I’m Different…….love me anyway

On a daily basis, I see gorgeous yarns, all twisted up into these beautiful skeins that look like a braid. That is so not me. I don’t do things like most people. You have no idea. I spin my yarn when I need it, as I need it.  It usually stays on the spool until I’m done with that yarn and the rest gets wound onto a stick from the yard. Or a chopstick or knitting needle, or whatever I can find, and in the beginning I used feathers, but those are too weak. I call my sticks…Lollipops. That’s really accurate now that I’m doing the awesome Kool-Aid dyes!


Kool-Aid dye, Love love love it
14 different batches

I eat in the living room while watching tv. I watch a lot of tv. I believe that God/Spirit uses whatever conduits it can to give messages and insights and for me, He/She didn’t have much to choose from. I watch tv. It, the tv,  confirms my thoughts constantly now, by repeating the word I just thought. It used to happen oh, maybe once a month, for years. NOW, it’s happening every day, several times a day. It’s become downright spooky good. I know, I know… I’m different.

My hair has 4 braids that have been wrapped with colored threads and my own baby goat yarns. People approach me, or signal me from their table at a restaurant, or the check out girl at the grocery store says…Oh wow, I love your hair! I now believe that washing the hair every day or even every week is a mistake. I know it’s difficult, but if you let it go for a month or two, to get things going, then adjust it slowly back down to once a month or every two weeks. The hair is much healthier and oh the shine when freshly washed. I have many beliefs like this.

My hairwraps


I talk to my body. Also, I mentally installed filters to catch anything harmful to me. Periodically I mentally turn it(the bad things my body has captured) into pure Love, and then flush it through my system blessing everything it touches along the way, as it then travels. I catch negative thoughts as soon as I think them and erase, then rethink the better choice of thought. I feel pain, acknowledge it, and it goes, well, some of it… not all. A mole on my face has vanished. My muscle disease is a non issue at the moment, and the arthritis in my fingers hasn’t flared in years. I can now squeeze hoof clippers, I know I’m repeating myself on that one, but it’s BIG. It’s very hard to do. I don’t have depression anymore. I analyze why I’m sad until I can comprehend, then I’m no longer sad. My house is a disaster, my yard is a disaster, but my life is Grand. How could it not be? I have the thing that gives me the most joy, my goats, I have my two wonderful children thriving on their own, I have this beautiful land that God told me was the Ark, and I have many new friends, until they see this post, just kidding. I hope. 🙂

A pasture view

I used to think that there would be nobody at my funeral because I had made so few friends and my family, well, they don’t seem to have much interest.  One of my sisters says I walk to the beat of a different drummer. I am expressing myself. I have to. I yearn to. I ache to. If not words…paint…if not paint… clay…if not clay… yarn… if not yarn… felt. These are my five expressions. I suppose you could also say the goats I am breeding are my expressions as well. They are my beauties. They are extensions of me, of the need for ringlets I carried through my life. And Kya, you haven’t seen Kya yet. Kya was my baby goat that died when I didn’t obey Spirit. On the plus side, she did come back to life long enough to say goodbye. She is an extension of my soul. Notice I said IS.

Kya Kisses


The beauty in you
Saw the beauty in me
Love transcended flesh
You fell in love with me
The spark of a smile
Flits into my heart
As Kya comes running
Pulls my heartstrings apart
Momentary joy
Follows my day
Sweet Kya memories
Never fly away
Be stilled your heart
As rainbows kiss me now
Tiny rainbow pieces
Slumber with me now
The beauty in me
Saw the beauty in you
Flesh transcended curls
I fell in love with you
Back from the veil
Saying goodbye was stunning
Your breath fell away
As Kya went running.

Sheri Lee

Kya, who loved me.


I believe that being different is something to Achieve. To attain. To work toward. Every human is created different than the next, including twins. Why would anyone want to be like the next person if they were created Special, as they are? Each and every single person is unique. Not a single person thinks exactly as you do, acts exactly as you do,creates exactly as you do,  dances exactly as you do…so, just dance. Your dance.

To further show how different I am, I was once doing Primal Therapy to try to be normal and ease my pain, and as a reward for the hard work over three weeks, I was taken on a visualization to the ocean. This was new for me, but as you will see, I really went with it. I’m standing on the beach. There are seagulls everywhere. I’m told that one is looking at me. I should unzip it and step inside. I do and I go on a magical flight over mountains and flowers and then I dive into the ocean. I visit the whales. It was a thrilling MIND experience. And here is the result of that.

By The Sea

I live on an island
Right by the sea
The turquoise water
Beckons to me
I run out my door
Peeling clothes as I go
I shed the world’s weight
And join the water’s flow
I feel the dolphin’s approach
My new family sends a call
I dive in the water
And swim out to join them all
These dolphins have adopted me
Taken me as one of their own
I am no longer lonely
I am no longer alone
My family surrounds me
Creating a cocoon
They heal my soul
Right here in this lagoon
I give back to them
I have just one gift
I heal their wounds
Their body’s, their skin
We leap and play
We spin and dance
We teach, we learn
We go into trance
Visiting other worlds
Other dimensions and realities
We speak to our ancestors
Both human and from the seas
We visit the future
We develop a plan
To raise the consciousness
To enlighten man
Our souls rejoin our bodies
Here in this turquoise expanse
We feel joy in our hearts
We feel earth has a chance
We swim to the whales
We share the news
We share the hope
Our minds join and fuse
To save this world
Group mind is the key
A group begins with one
It can begin with me
I swim back to shore
Feeling awkward without a tail
I walk the sands
I step on a nail
I look back
At my footsteps of blood
I see people gathered
Tossing petals from a rosebud
I feel their love for me
As they tenderly bind my wound
My rosepetal bandage
Completely heals the wound
With gratitude, I look around
I see the group has grown
It all began with one
When I walked out of the sea alone
I run back to the water
I run back to the sea
I shout to the dolphins
Look, a group began with me
Then I hear a chorus
And me, and me, and me
We sit down right there
And converse by the sea
The dolphin’s thoughts join us
As we sit there in the sand
Discussing pollution, slavery and war
And ignorance across the land
To each negativity
Loving energy we send
Each unyielding ruler
Our energy helps them bend
Our group makes a commitment
To live and be as one
To give ourselves to earth
To give ourselves as one
Slowly we disperse
We go our separate ways
Separate, but together
We live out our days
I walk to my door
I look out at the sea
The dolphins say goodnight
They say goodnight to me
I curl up in my bed
I blow out the light
I whisper thanks for the day
And thanks for my dreams tonight
As I fall asleep
With a smile upon my face
I quiver with anticipation
Of waking up in this place
This place by the sea
This island I roam
I wake up
Ahhh, I’m home.

Sheri Rose Lee
Copyright ã 2001 Sheri Lee All rights reserved

And if you can handle another…….
Dream of Dreams

I can feel the sand under my feet
Hear the surf as it reaches up to meet me
To touch me, to blend with me
I breathe in the delicate essence of salt
Flower perfume and fruit
I breathe out all fear, Longing and dis-ease with myself
I stand in the turquoise water
With my hands held up to God
Receiving His blessing and sending it back to Him
I stand in worship, I stand in awe
Love, all encompassing consumes my earthly body
Spills over and seeps deep into the sand
Feeding Mother Earth
Who is starving for love, for life, for thanks
She is unappreciated, I send my love to her
I used to be her
I know how she feels
I feel something touch me, I open my eyes
A dolphin of dreams looks up to me
Our eyes connect, we join as one
I fill her with love and harmony
She fills me with peace and love
We fill each other, we need each other
We give, we receive
It is a beautiful communion
I walk out of the water to the gull on the sand
I step inside, we test our wings
Then we fly
We fly over the ocean, dipping and rising with the energy flow
We see the beauty
We breathe with awe
We dive into the water and fly down deep
Passing sea turtles, rays and whales
We shoo the remora away
The whales blink their gratitude
The coral creatures feel the commotion and peek out
Unusual in the day
They stay to watch the show, creating a garden of flowers
Becoming players in the play
We dance
The universe smiles and as night descends
The stars turn on one by one
Creating a cosmic applause
We bow in grace
A school of neon fish escorts me back to shore
Lighting the water before me
I feel the sand under my feet
I am home

Sheri Rose Lee

I may now live my life in an unusual, different manner, but it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. I used to be like everyone else, worrying what others thought.  Now, I haven’t completely conquered that one, at least as far as my art goes(in any form) but I have as far as my personal self. What I wear, which is whateverno makeup…the hair braids…the pouch, etc. I’m alright with who I am. I’m alright with the struggle I’ve had, it got me here. I’m alright with being different. And I am different. Love me anyway. Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch, with a fresh look at the new Cherub.



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