Hiccups and rambling

It’s after midnight and I just saw Snake. I wonder what wonderful way I am about to transform. Snake represents transformation. I evolve every day, however the pace has quickened. I seem to be at a new lifetime. I call all the different phases of my life, the different sections, Lifetimes. A few months ago I was just a nobody hermit(for the most part), living and loving my life. Now, I have 2 Facebook groups…One is for people who make handmade items and throw them in their closet. To get them out in front of the world and maybe sell or trade them. The other is for the sales of Angora goats. And now, as of about 2 weeks ago, I have this blog. As of today, to my knowledge, it’s been read by people from America, of course, Canada, Spain, Israel, Austria, Australia, Iceland, hello out there Iceland, and Belgium. If I’ve missed any, sorry.

I see things, in threes. If I see something twice in a day, I know to be expecting the third. Like today. A new friend posted a photo of a dead snake her husband had killed, proudly holding it in the air to show it’s length. Then tonight, a face book guy who posts the most amazing photos, Jason Ferguson, posts a ribbon snake. I should have been expecting the snake tonight, but I didn’t pay enough attention. I’ve been terrified of snakes my whole life, but due to being THE MAMA to all these animals, I now react quickly and quietly, so the pups don’t get hurt. No more screams out of this MamaBear.

Tonight I got the hiccups, which inspired me to tell you my remedies. 1st, I hold my chin down as far as I can and swallow. 2nd, Hold my breath, 3rd, try to remember what I ate for lunch yesterday, 4th, Visualize the air bubbles in my body and try to identify the culprit, then poke it like with a needle in a balloon. If that doesn’t work, then I do the steamroller. I picture a roller going, pressing, on all the air bubbles, flattening them. Works. Haha, how silly but I felt inspired to share, since I have the hiccups. I try them all until one finally works. And sometimes, I can actually think them away. Cool beans.

It’s a rambling kind of night, I ramble often. 🙂 I told Cathy, “What if I run out of things to say for the blog?” I swear to you, she actually cackled! She said, “Are you kidding me?” and we laughed. I talk a lot. My husband, however, only talks to other people. If I talk to him, it seems it has to be in the form of a question, to expect a response. He’s an introvert. I asked him tonight if he’d ever sneaked to my blog to read it and he said no. A few minutes later, it occurred to me. If he doesn’t want to hear what I have to say in real life, why would he want to read what I say? Sometimes I get grunts, sometimes an Okaaaay. It’s tricky living like this, but way less tricky than living with a man who beats you up every time he gets drunk or sleeps with other women and in the end gets stabbed to death by one, well, hmmm. Ye know, I’ve Lived. I have stories to tell. I have wisdom to share. I seek you, you seek me. Therefore, we transform. We transform each other. Every click of the “Like” button, every click of the “Share”. We either boost someone’s day or we doom it. Words of encouragement or words of pessimism. You choose, and it ripples across the waves. The waves of energy, that create.

I’m getting to the place where I can apply the Brakes. Stop a thought. Stop a belief if it no longer serves me, and by George, there are many that I stop. I stop myself from worrying, and replace it with…visions of the safe return or whatever the circumstance. Example. The baby goat is dying. Or, the baby goat is running around and jumping and eating her fill. Which do you think you should dwell on? What you dwell on, is what you get. What you create. I know, it sounds all mumbo jumbo, but like I said, by George, it’s fracking TRUE!

Cherub chillin

I am so close with Spirit that it’s uncanny. It’s like we are intertwined. Sometimes I’m not sure which thoughts are mine and which are Gods. Anywho, just so you’ll know, these words just flow. I don’t even have to think. The Wiggles came out that way. You should take a minute to read it. Top of my page. Its an incredible story that I’m not sure I wrote, but I did write it. Make any sense? It’s a children’s story but adults seem to like it as well.

Ok, back to the farm. The baby Cherub is stretching when she rises, twice even lately, which is what we look for. I didn’t give her a bottle since she found her moms milk, now let’s just hope the young mom has enough milk. It’s always something. First I needed her to find the milk and now I need there to be enough milk.

Joy wearing her 2nd coat as well (Gandhi baby)

Junebug with his 2nd coat (Gandhi baby)

THIS, is my Gandhi


Got some stuff done. Removed Happy’s cast, she’s still lifting it like it’s wounded but she can run when she wants to, believe you me. Cut the poop off of Lovey’s head, heck if I know how it got there. Got kidding supplies, even lube in case I have to go in. I think I’m ready for the onslaught that’s about to hit me. I can’t remember if I told you about the Gandhi situation. His private parts, shoot, his Balls got squished by too much hair and they were flat as a pancake. He has some of the best mohair on this ranch and he’s one of my favorites so I always wanted to have Gandhi babies. I tried last year with a couple does and somehow, don’t know how, but somehow I forgot that it worked. I forgot that he was the father of Joy and Junebug, so I put him in again this year as the clean up buck. So, I have 2 girls who are having babies in about 2 weeks, that I actually KNOW who the father is. Yay! Not only that, but they will be Gandhi babies to boot! Also, we think the Cherub was premature which means I have a bit of time before the rest of the new girls have theirs. On the other hand, the ones who got out, like 20, are due June 6 and the Gandhi babies are due Jun 9. So, pretty soon it’s gonna be hoppin around here! Lordie Lordie.

The Beautifuls were out today and Picasso was posing.

Picasso eating greenies

While the Beautifuls were out grazing, to keep the Pretties from getting jealous, I pulled down an oak branch and gave them all some leaves. A friend had suggested peanuts to make friends with the girls, and I tried them, but wowza, they sure like oak leaves. Came right up to me. Nice.

Wishing for his 5 o’clock bottle, Lovey discovers oak leaves!

New girls love oak leaves!

So, that’s what my night and day have been like. A new friend is taking the lambies off  my hands and came this morning to get measurements for the pen. While they were here, I see white out in the girls pasture and all of the girls were in the house. I head on out, very calmly, which is new for me, and as soon as I reach their house, I see that the white I saw in the field, is Poppy flowers! Nope, not a goat having babies, poppies. What can I say, ye gotta pay attention. :_) Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.




2 thoughts on “Hiccups and rambling

  1. Sometimes when im having thoughts that i choose to shift, I say to them, Thank you (for sharing)!
    This seems to allow them to feel ‘heard’, and not resisted. Allowed. To be. However it its. AND Then, I can choose my next thought, after this Awareness. Like finding something (ANYTHING) to Appreciate about the Moment and Life. Love u

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