Life and death…..the next day

Well, the Cherub is laying next to me in my chair as I type. It was a very long night. Upon waking, I discovered that she still couldn’t stand and a message from a goat friend who read the blog suggested pneumonia. So, off we go to the vets office. Cathy tagged along and held the cherub for the 30 minute drive. It’s a 30 minute drive to get to any town, cuz we are way out in the country. . We arrived early in the hopes that we could catch the vet before he left on a house call.  They nearly lost their client over that one. Seriously? Cat vaccines come before a dying baby? Yikes. The almighty Dollar. Anyway, he said she didn’t have pneumonia but did have a lung infection and he gave the exact medication my friend suggested. He said the banamine would sting, and she screamed to prove it. He said I did everything right and it wasn’t my fault. I asked. He said to continue rotating the electrolytes and milk and keep her warm. Once again, he told me that troubled baby animals have a 9 day window. If they can survive till day 9, they usually live, like Lovey did. On the way home, the pain meds kicked in and she tried standing up in Cathy’s lap. Then she started crying and wouldn’t quit. Cathy realized she was trying to get to me, so we did the handoff and she rode in my lap and promptly fell asleep.

She still couldn’t stand or walk and has spent most of the day on a towel on the living room floor. After I fed all the critters, well, except the horses and cows, I put the baby pups up in their pen used for such purposes and took Cherub out to show her mom she was still alive. Yoki made her mommy sounds and Cherub made her baby sounds and through the fence it was a cute reunion. I hadn’t planned on taking her in but it looked like maybe Yoki was engorged so we went in so they could nurse. Since there was no bottle involved, Lovey gave us no problem. He is down to 2 bottles and not happy. Before Yoki could get used to it, I whisked the little one out and back into the house. Yoki was crying but I knew that she got over it yesterday quickly and would again today.

Are you my mommy? Are you my baby?


Nibbling on greenies!

Getting a good smell of her baby

Briefly reunited, she nurses

What a good Lovey today


My mom and I have a strained relationship but she let me know that she read the blog and cried for the Cherub. Life and death and emotions go together. They create bonds. They can also break bonds that are no longer needed. But Mom, you are my mom and will always be needed and loved, whatever transpires between us. I have always been the black sheep in my family but that’s ok, it formed me and I wouldn’t want to be anyone else but me.

It’s hot here and it’s not even Texas hot yet, but it’s causing problems. The goats are panting, even the sheared ones, and I so pity the poor 12 who have yet to be done. Not much got done yesterday, which was my aggravation. I did get two new girls udders cleared of hair but the third, Happy, was a dancer extraordinaire, and she was laying in Cathy’s lap. I gave up because completely out of the ordinary, Cathy kept complaining. It was the flies and she had shorts on. The flies are really really bad due to the wacky weather. So, I just said, ok, guess we’re done, although I was a little irked. I have no right to be irked. This woman helps me with whatever I need and drops her own stuff at the drop of a hat and comes running when I call. She helps me shear all these goats in extreme heat, or cold, whatever the circumstance. She feeds them when I go away, which is not very often. I’m not a hermit any more, but I don’t like to leave this place. I do leave, but I never like it. I’m really not comfortable away from my babies.

I didn’t get to raise either of my children and I had 10 miscarriages. Nine of the ten were early on, but one was 3 months along and was the hardest to deal with. We already had him named. Ryan Alan. I had a hard time keeping my babies inside me, as the Dr put it. So, when I was pregnant with my daughter, my beautiful Summer Girl, I was put on bed rest until 5 months along. Then the risk was gone, so I was allowed out of bed. One month later I went into early labor. They stopped it but put me back on bed rest until delivery. Eight months out of nine, spent in bed, only a Mothers love allows that. My next baby, the placenta was dying and my Dr told me the baby would die. Susan, my old friend, took me to the nearest hospital and told them what my Dr had said. They said it could happen but not if monitored. They became my Dr and I knew them all by the time Jesse was born. I guess the reason I’m telling you all this is to let you know what babies have meant in my life. Now I have these goats and all these babies in my life. Almost a reward. But when they die, I question everything. Like I did last night. I considered getting rid of them al because it was too hard. Too too hard when they died. I always come around to the realization that if they were gone, it would be way worse than a single death every now and then. I once went to a psychic in Sedona, Arizona who said, I see babies just Everywhere around you. Ha, and that was before the goats.

I even make babies!

Well, as I said last night, I don’t know if Cherub will live or die. She stood on her own a few minutes ago and I took a picture to prove it. She took 7 steps to me as I encouraged her, but that was after I stood her up. So, as of 6:55pm, she stood on her own. She is still crying a lot too. I would like to say thank you to all who prayed for the Cherub, Thank You for your kindness and compassion. Here’s to waking up and finding her alive tomorrow. She does an imaginary clink of the glass. 🙂 Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.

At 6:55 pm tonight, She got up on her own!

3 thoughts on “Life and death…..the next day

  1. Aw, gee, I’m praying like crazy for you wee goatling. I know what it is like to have miscarriage after miscarriage – I was lucky, I guess, I only had 3. But each one is a huge heartbreak. I thank God every day that I was able to have one baby, who is now a father, himself. But the pain of losing my children never goes away.

    • Thanks for sharing that Beth! No, we never forget our babies even if they never breathed air. They breathed us, the fluid, and they were and are, a part of us and always will be. Thanks for your prayers Beth.

  2. Sweet, I am glad you took her to the vet, I bet you feel better too. I am also glad she got some of her Mama’s milk, al least that link is still there and mama’s milk is always the best. I am thinking of you. Big hugs

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