What animal is INSIDE You?

Not too far into my spiritual journey of 13 years, I guess I was kinda expecting fireworks, and was saying so to my husband. He suggested I try something. He told me what to do and the next morning, I decided to try it out. I had sliding mirrored closet doors at the time so I sat down in front of the mirror. He had said to stare into my own eyes in the mirror. I asked him what should I expect, he said he had seen a movie type thing go through his mind. Like reel to reel.

So, I start staring, and my face distorts into all these weird shapes. I keep recoiling but then reengaging. Then it finally comes into focus and I see a hawk. I am a hawk. My face is a hawks face. I really recoil, look again, and I’m still a hawk face. My husband got a movie and I got a hawk face? Then, I feel something behind me. I know it’s a hawk. I feel it. I get up and go to my window and pull the drapes aside to look out onto the Hwy 620 sound wall, which is just outside my backyard and there, on a wire line, is a hawk. It’s close. Close enough to see really well.

Hawkface, most were copyrighted so I snapped a pic of a hawk painting my Mom gave me.

Hindsight would have included a chat with the hawk, but at the time, I simply did what was right in that perfect moment, I memorized it. Then I got out of my jammy’s, threw on some clothes and hurried to the local bird store. I described the v or w, hey, I’m old, anyway, I describe it and they tell me it is a Sharp Shinned Hawk, and showed me a picture. Sure enough, there she was. I consider Hawk, my spirit animal. I have others, but hawk is the main one. This Hawk face incident took place just a few days before I wrote The Wiggles of Crystal Cave. Hawk is a messenger. And todays blog is dedicated to Azure Lea. You are strong, hawk strong.

My husband surprised me one morning by painting the propane tank fence!

I call them, Beautiful. Every time I see one driving down the road, perched on a fencepost or flying above, I say, Hello Beautiful! Funny, my husband calls me the same thing. In fact, when my phone rings it tells me who is calling. When it’s him, it says, Hello Beautiful…. But he doesn’t talk to me, how strange. Just tonight, I told him how hard it is to live with someone who never acknowledges you are speaking. That a smile, or an awwe, or ya, or, a really? How bout cool, or you did good. Even just looking my way, would help me a lot. Maybe male hawks are silent.

Just before leaving on a flight to Sedona, Arizona, a bird landed on my head. During a vortex tour, I saw a hawk carrying a bird on it’s back. I alone saw it and figured it was a gift. A mind gift. Apparently such things are real, and it was a real gift. And surely you see the connections here.

See, it really does happen!

Ok, back to business. For those of you seeking freedom from your box, Step #3. Start noticing nature. Birds, bugs, lizards, deer, turkey, just start paying attention, and I promise you will see more. Feel free to tell me what you see. Oh ya, and trees. I have a tree story too. The same day I saw the hawk carrying the bird, I got very sick from all the changes in energy. The vortexes each have a different energy and we had visited several. We arrive at a Native trades area and I hear someone calling me. I am so sick, I walk towards where it feels the voice is coming from. Then I realize it was a tree. I had just giggled earlier when our guide suggested hugging a tree. This tree was calling to me. I was feeling so awful, that I went to see what the tree wanted. It wanted me to lean on it. When I did, the illness left my body. Then the voice said take 3 steps to the right. I did. The voice says, three more to the right. I find myself staring at a beautiful ravine just as Hawk is flying by.

Alright, I don’t know what is going on lately, but I nearly stepped on snake last night as I stepped out the door at 1am to give Lovey his bottle. I shined the light on it and it got mad, so when Blue came towards me, I said NO as strong as I could and he stopped. I then went out the front door. These are getting to be pretty common occurrences lately. This is the third snake I’ve seen at night and the first one was May 20! That’s less than 2 weeks! Thank you Spirit/God for stopping me from stepping on it. And no screaming whatsoever! I know I get things in threes, but JEESH! Transform me already!

Today we started shearing DaVinci, one of the Beautifuls, and we got 1/3 through when it started to rain. We were going to keep going but he kept crying and crying and then the temp dropped suddenly. We gave in. I took pictures later to try to give you perspective, something to picture in your mind.

The pen in the back is the Beautifuls, front pen, Pretties.

I stood here, at the Pretties and took the rest of these views.

From Pretties, to big yonder Main Pasture

View from Pretties toward my house

From Pretties to Girls 6 acre pen, across the garden.

I spent the rest of the day needle felting a scarf. At feeding time, I noticed that not many of the Little Girls looked pregnant. They no longer had all day and night access to pasture, so I must say, I’m confused. Were some of them just bloated from greenies? Boy, wouldn’t that be nice. So confusing. Anyway, think I’ll give Lovey his bottle early from now on, this snake thing is getting to me. I’m conquering my fear, but this is ridiculous.

Dinner was supposed to be in ten minutes but I just discovered I forgot to turn the oven on. Lordie, Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.

Anybody need a white flower?


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