A Banner Day,………yay

Today is a banner day. I told my husband, “I couldn’t be happier if I were flying to the moon!” What could I be so happy about? I woke up way early, Yuk, to check the girls. I made the rounds. Went to the grocery store and feed store. Ate a hamburger in town, no biggie. Came home and unloaded and hauled around 8, 5o pound feed bags, and 2 bales of hay. It’s really hot and humid out. Double Yuk. Any guesses? Yup, you figured it out. Cherub is eating on her own from her mom. Yay Yay Yay. Finally! No more supplemental bottles. So much healthier this way. So relieved. Also, she has a spring in her step. My tiny 3 pounder is thriving! Yes! Wow, that was a quick rundown of my day!

And…….she eats

She jumped the board..out of the house!

And just to show you that kisses flow freely here, not just to the new wee ones, here are a few more.

Hannah Kisses…she’s an old gal and kisses me every chance she gets

And Baby Girl, the Pup

And since it was so hot today, this photo was appealing to me.

My Beautifuls


Last night, I got to pondering. Why was I so insistent on telling people my secrets. Things I usually don’t tell anyone because of previous reactions. Why? Why is it so important to me to set these things out for all the world to see? And then I realized, I always have. I like honesty and I like being out front about who I AM. I used to tell people my worst things, so they’d go ahead and leave me before I got too close. It even went so far as taking an oath of honesty with myself because I’d learned there were so few trustworthy people. Before, I laid myself out there, to get people to see me, and I suppose I still do, but nowadays, it’s more like I want to share. To share what I know, what I’ve learned. What I’ve experienced even, so as to relate.

I mean seriously, I consider myself a Crone. How many people would consider that a good thing? Thinking back to fairytales, I’d say not many. But on the other hand, people who are on the same journey as I am. I am. Love those words. Anyways, btw, there went the tv. Anywho, people on my journey, interested and drawn to the things I’m drawn to, would know exactly what I mean by Crone. A wise elder who has experienced life in innumerable ways, that shares her knowledge in order to assist. To help, to encourage, to give hope. I share myself with the world, so that the world may grow, as I have grown. Learn from me, at least consider. Break out of the box, the norm, the usual. The, I wanna be like her, or I wish I could do that or the I don’t have any money. You can break out of the box for free people. Go camping; hug a tree, or at least lean against it to receive; go into nature, whatever that may be for you, even if it’s a greenhouse or public garden. Volunteer. I used to take the newborns pictures at the hospital, how awesome is that? If you’re a crafter, carry small versions of your work and share with those who look like they need a hug. Let’s see, what else can you do for free… Paint a picture. Hey, I’ve done it blindfolded, no talent required. Oooh, get an old sheet, buy some paints, small cans, grab a brush or a fork or a stick or your hands, dip it in and fling….have a picnic; throw a BBQ; donate time or something you no longer need: adopt a pet: adopt a family for that matter, we are all one.

When I was a child, I felt that I was supposed to save the world. I also felt that I wasn’t up to the task and therein lay the source of my pain. My mental pain. I also had physical pain that pretty much equaled the mental pain, but it was inside my body and nobody could see it and I hurt so bad and nobody knew. It felt like nobody cared. What am I to say, which I did, “I’m in pain“? Oh, sorry about that, did you hear about the Jones‘s?….. I have evolved from such thoughts to some extent. I know that I alone, cannot change or save the world. Not even sure it needs saving, but I now believe that we are one. We connect, as in the spider web, all pieces in the big puzzle. You are here to save the world, and YOU are here to save the world and yes, You too, as am I…oh, Am I, the opposite of I am…there goes the tv again…Little unspoken truths says the tv, after it says Am I, as I do also. So much pain everywhere, that’s why I’m here. To show that it can be resolved, taken away, liberated from, healed. I am here to bring light in the dark corner or hope in a moment of despair. My animals bring me joy to no end, I wish you all such a joy. Such an intense passion that you cannot go on if you cannot do it. When you find that…that mysterious thing, which usually turns out to be what you loved as a small child, then you will blossom like a rose when the dew kisses its petals. Corny but true. And here’s the jist. I share myself…for you. Signing off at Curly Locks ranch, but since it was such a banner day, I leave you with a photo of Happy, one of my new girls.

A happy Happy!



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