backyard. I was so scared to go into my garden. Finally, I walked up to it, squatted down and stared at it. For a good five minutes. No matter how hard I tried, I was still scared. Now it’s up to me to go inward, do as my wise daughter has suggested and come to terms with the dear creature. See, I’m already on my way. Fast forward about 17 hours,…..And the deed has been done. Comic relief entered my meditation/visualization about snake. I now have a smiling snake with a funny name incorporated within me. We are one. How funny, and how ingenious! Watch out world, Mama Willow now has Snake medicine….ssssssssss.    (Just so you’ll know, I rarely meditate, hate it)

Alrighty then. Todays shearing was, well, interesting. We called the Big Boys over and were able to grab Nobles quite easily, but then he went down on his belly. we had no choice but to drag him. After all the exertion, all the uncontrollable laughter that you get with an undo-able situation, it turned out he had mites. After yesterday, I refuse to shear another mite goat with scissors. It is just impossible to differentiate between skin and mite build up. When I had the memory of last year, same goat, cutting away, only to see blood, I started feeling ill. That’s when the rain and cold winds came and took those scissors right out of our hands. Clippers for these goats, not scissors. I had 6, now with Nobles, that makes 7, but on the positive side, the ointment seems to be working on Sugarbee, remember the blue goat? It’s working! Gonna need a whole lot more ointment!

His butt was lifted in this shot, but most of the way, it was the belly drag. (good thing they have curls to protect the belly. 🙂

So, we put him back and moved the stanchion to the girls pen. Olive Oyl was a very good goat and it only took a half an hour, so we did Donna as well, who also took a half an hour. Yay! Two in one day. There was a discussion in the goat group about the weak babies mostly dying in the end, no matter what we do, so I went out and took this photo of Lovey for them.

2 1/2 month old Lovey, that I nursed back from near death at birth. His head was locked, he couldn’t walk or stand.

This is Lovey a few minutes after his birth. His head is locked and you can see, he is barely alive.

Lovey is my one Save. I am so grateful for him, he shows us there is hope and not all weak babies are doomed to death. Yay Lovey! Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch. P.S., Did you know that the Peacock scream sounds like…..HELP, HELP! 🙂


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