Mustard Seeds……and a swimming newborn cow

I design my life, for the most part. Some things are harder for me to believe in though. There‘s a piece of equipment I want that costs at least $15,000. That one has been hard for my brain to wrap around to manifest it. I keep going into ego mode, which tells me we don’t have that much money available. I do picture it here in the living room, but my husband wants it upstairs if it ever arrives. Hard to visualize with discrepancies. Little things are so much easier. Also, I know. It’s a Knowing thing. A Faith thing. I’m throwing out different words in the hopes that one or more will strike a chord. I carry a mustard seed in a tiny silver box attached to my pouch. Ever realize how small they actually are? How small the faith required for the size of a mustard seed?

Blurry, but you can see how tiny it is, compared to a Dime.


When I visualize, I try to feel emotion, because that makes it so much stronger. Here is an example of visualization put into a real world setting. I had an injured horse that needed cared for twice a day. Twice a day, he needed to be pushed/steered into a corner, as a panel closed behind him. He hated it. He did not want to go in there, probably because he knew what was coming. Sprayed by the hose inside the injury and then squirted with meds. Everyday it was a struggle getting him into the 3-6ft space for Bryan (the farm hand we USED to have) to do the spraying and meds. Until, one day I decided to try visualization. I turned my back to the pen, closed my eyes and pictured in my mind, the horse going to that side of the pen and the panel closing behind him. Then I pictured the water spraying on his owie and him being calm. When I opened my eyes, he was inside and the hose was being turned on. I did it every day after that. That is one example among hundreds. How do we manifest? On purpose thoughts.

Thoughts…. Is she ok? What if she had a wreck. Why haven’t I heard from her, Oh, I just know she’s been hurt. Simple thoughts like this are played in a loop all over the world. Played and played and replayed again, thus, creating. Instead of those particular kind of thoughts, otherwise known as Worry, why not spin them the other direction? My girl is doing great, she must be having so much fun, that’s why I haven’t heard from her yet. She’ll call as soon as she’s done with whatever Spirit has her doing. Or, if it’s a job you want, see yourself there, working, wearing the appropriate work attire, going to lunch with coworkers. It’s just play folks, creative play. No one can see in your mind and they don’t know you are imaging. Yes, I said imaging. Anytime you can add color, taste, smell, sound, etc to the picture play, the stronger it is.

The bottom line is that thoughts, and words have power. Immense power. A practical example is this. I caught myself having worry thoughts about the very small goats about to give birth. That won’t do. So, I flipped it. I now am seeing and thinking about those 20 pretty babies and what kinds of predicaments I might find myself in due to having 20 babies. Twenty baby heads stuck in the fence, twenty babies following me at my call of badoooo cookooo. How many more bags of feed will be needed for 20 babies? See? Simple difference, but extremely different. Any luck on the yellow flowers? I’ll give you another day.

Today, we sheared and moved Picasso. Picasso’s horns are so large, so wide and so sharp. We wore gloves to wrangle him. Then he was a big ole baby on the stand. He bucked and danced all the way through. Two hours worth. Now he is out with the rest of the boys. Due to this 2nd kidding season, I’ve been forced to put so many boys together, which I hate. I have a lot of bucks and they stay manageable because they are separated by age and size. Anyway, the gloves at least made part of it easier. The moving to and fro. Not the darn shearing.  This is less than a minute of what we went through for 2 hours.

Most of you don’t have goats and have no idea what it is like to catch them, wrangle them, pull them by the base of the horn, when they are either planting their feet or they just plum lay down. Then there are the ones who do the rodeo thing where they buck and twist and rear and twist. Can you imagine how hard that might be on weak wrists? Cathy and I tried to grab Picasso yesterday and his horns were so wide and sharp edged that our hands couldn’t really go around plus it would have cut us. Therefore, we let him and the other Beautifuls out and grabbed Levi. I asked my husband last night if he was lifting Levi off the ground as we hauled him each by a horn to the gate to the main pasture. He said yes. That’s how I got stepped on the other day with Firefly. Cathy lifted him too, she was in such a hurry to get him there. It is all very intense. Some farmers lead theirs by lead or feed and even face cheek, and I do sometimes with feed, but it’s faster to just grab ‘em and haul ‘em up on the stanchion. Then we shear.

Last night White Owl had her baby. Then of all things, she went into the pond, and the baby followed with a big splash. My husband is way taller than me and could see that he was swimming in circles. My husband just stood there. I’m scared of them, so I was relying on him to fix the problem. He just watched. Finally, I told him he needed to go lure the mom out of the water or the baby would probably die. He did, it worked, food almost always works. Then he waves me over. Ayyye. He wanted me to walk over there amongst all the large animals. So I did. He did come pick me up part way. So, it’s getting dark and I’m squatting down trying to see if it has balls. I’m surrounded by about ten 1,000 pound animals, looking for balls. It had something, I‘m guessing it was balls. I figure Red Feather will work if I’m wrong. Shoot, took a whole year to realize that Fudgie was a girl! Back to White Owl, she kept kicking him away when he tried to nurse but at the same time she was kissing him all over, so hopefully she is feeding baby. Anyways, baby survived his just born swim and boy was he shaky! Poor thing. I told White Owl if she didn’t feed him, he would die. I even moo’d at her to try to get her out of the water, earlier. Haha.

Blurry as well, but there he is, Redfeather!

The Munchkins are scared, poor babies.

Nice to see them in the big yonder, if only they weren’t so scared.

Handsome blonde boy! My Opti

Valey Girl is turning out real pretty!

Moved the Little Girls, new name for 1st timers, into a pen that I can see from my window, to watch for labor signs, then took the hoe and wacked down some of the 10 ft tall weeds blocking my window view. Visited with Opti and talked to the cows. Betsy tried to call White Owl over. I said, it didn’t work, she didn’t even look at you, so she called again and she did get a look, but then a nope. Got the best picture I could get. Well, I’ve run on again, hate it when I do that. Ha! Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.



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